The 100 Real Estate Memes You Need to Share Now

The 100 Real Estate Memes You Need to Share Now

Get your mind off COVID-19 for a while, relax, and check out our collection of 100 real estate memes you need to share with your real estate colleagues.

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Danielle Taffe
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50 AgentFire Original Memes
50 Most Popular Real Estate Memes

It seems like all we ever talk about nowadays is the coronavirus. And while it’s extremely important that you stay well informed about it, at some point it just gets too much.

So here at AgentFire, we poured all the positive creative juices we could squeeze out of ourselves into 50 original real estate memes, plus 50 more we found throughout the internet. 

Why not have a laugh, and share them with your friends and colleagues on social media?

50 AgentFire Original Memes

agent referrals

Other real estate agents will be your biggest supporters and partners throughout your real estate career. Imagine that you have a listing that would be perfect for another agent that you know? Or that another agent has a client who would be better served by you? Other agents also make it easier for eachother to take vacations by taking care of each other’s listings when necessary. Veteran agents especially can alter the trajectory of your career with unmatched advice and connections to other amazing real estate professionals.

1. Work on your sphere of influence, people.

this is fine

Convincing clients to stage their home is one of the most pesky and common challenges real estate agents face – that’s why we wrote a whole article about it! Clients see their home from the perspective of a loving owner who has grown comfortable in the space, not a new buyer who is looking to set up their new life in a new home. Staging can make all the difference between getting an offer or not or getting a higher versus lower price. You’ll need to use careful language to explain why staging is so important. 

2. It’s really not a suggestion.

congratulations condescening fsbo

We’ve all been the person who thinks they can do a job better than the professional and been humbly reminded that that is not the case. FSBO sellers often don’t understand how the real estate buying and selling process works and assume they can figure it out on their own. Statistically, homes sell for more with an agent, plus it saves the sellers loads of time. 

3. You’ll find my contact information at the back.

any day now

Some FSBO clients may have already dealt with an agent who didn’t live up to their promises. This may make it a bit more challenging to convince them to give you a try, but never impossible. Most homes sell with an agent so there’s no reason they should believe all agents are bad. 

The next time you’re dealing with a difficult FSBO prospect, try out these FSBO scripts.

4. I think it’s safe to say that your listing has… expired.

stark success

Sometimes you just know that you have played your cards right. There’s no better feeling for a real estate agent than knowing they scored a perfect sale for their clients and a great payday for themselves. A bidding war shows that you have done a great job creating interest around a property, plus the war itself creates even more interest. Go ahead and celebrate! 

5. See what happens when you trust your realtor?


Real estate steering is a prevalent and often overlooked crime in real estate. Clients may not understand that asking questions about race, class, culture, in an effort to determine the quality of a neighborhood is considered prejudice and agents put themselves legally at risk by answering. It may even be landlords and other real estate professionals questioning you about controversial demographic details. Remind them that your license does not allow you to answer questions of that nature and they are free to do more research on their own. Get the full scope on real estate steering here. 

6. Let me just quickly eject that question into the abyss so it never comes up again.

are you serious

There are many factors that come into play when selling a home. Often, clients are unsurprisingly most concerned with the selling price. If you can play into their main concerns and interests, you have a higher chance of scoring an otherwise unlikely listing. Gently inform FSBOs that homes sell for more and faster with an agent than without. Plus, time is money. The less time they have to invest into their home sale, the more time they’ll have to earn more or do other things that they enjoy. 

7. That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been saying for the past 30 minutes!

zestimate zucks

Zestimate is Zillow’s estimate of the market value of a home. This estimate is intended to be a starting point to begin learning more about a home’s pricing. Zestimates are calculated every couple of days based on public and user submitted data. Some counties even have more detailed information about listings than others. Plus, homeowners can go in and change the details of their home. Zillow themselves suggests not to use zestimates to determine the value of your home and instead to connect with your real estate agent for a comparative market analysis. 

8. Please stop talking.


No one is a bigger fan of your property listing than the client who is selling it. Clients often have an inflated idea of their home’s worth and will overestimate the value of positive features and underestimate the negative impact of property downfalls. You will have to get well versed in the art of shmoozing and using language creatively to communicate that although you appreciate the home, certain things are simply more attractive to buyers. 

