AF Sales Funnel: Managed

Learn about our fully managed real estate Digital Marketing & Sales Funnel Services!

Pricing 🏷️

  • Setup Fee: $1000
  • Monthly Fee: $500/mo*
  • Setup Fee: $1000
  • Monthly Fee: $500/mo*

*this covers up to $2000/mo adspend. If you plan on spending more, the monthly fee will be a percentage of your total adspend. Please book a free consultation to discuss further!

What's Included? 🤔

Custom Advertising

Every hyperlocal market and niche has its own unique characteristics and preferences. We create unique Online Advertising funnels, tailored to our clients.
We do not use template solutions.

Multiple Platforms

Don’t limit your marketing reach.
We handle all major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Client Portal

Our clients have access to our -one of a kind- Client Portal where we offer unique tools like a Live Dashboard and Live Reports.

Unlimited Campaigns / Ads and Creatives

Our goal is results - and as such, we've made the radical decision to implement a no-limit policy - we will create unlimited campaigns and ads!
All Text & graphic ad designing is also included!

Drip Email

We’ll provide you with an expertly written, easily customizable 42 email drip sequence that will nurture your leads for up to 3 years, We’ve designed this in a way that can be easily modified to add your own unique personality and demonstrate hyperlocal authority.

Monthly Reporting

At the end of each month you will receive a detailed report which will also help dictate where we should focus & further optimize.

*Number of ads and campaigns depends on available budget.

Why should you want Funnel: Managed?

Funnel Managed is our complete solution to Real Estate Digital Marketing & Online Advertising Funnel service. We’ve partnered on this offer with Digital Time Savers to provide our clients with the highest quality management, specializing in high EQ and Empathy Advertising which is highly synergistic with our hyperlocal focus.

By partnering with Digital Time Savers, we’re able to provide better pricing and a superior experience.

Who is this service best for?

Agents & Teams who want a team of professionals to manage and optimize Digital Marketing & Online Advertising so that they can spend their time elsewhere AND obtain the best possible results.

What's the Process & Timeline? 🕒

Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 1: Information Gathering
We'll ask you to fill out our Funnel Campaign Collection Form.
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 2: Access to Client Portal
We will provide you with access to our exclusive Client Portal. Then we will link all assets to our systems.
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 3: Connect and Brainstorm
Once we've got access and have reviewed your campaign collection forms, we will connect to clarify any questions and agree on the path. We will also offer you ideas that will align with your vision and goals.
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 4: We'll Start Creating
In the next couple of days, we will have created your tailored Advertising Funnel. At the same time, we will also review all your marketing outreach.
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 5: On-Going Optimization
While we keep in mind your goals we will use our experience and best tactics available to continuously optimize the campaigns and get the best possible results.
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)
Step 6: Monthly Reporting
On the 5th of each month, we will be sending you a detailed report on the progress of all the Campaigns and Ads.

At this stage, we will also strategize and provide guidance on opportunities and next moves.
Step 1: Permissions (~1 Day)

How do I get started?

If you’re ready to get started, book your free consultation call or click ‘signup’ to get rolling!

Book your free consultation call! 📞