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Custom Design

Caul Group

Entrusted with encapsulating the Caul Group’s sterling reputation in the luxury real estate sector, we crafted a website that is a beacon of classic, timeless elegance. Tina Caul, a visionary leader with a remarkable two-decade career, envisioned a digital space that seamlessly attracts high-end clients, mirroring their position as the go-to luxury real estate team in the Triangle area. Adorned in a sophisticated black and white palette, the website resonates with their commitment to white-glove and concierge-level service, solidifying their status as the best of the best in Western Wake County. Their website not only echoes their expertise and exceptional customer service but is also a gateway for clients seeking luxurious properties.

Custom Design

The Bishop Team

As someone who sells millions of dollars in real estate each year, Spencer Bishop came to us looking to strengthen his digital presence as a top 1% Realtor in his area. The Bishop Team needed a real estate website that put their expertise and incredible customer service front and center. We worked with the team to make effective design choices that communicate their brand identity. This includes dark blue base tones to give the website a luxury feel and Click Maps that provide detailed local insights. Beautiful, professional family photos and easy access to contact information make The Bishop Team an easy, welcoming choice. As his business continues to rapidly expand, Spencer will have the unique ability to easily scale his website with our Stack approach!

Custom Design

Fisher Real Estate

Fisher Real Estate is a full service real estate company committed to fulfilling LA South Bay buyer and seller needs for over 15 years. A client of ours now for many years, Charles Fisher loves that AgentFire keeps him on the cutting edge by consistently growing our tools and the design of his website. In Charles’ web design, we made sure to highlight his outstanding resources, specialized marketplace knowledge, and analytic skills. Dedicated buyer and seller landing pages carefully reflect Fisher Real Estate’s professional approach and commitment to core values of exceptional service, unparalleled work ethic, reliability, and integrity. Each featured community page is filled with hyperlocal area information, powered by the AgentFire Neighborhood Guides tool and ClickMap add-on. The website’s color palette is dark blue, balanced with the perfect amount of whitespace. Straight lines and amazing high-end area photography are styled to reflect Fisher Real Estate professionalism and their dedicated work ethic.

Custom Design

Worth Clark

As one of the fastest growing real estate companies, Worth Clarke’s website needed to welcome agents by quickly and visually offering information on commission, growth opportunities, and contact information. We focused on building a ‘virtual brokerage platform’ that makes it easy for agents to get in contact with the team. This includes a calendy integration for quick initial virtual meetings, testimonials, and quick access to their social profiles. Each of these features is accessible at the bottom of each main page so that prospective agents never miss an opportunity to get in contact. Additionally, we decided on muted blue and orange tones in the color scheme to grab attention and immediately communicate professionalism.

Custom Design

The Shrouder Brothers

The Shrouder brothers came to AgentFire with the desire to expand their hyper-local appeal. After a long run of trying out everything, Justin and Nicholas Shrouder did extensive research and chose AgentFire to help them build their new digital presence. They felt too many agents and teams were trying to do the exact same thing and that we could help them build an online presence like no other. They were right. The purple and ultramarine brand colors we selected perfectly reflect the Floridians’ free spirit, paired with engaging copy that speaks to what the Florida lifestyle is all about. We integrated beautiful photography and an area video to amplify visual appeal and interest. Plus, with their YouTube channel and blog front and center, it’s easy for buyers & sellers to choose the Shrouder Brothers! Infact, their new website and Dippidi PPC combo helped them close 54 deals easily!

Custom Design

San Francisco Condo Blog

The San Francisco Condo Blog has been helping condominium and cooperative buyers for nearly 20 years in the San Francisco community. In such a high stakes, fast-moving, and luxury market, this brokerage needed a website that was multi-functional and dynamic. The layout we chose makes it easy for clients to jump between local insights and listings divided by neighborhood. AgentFire Neighborhood Guides give San Francisco Condo Blog clients extensive Market Reports on each hyperlocal area. Because the San Francisco Condo Blog is part of Compass real estate brokerage, we also made sure to maintain recognizable Compass branding sans serif fonts, black & white color scheme and simple, coupled with contemporary blog design.

Semi-Custom Design

Royal Le Page

We were honored to work with the largest brokerage in Canada, Royal LePage. We integrated classic Royal LePage branding into an approachable design that was made to service clients, agents, real estate marketing pros, and more. Royal LePage is also the oldest corporate real estate group in Canada and the only Canadian real estate company with its own charity. To serve a variety of functions efficiently and in a way that is accessible, we focused on building a well-organized menu and clean, multi-functional web pages. Now, clients across Ontario, Vancouver, and Quebec can enjoy this powerful, dynamic real estate website daily.