9. Is that a high-speed police chase I hear?

got the listing

Lead funnels work. Plain and simple. If you have a path for prospects to follow that will guide them to become clients at each step of the way, you are significantly more likely to secure a hot lead. The best part about leads who find their way through your funnels is that but the time they get in contact with you they will already know a bit about you, your market, and the areas they are searching in. 

10. Funnel managed. Want yours to look like this too? Learn about our fully managed real estate Marketing PPC & Sales Funnel Services and book a free consultation here!

i was told there would be leads

Your real estate website is the core of your overall digital marketing plan. This is not the place to go cheap or try to cut back on the tools that are worthwhile. Your website should reflect your professionalism, nature of your business, services, and your ideal clientele. Plus, it needs to have all of the best tools and integrations to simplify lead generation and provide your viewers with the most complete understanding of their market and buying/selling process as possible before meeting with you. AgentFire designers know real estate websites. Real estate websites that support your business and get measurable results are our forte. 

11. You should have used AgentFire’s websites instead – they are affordable lead generation machines. Not free forever, but it is for the first 10 days!

i want you

The real estate brokerage that you join has a strong impact on how you are publicly seen. Some brokerages are known for a strong and local presence, others for international development, others are known to be untrustworthy. Carefully select with brokerage you want to align yourself with based on their values, offerings, and public image. Look through this checklist to find out which brokerage is the best fit for you. 

12. I don’t just ask ANYONE to join my brokerage…

rookie agent

We’ve all had a bad (or many) bad photo experiences and there is little you can do to prevent it. Some common tips are not to wear a top the same color as the backdrop, don’t try any new styles or makeup that day, and look confident and smile. 

13. Perfect! Now it matches my driver’s license.

staging is hard

If you’re lucky, a “special” buyer will find that “special” seller and the home sale will go perfectly. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll have to do some work to convince your clients to stage the property. It usually goes over better when you pick up the cheque, however that is up to you and your brokerage. 

14. Well, it’s going to take a special kind of buyer, but you’re a special client. I’ll make it work.

i am the chieftain

There is nothing quite like getting up in front of an audience and sharing your message. All eyes are on you, you’re engaging with the audience, people are interested and taking notes. After completing it, you’ll feel like you can do anything! We’ve compiled the clearest guide to hosting a seminar and workshop. Dive in if you are interested in learning impactful strategies to have the best turn out and results from your event

15. Hey, if it holds you accountable – own it!

It's all prep

Want to be the one who scores the listing first?  The work starts before you even meet your client. Stay up to date on your local real estate news and follow agent fire’s blogs for the latest real estate marketing news. For example, check out How to Prepare the Perfect Listing Presentation and run that listing all the way to the bank!

16. It’s all about that prep, baby!

chicken spongebob

Most people have no idea what day-to-day responsibilities and work real estate agents have to do. Agent’s aren’t sitting around waiting to sell a home in 24 hours and collect their commission. Your social media channels are great outlets to provide a behind the scenes view of all of the various challenges and work you run into that they may not know about. Dealing with people’s personal spaces and large transactions provides its own very unique challenges and successes. 

17. Well why don’t you get your license then get back to me after 6 months?

it's all coming back

Did you know that over 80% of new real estate agents fail? Real estate is an industry like no other and without the right team and information behind you, it’s quite a challenge to succeed. There are many moving parts to a successful real estate business that runs smoothly, including a CRM, your real estate website, marketing materials, coordinating with your office assistant, commuting from one location to the next – just to name a few. As a new real estate agent, you may underestimate how many new skills you’ll need to acquire in order to excel in this career. For the agents that make it, memories of the early days can still haunt you. 

18. It made me, but I barely made it!

ample knowledge

Every home sale is unique depending on a number of factors including time of year, market fluctuations, location, size, age, and more. Remind clients of this when they insist that a previous home sale makes them an expert. While they may have helped sell a single home on their own or with a non-real estate agent, you have committed your career to selling homes and have undoubtedly sold more homes successfully. Read this to learn how to handle a challenging client

19. Kyle, I don’t care if your mom’s best friend’s cousin’s nephew watches Million Dollar Listing like, everyday. Let me explain how this works.

haunted home

Believe it or not, there’s a market for haunted houses. However, the client pool is small and you’ll have a better chance of selling the property if you can work your way around the ‘haunted’ part. While you are legally obligated to be honest about the home, you can emphasize the best qualities and put less focus on the spooky parts. 

