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Best Live Chat Tools For Real Estate Agents

Luke Belcourt
Product Growth Manager
If you haven’t noticed, live chat tools are absolutely dominating the web industry right now and for a good reason; businesses are seeing huge results when using them. For those of you who don't believe me, I suggest you check out this article here!

Now, at AgentFire we have witnessed this first hand. A little over a year ago we started using live chat on our own website and the impact it had was immediate. What we saw was a big boost in visitor engagement, including improvements in efficiency when dealing with client requests. However, the most positive result we saw was the impact it had on our CPA (cost per acquisition).

These results should have been surprising, but if you really look at what live chat offers your business.... well it really isn't. At it’s core, live chat tools work because they play in favor to today’s consumer behaviors. We live in a world where people seeking information want it delivered quick and convenient. Whether it is being able to answers questions in sales or addressing pain points from your clients; that instant human one-on-one connection is essential to help build a better relationship with your audience.

It is factors like these that have made live chat so successful! Now for those of you looking to leverage the power of live chat on your website… here are a couple of the tools that I would recommend you check out!

Out of all the chat tools I have personally used, Drift has been my favourite. They have really stormed on to the scene these past couple years, in large part because their chat tool is very sales focused. Here are my key takeaways for Drift:

• Robust features
• The backend is simple and easy to use
• Great customer support
• Sales focused

• Expensive for multi-user teams
• Some of the more popular features (ex. bots) are only available on the PRO plan
• Not as suitable for managing your customer support

Intercom is probably the most popular live chat tool on the market right now. It is hard to browse the web and not see it pop up on a site! This is mainly due to the fact it helps bridge the gap between a sales and support chat tool. Here are my key takeaways for Intercom:

• Very competitive pricing, especially if you have a large team
• Great features - including their new messenger tool
• Knowledge-base integration

• A little more of a learning curve
• Not as many lead gen tools baked right in
• No live view

Facebook has now released a plugin for their popular Messenger tool so that you can integrate it directly on your business’s website! Here are my key takeaways for Facebook’s chat plugin:

• Easy to use
• Trusted app used by millions
• Completely free

• Visitors must be logged into Facebook to chat
• Very basic chat tool with not many advanced features

In Conclusion

The right chat tool for your business really is going to come down to personal preference. Each have their own merits and are better for certain use cases. Just like us here at AgentFire, you will most likely have research and test out a couple to see which will be the best fit for your needs!

If you need further assistance learning how you can integrate live chat it into your AgentFire website - feel free to email our support team at [email protected].
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