Custom Design

The Oasis Group

The Oasis Group is among the 1% rated by Zillow for customer service and satisfaction in the USA – and we built a website to reflect that.The first goal of the Oasis Group was to focus on client-focused content. We worked with this brokerage to integrate their Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram feed, plus an awesome real estate blog. To stand out in their local market, AgentFire web designers created custom Oasis branding including the logo, font choice, digital assets and brand colors. In collaboration with the Oasis team, we settled on deep blue/violet and Khaki/Tan tones, in combination with elegant primary Serif font to form a client-centric design.

Custom Design

Orlando Home Squad

The Orlando Home Squad is made up of confident and knowledgeable real estate specialists serving the Orlando community. Throughout their real estate career, the Orlando Home Squad has maintained very specific and recognizable branding. Their original idea was a superhero feel that they just couldn’t get done with other real estate companies. We helped them expand their brand and bring their vision to new heights with a fresh design with a strong presence: effective typography, strong color identity, and awesome graphics. The Orlando squad also took advantage of our partnership with marketing pros, Dippidi, to develop the perfect PPC advertising plan – and they have already captured 700 leads as a result! The Orlando Home Squad loved their website so much that they asked us to create real estate agent websites for each of the 5 states they work in.

Semi-Custom Design

Rafael Mendez

Silicon Valley is one of the most sought-after, hyperlocal areas in North America. Leading agent, Rafeal Mendez stands out in this unbelievably competitive market with a website that truly reflects his exceptional service. Upon entering the website, viewers encounter custom listings, attractive CTAs, and succinct local area guides. Rafeal came to us with an awesome minimalist logo, so we made sure to reflect this uncomplicated yet sophisticated and elegant tone throughout his real estate website.

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Custom Design

The Cameron Team

The Cameron Team is one of our many long term clients. This brokerage consistently goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations and they needed a website that represented their dedication. We built interior pages chock-full of the useful client info the Cameron Team has researched and gathered over years of experience. This real estate website gains tons of organic traffic and pulls in potential clients with interactive tools and pages such as hyperlocal area pages, videos, the AgentFire home valuation tool, and moving guides. Pages are organized into a clean drop down menu next to a bright, attention grabbing CTA to get in contact with the team. And if clients are looking to learn more about the Cameron Team, they can easily find their very active social media profiles in the footer of each page.

Custom Design

Life By Design

This husband and wife team provide amazing service to both residential and commercial real estate clients in their hyperlocal area. With seven years of real estate experience below their belt, plus experience working in projects such as owner/user sales and tenant and landlord representation, the Blatts needed a real estate website that mirrored their proficiency. Upon entering the website, visitors see a neat split screen guiding them to residential or commercial property information. Within these pages, clients can navigate through a click map that showcases the Austin, TX area. In order to cater equally to Life By Design’s diverse clientele, we created the option of translating the website into several languages, including Spanish.

Custom Design

The Austin Short Group

The Austin Short Group describes their mission as ‘connecting head, heart & home’. So, it was only fitting that we built a website that portrays this message immediately with a homepage video depicting family and home life. AgentFire designers also put together a detailed ClickMap that consistently draws in curious clients. This real estate website features one of the most cutting edge full screen menus offered in web design: easily organizing pages for buyers, sellers, testimonials, socials and more. Pop-up CTAs for relevant blogs, guides, and local news, slide onto every page to make it easy to get clients into a lead funnel. The Austin Short group is accessible at any time through text, phone or email and we made sure it was easy for users to get in touch with them immediately. The header menu on every page features their phone number and email address front and center.

Custom Design

The Red Door Agency

The Red Door agency features one of the most detailed ClickMaps we’ve built – and their clients love it. Serving several hyperlocal areas in Tennessee and Virginia, it’s easy for clients to navigate through Click Maps and find key information about each area. This real estate team is super active on social media, so we made sure to draw users to their instagram and Facebook accounts with social icons in the footer. There is a reason why Red Door Agency has been named the Best Real Estate Firm by the Kingsport Times three years in a row, and their website is a encompasses that success. We constructed detailed area guides that portray the Red Door’s deep knowledge of each hyperlocal area: average sale price, resident information, market statistics and more. When it’s time to seal the deal, an immovable CTA in the bottom right corner makes it easy to give the team a call directly from the webpage.

Semi-Custom Design

Smith Real Estate

Having grown up in his hyperlocal area, Missoula, Montana, DJ has a wealth of experience and knowledge about each hyperlocal neighborhood. His services include professional marketing techniques such as SEO, aerial and 1st class photography, and custom marketing campaigns. Alongside another hyperlocal expert, his wife, DJ has a dream team that we were happy to help with. On his website, we used a darker shade of blue to represent authority and confidence, paired with gold tones that evoke ideas of success. DJ started off with a collection of AgentFire addons, including the power logo, Clickmaps, Home Values and Hike SEO. With a bit of time and money invested in his online presentation and website functionality, DJ seriously commands brand equity.