20. It definitely pulls off that “rich and dark history” vibe

thank you very much

In real estate, referrals are the motor of your business. Most clients statistically choose their agent based on testimonials and referrals from people they know. Referrals from happy clients are likely your hottest leads, plus you already know alot about them based on who they were sent from. The key is to have a strategy in mind so that all of your clients and even industry contacts become great sources of referrals. Read up on how to get the best referrals in a few easy steps

Curious about making your own fun marketing material? Our AgentFire web design team will help you get your branding details in order so that you can integrate your logo and customized style into all of your marketing materials. Kind of like what we did in the meme above!

21. It almost makes up for your trip to Cancun the week before closing.

prospecting does work

Getting good at real estate takes time! Often, new agents underestimate exactly how much work they have to put into their first months in real estate. Even after years of experience, agents can find themselves in challenging situations where they wouldn’t expect. The difference between a new agent at a dead open house and an experienced agent at a dead open house is that the latter doesn’t get down on themselves. 

22. Can I have a glass with that whine?

brand new agent

Although it may feel awkward at first, reaching out to your personal circle of friends is one of the best ways to jumpstart your lead generation. Even if they are not personally looking for a home, they may know someone else who is. They are likely to give you the best referrals because they will go above and beyond to see you thrive in your new career. Plus, because of their close relationship to you, they know that you will feel pressured to do a great job. 

23. Give some love to your “portfolio clients” – the people who believed in you before you had 5 stars on Google Reviews.

discount broker

As with most things, you get what you pay for. Just because an agent has a strangely low commission, does not mean that clients are getting the most bang out of their buck. The right agent can score a client thousands more on their home for just a small commission hike. Plus, save clients a world of headache, frustration, and wasted time. If a prospective client is hesitant to pay the commission you have set, emphasize that you go the extra mile and how that extra work delivers an experience that just can’t be compared. 

24. You sure about that, buddy?

mls photo

A talented real estate photographer can make a shack look like a mansion with the right angles and lighting. This is the exact reason why you, the real estate professional, always take the time to take your clients to see a home in person. Any the less, it’s always surprising when a home is so unmistakably  different from how it looks in photos. If you’re the selling agent, you already know not to do this with your own listings as it is a waste of your time and other’s. 

25. This is why I have trust issues.

before and after commission

Living like a “seasonal millionaire” is a huge risk. The reality of real estate is that agents don’t always know when their next paycheque is going to come or how much it will be. There are various external factors that affect how much you earn including the market, the weather, even the cultural mentality. It’s your responsibility, and a harsh reality for many new agents,  to prepare yourself for these downtowns by saving when business is flourishing.

26. Don’t be a “seasonal millionaire.” If you want to live fancy all year round, it’s time to treat yourself like a business. Read more about that here.

rival agent

Sometimes you’re not the right choice for a client, that’s just the business. However, it’s best to act professionally and greet them warmly. Who knows, maybe they’ll realize they should have gone with you in the first place. 

27. Maaaybe I should say something…

never a slow day

A successful career in real estate is largely about managing your time well. At the beginning of your career it can feel as if you can’t get a spare second away from your phone or email. As you gain experience, your lead generation skills will amp up and your time slaving away 7 days a week will cut down. If you see that your work hours are ramping up without slowing down, talk to your friends and family in advance and let them know that you won’t be able to spend as much time socializing as usual for the next little while. 

28. This doesn’t have to be your life forever. Start delegating.

next Tom Ferry, here I go

Social media marketing is a long-game. In today’s day and age, the social media space is very saturated with content of every type. Agents need to put in extra work and consistency if they want to see their social media efforts make a dent. It’s often forgotten that success on social media needs to be measured in relation to your larger business goals. Having a viral post or a wave of likes may not necessarily translate to higher production in your real estate business. And posting videos willy-nilly surely won’t get you anywhere. Read our full social media marketing guide to learn exactly how to build a real estate social media strategy that creates results. AgentFire websites also link seamlessly to all major social media platforms so that you can guide clients to follow you from one platform to the next.

29. Hate to break it to you, kid…

reality ensues

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes costs that go into practicing real estate. Sometimes clients, and even agents can underestimate how much is required to actually get a contract signed. From signage to staging costs, Ad spend and commission splits, your commission will be divided up before it hits our bank account. 

30. They don’t make real estate pants with pockets that big…

why cant i hold all these leads

Lead generation is all about systems and consistency. When you establish a fruitful lead funnel and manage it properly, you can have leads constantly flowing in with minimal effort. Check out this article about how to attract leads and build your funnel. The basics involve following up quickly and regularly, using your AgentFire website to gather leads and managing contacts in your CRM. 

31. Don’t settle for less. Get more out of your lead generation strategy.

me and the boys at team pegasus

Your real estate team can be your greatest source of support and shared success. Other agents are not always competition, they can be substitutes when you have to step out, helpers when you need an extra hand, mentors, etc. Additionally, your positive team reputation can elevate each individual member. For example, AgentFire team websites allow team members to stay connected under one brand identity, yet still distinguish themselves from the group on their individual pages. 

32. Listen guys, we gotta do this for our new website. Stop messin’ around!

iphone agent

To be fair, modern smartphones do take high quality photos. However, a great photo takes more than just a decent camera. A talented photographer understands that varying visual elements can make or break a photo and a responsible real estate agent wouldn’t dare snap a few iphone photos and post them right away. 

33. Dear clients: they’ll cost you more in the end.

better drink my own...success

Farming a new neighborhood is not only a great opportunity to not only introduce to the people who live there, but to also gain a deeper understanding of the area. Take the time to view the neighborhood during all times of the day, take note of the “watering holes” and activities people like to do most, get familiar with local businesses and their owners; basically get acquainted with the neighborhood as much as possible. When you score a client from the neighborhood or find a client interested in that neighborhood, you’ll be well-versed in everything hyperlocal. 

34. “To me, adventure has always been to me the connections and bounds you create with people when you’re there. And you can have that anywhere.” – Bear Grylls

dew it

A twilight tour is when an agent takes the client to view a property during the most flattering hours of the day. This could be during sunset hours or during the night if garden lights are a key feature. 

35. The night is dark and full of buyers…

quarantine sucks

Internet marketing is a huge part of successful real estate marketing in general. However, it is not the only marketing strategy that you need in your marketing plan. People still crave human-human interaction and your direct contact with them can be refreshing. Cold calling, door knocking, snail mail and elevator pitches are more rare now than ever in the real estate field, so using one of these techniques could make you stand out from the crowd.

36. Don’t be that guy…forgot escalation clause again

An escalation clause in a real estate contract that makes it safer and easier for your buyers to score their dream home. This clause leaves a bit of financial flexibility to raise an offer price in case another buyer wants to place a bid. If homes are selling fast, you’ll know that you could need an escalation clause to make your unique offer stand out. Beware however, that some sellers may be deterrent from an escalation clause because it limits their ability to consider counteroffers.

37. I would classify that as a “near-death experience”

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ai? You mean if statements?

AI has created incomparable opportunities for everyone who does anything online. From writing entire emails to conducting research, interacting with prospects, organizing leads, to list o ways that AI is helping real estate agents do their job is endless and varied. Chances are that you regularly interact with AI without thinking about it. For example, did you ask Siri a question last week? Maybe you were using a chatbot with your internet provider last night? If you are not taking active moves to integrate AI into your work routine further, you’re missing out. We cover the top ways agents are using AI now, in this article

38. There’s been no greater opportunity than what we have today.

we live to serve

The property isn’t for you, persay, however, you’re the one spending the most time in it right now and you deserve to be comfortable. Bring your essentials with you when you go to an open house including a drink, a snack, and clothes that are suited to the temperature inside the house, not outside. 

39. “I just want this to be a stress-free and enjoyable process for you.”

patient bear is patient

Free time doesn’t have to be wasted time. The most successful agents use their silent moments in open houses by completing tasks that they need to finish anyways. For example, you could draft your real estate blogs, update your email list, think of some new ad concepts, connect with your team and more. 

40. This is a great time to work on your real estate blog! Here are some ideas to get you started.

real decision maker

Pets are the silent, real owners of the property. Your clients love their pets and will go above and beyond for them as if they are their children. As their real estate agent, you need to keep the needs of your client’s pets in mind if you want to find the perfect property for them. Be inquisitive and ask your clients about their pets’ personalities and needs. Then take that into consideration. For example, dog owners may be more attracted to a property with a backyard even though they said they ‘d never sacrifice having a fireplace. 