Semi-Custom Design

Ron Ortez

Ron Ortez is a leading real estate agent in Sacramento County. With an open, flexible approach to his real estate agent website, we worked with Ron to find the design that served him and his clients best. Ron’s main focus is always customer service and becoming a local, reliable expert. That’s why we clearly laid out each of his services and extra real estate resources in an uncluttered drop down menu. Then, we chose Ron’s gray and blue site theme to compliment his logo and give a professional look to his real estate agent website. One of Ron’s best real estate marketing weapons is his extremely active youtube channel offering property tours or relevent real estate content. A pop up CTA with a welcoming Youtube video on his homepage consistently draws users to his Youtube Channel and encourages them to explore more!

Semi-Custom Design

Eakin Group

The Eakin Group is one of our long term clients and we’re honored to have grown alongside his real estate business. Broker and Owner, Ed Eakin Jr. specializes in real estate in Texas and abroad with beach properties in Mexico, Costa Rica, Caymans, Roatan, Belize, Ecuador and more. Plus, this team works with developers to sell entire estates and lots. The Eakin Group needed a real estate website that would serve each of their diverse clients and wide range of clients needs and interests. We made sure to collaborate with the team to build detailed seller and buyer guides to get clients started on the right foot. And we didn’t skip the details: the Eakin group’s homepage features gentle background sounds from the beaches they serve.

Custom Design

Tour Kensington

Tour Kensington was designed around a single community/new development called “Kensington At The Square” in Carlsbad city, California. With his AgentFire website, Kensington at the Square Owner and Broker, AJ Powers, has helped over 3,000 clients meet their home ownership goals. We focused on simplifying a large amount of information on Tour Kensington Webpages into clean landing pages that serve the community. Providing accessible and informative client knowledge is top priority to Tour Kensington’s real estate and one of our goals as web designers.

Custom Design

Chris Crow

Chris Crow’s real estate website is packed with resources for both buyer and seller real estate clients. Chris emphasizes a no-nonsense approach and that’s clear in his web design. We incorporated the high-performing web tools and content needed to help his clients reach their property goal. The simple logo design we built draws eyes in with a nice play on words and visuals. The bold use of light blue and light yellow colors perfectly fit with strong sans serif fonts and edgy website design. Visit Cris’ homepage and you’ll be greeted with an awesome professional photo that welcomes clients with a warm, honest smile and sets the tone for what to expect when working with him.

Custom Design (Enterprise)

Starck Real Estate

Starck Real Estate is a large brokerage spanning Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, and Wisconsin in over 19 offices. This site has a ton of interior pages with loads of information for all types of real estate clients, as well as information for any agent interested in working for Starck Real Estate. As Starck Real Estate is part of the Berkshire Hathaway brokerage, the colorway we used was in line with Berkshire Hathaway Cabernet: medium purple and white. The Starck Homepage is filled with all the information buyers, sellers, and agents often look for. This includes property searches, market reports, videos and blogs. Our intention was to use design to bring attention to the most in-demand points of the website, so we made sure to keep the layout simple, tidy, yet effective. With their AgentFire website, Starck Real estate provides incredible customer service and stress-free transactions.

Semi-Custom Design

Johnette Barham

There are few real estate agent websites more luxurious than Live Well DMV. For Johnette Barham,we knew that the font and style of this website had to be sharp, elegant, and eye-catching. Gold tones and occasional handwriting font conjure the feel of luxury real estate as soon as client’s lay their eyes on the homepage. Next, we made sure to emphasize Johnette’s personally written real estate blogs and featured areas in a visually appealing layout. For this creative agent, we also added brush strokes to buttons and below each headline. When it comes to functionality, Johnetter needed sleeker web pages and a perfect home finder. AgentFire designers broke down each page into visually appealing sections that clients can easily skim through and dive deeper into.

Custom Design

Jim Clifford Realty

Jim Clifford is the Designated Broker at Washington Realty Group, former MLS president, and another one of our awesome long-term clients. Washington Realty Group has a vast portfolio of working with buyers, sellers, and investors. To best serve Washington Realty Group Clients, we decided on a full digital real marketing combo: AgentFire website, Showcase IDX and the leading CRM, Follow Up Boss. Additionally, we made sure that pages were breezy and easy to read. This includes accessibility for digital readers and readers with accessibility needs. Everything from home valuations to guides and moving tips are easily accessible and well laid-out.

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