41. Just to be safe – write that catnip up as a business expense and cover all your bases.

why, just why

It’s a simple solution – put the darn key back in the lock box. There are some important points about lockboxes: combination locks are not the most secure. There is a risk that someone doesn’t shuffle the numbers after unlocking/locking the box, that an agent shares the code, or that it isn’t secured properly. New lockboxes can use bluetooth unlocking and require a different code for each agent. They are also designed to purposefully not bump against or rub against the front door. Plus, you can look through the lockbox app to see who is entering the house and when. The app is connected to your MLS membership so that only those who are paying their dues and have a license can access it.

42. The fact that this happens so often should have it be called a transgression, not a mistake.

task failed successfully

Getting the right look with staging at the perfect time doesn’t have to be a challenge. Take a look at these tips: Common Staging Mistakes. 

43. I’m not really sure that Aztec bust contributes to the modern, minimalist style of the apartment…

Zoom is the future

International clients can make your portfolio more interesting, make you more knowledgable about real estate in general, and connect you to an onslaught of clientele. However, it does require extra work and focus on your part. Expect some late nights and cultural miscommunications along the way. To help you find your footing read this article, Attract International Real Estate Clients. 

44. Can I have a referral with my coffee?

do it now

Half the work of a rich database is maintaining it. You’ll need to nurture your contacts consistently and individually depending on where they are on the client journey. For example, a hot lead that you scored online and have recently met with, will be more interested in frequent contact and updates than a client who has already purchased a home with you and is content where they are. A high-quality CRM can get some of the leg work done for you by reminding you when to send follow ups or using drip emails.

45. It’s like planting crops and never harvesting them…

disaster girl

The biggest issues with social media strategy? Social media is always changing. The social media strategy that brought you a full season of referrals last year, could be totally different now. This is why it is important to have a detailed social media strategy that tracks results and leaves flexibility for adjustments. In case your strategy needs a refresh because a social media tool has changed, you can go back to the original goal and plan a new strategy. 

46. Too soon?

you don't say

 Clients often have no idea how intense or complex the property buying process can be. They may not understand how much goes on behind the scenes to get the deal closed leading up to the closing date and after. Patiently explain why it’s not possible or extremely difficult to change the closing date.

47. People gotta stop doing that.

pretty fly for a suited guy

There’s a reason why real estate reality shows are having their time in the spotlight. Real estate agents are expected to dress professionally, however there is no overseeing body to tell agents what exactly to wear. There’s plenty of room to get creative and real estate agents have become known for their extravagant and glamorous outfits. Of course, not all agents buy into this style, however it is a funny stereotype. 

48. Luxury real estate agents need that Gucci on their bags too.

testosterone poisoning

Referrals from clients can earn you thousands of dollars in a single deal. Show your clients that you appreciate their referrals with a gift and a special message. Look at these 14 deal-sealing thank you letters to get an idea of what to add to yours. Pay the favor forward with a gift that is tailored to their unique personalities and homes.

49. You’re not my friend. You’re my brother.

truth hurts

The time of in-person marketing is not even close to being over. The thing about real estate marketing is that it has to be multidimensional. It’s not enough to only put out a few sponsored ads online. Your clients are active in a number of places on and offline, so why not make sure to reach them there? Check out these offline marketing strategies to get you started. 

50. Need some scripts?

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So that’s it for our original memes! The next 50 is a curation that pays homage to the most real real estate memes on the internets. We’ve got a couple of MVPs in the line-up, but rest assured that all of the following memes have been subjected to the rigorous “chuckle test” by our staff.

50 Most Popular Real Estate Memes

budget vs expectation

51. I’ll do what I can with the resources you’ve provided.

accepted offer

52. Hey, I’ve got some good news… (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)

wonder woman

53. You have my card, right?

no electricity

54. It’s like the air your open house guests drink when you forget to provide refreshments. (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)

saved 9000 in comission

55. Well, I sure hope you’re super proud of yourself. (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)

most interesting man in the world

56. Do you want to know how I do it? Read this article. (source: Market Leader)

han solo

57. Looking for a home in a galaxy far, far away? No problem! We got a franchise there. (source: HomeSpotter)

mj eating popcorn

58. Found on page 76, 3 months later. (source: The Close)

i too like to live dangerously

59. For safety purposes, read them these scripts. (source: Market Leader)i heard you like real estate

60. Well, as a broker… (source:


61. I find it inspiring that you’re letting machine learning practice with your home. (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)


62. It’s rare, but there are some good people in this world. What a relevant meme. (source: The Broke Agent)

there's never rest

63. Let me go over these slides one last time… (source: Showcase IDX)

dwight schrute

64. This is how you get ahead. (source: IMPACT)

imaginary estate agent

65. When you’re back in the real world, call me. (source: Bizarro)

too much enthusiasm

66. We just talked about this in the car! (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)

you stated you were ready to buy

67. If I charged by the hour, you’d still be renting. (source: ActiveRain)

here's sales

68. Sorry guys, customer behavior demands it. (source: Marketing Carpenter)

hide you clothes hide you photos

69. Hide the cat too. Buyers have biases. (source: HomeSpotter)

still there?

70. It gets so bad that I would actually suggest having a designated driver. (source: The Broke Agent)

Curious about best practices for sharing content on social media? Check out this article where we break down everything social media marketing in a definitive guide.

still going house hunting right?

71. Through hell and high water, I will get you a damn house. (source: Columbus Real Estate Coach)

work weekends

72. I was like you once. Lost. Confused. (This is a quote from a musical called “Assassins” by Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman. Bet you didn’t know that.) (source: The Close)

don't hire the first realtor you meet

73. Unless that REALTOR® is me. (source: Great Colorado Homes)

we don't blog

74. You should. Here’s why (and how). (source: Reputation Ink)

404 not found

75. Tell me again how you can do my job. (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)

i sold that i sold that

76. Nothing beats a portfolio of an entire neighborhood. (source: Real Estate Memes)

running into an old friend

77. Now I know you blocked me on Facebook. (source: Smart Agents)

checking emails on vacation

78. Has anyone else showered with their phone in a ziplock bag? Anybody? (source: @leadersofrealestate)

don't call me overpaid

79. You get what you pay for, pal! (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)

wait what

80. The staging crew is just going to love this. (source: DigiChefs)

waiting for the appraisal

81. I’m not nervous! You’re nervous! (source: The Ferguson Group)

Anything for a close

82. Listen buddy, I can be a lot of things but I’ll need you to manage your expectations here. (source: @leadersofrealestate)

this is the one

83. Right?! The moment I walked in that door, it was like electricity. (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)

too much house for money

84. If it no longer makes sense, walk away. (source: Oasis Realty)

homes actually in their budget

85. It’s better to do this now than later! (source: REthority)

lets meet now

86. Is your house fine? (source: The Broke Agent)


87. It’s called “hyperlocal”, and it’s going to get you ahead of the game. Read how to do it here. (source: Casey Lewiston)

these don't work

88. Legend says they’ve only ever produced one batch. (source: Market Leader)

Curious about how to measure your social media marketing efforts? Not sure where to start when it comes to posting on different networks? Your AgentFire Success Dashboard gives you access to courses and tasks, designed by us, to get you on the right foot. Learn more here.

you already have a realtor

89. So this was all just a charade? I thought we had something real. (source: Pinterest)

too damn high

90. As a real estate agent and business owner, you deserve a damn good website. (source: All in IT Solutions)

super agent

91. This career takes a special kind. (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)

bad credit

92. It’s going to be an awkward ride home… (source: @leaderealestate)

antisocial clients

93. Let me show you why I have 5 stars on Google Reviews. (source: REthority)

let me do my showings

94. Please, for your own good.

resting pitch face

95. When you’re waiting for your turn at a listing presentation (source: @leadersofrealestate)

inbound AND outbound marketing?

96. Choosing just one isn’t enough. (source: Marketo)

you nailed the appointment

97. Want to feel this good about your listing presentation all the time? We got you covered. Read this article we wrote about how to nail every appointment every time. (source: Dylan Howard)

do you want to write an offer?

98. C’mon let’s go and close! (source: Michaela Eaves)

when my buyer switches jobs

99. I can’t even blame anyone. (source: @real_estate_memer)

i got time for that

100. How does 3pm this afternoon sound? (source: Lighter Side of Real Estate)

Have any other real estate meme we missed? Share it with us in the comments!

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