150 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

150 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

If you're looking to take your marketing to the next level, but are stuck in a rut, check out (and save) this massive list of real estate marketing ideas.

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If you’re looking to take your real estate marketing strategy to the next level, but are stuck in a rut, check out (and save) this massive list of specific marketing ideas for real estate.   

Maybe you’re sick and tired of always playing it safe, doing the same things over and over and not getting the results you wanted. Or maybe you’re a new real estate agent and you don’t know where to start 😵.

If so… we get it.

That’s why we put together this massive list of marketing ideas for real estate agents and brokerages. From traditional to digital marketing ideas, there’s something here for you, regardless of where you are in your real estate career.

Real estate giveaways including t-shirts, pens, and lanyards


  1. Gifts at open houses – Visitors at open houses typically go to tons of open houses within a short time. Give them a small branded gift that will help them keep you in mind. Make sure they have your name and contact information.Open house gifts cta
  2. Of course, if your goal of organizing an open house is to capture as many leads as possible, try something like AgentFire’s Listing registration feature. This one can be loaded up on a tablet at your open house, where it would capture your visitors’ contact info in exchange for your gift.
  3. Give away or lend branded garage sale signs If any of your clients or anyone you know in the local community is planning on having a garage sale, why not offer them some free garage sale signs? These could include your agency’s name and logo, thus helping improve your brand recognition. Simply lend the signs and collect them after the garage sale ends.
  4. Keychain tags – Keychain tags are a cheap and effective way of keeping your brand in front of people. Give them away at any event you participate in, or as part of a gift package.
  5. Welcome home gifts – After helping buyers find the home they want, give your clients a welcome home gift. Even a small gift basket does wonders in preventing buyer’s remorse.
  6. Share free email templates or tip sheets to guide home buyers and sellers –  For example, create a checklist of unpredictable things to look for when viewing a home. It’s all about making a valuable and personal connection. Your readers will be happy you reminded them to test the windows and you can consider them prospective clients.
  7. Branded pens, USB drives, and lanyards – These items are cheap to produce, easy to carry, and you can give them away pretty much anywhere.
  8. Offer useful client gifts – Consider items such as calendars, pens, notepads that are seen often throughout the day. This way, you’ll be top of mind and your potential clients won’t have to look far when it’s time to reach out to you.
  9. Volunteer – Your time is something else you can give away. Whether it’s at your church, a local vet’s office, a homeless shelter, fire department, or a beach clean-up event, volunteering helps you to be known in your local area as someone who cares about the community.
  10. Contests –  Contests are an excellent way to engage passive audiences, whether it’s on your website, on social media channels, or in a live event. Try an integrated form on your website and build a survey or quiz. AgentFire offers a ton of diverse form-building options to our clients such as Jotform and Typeform. Bonus: collaborate with local business owners to offer hyperlocal contest gifts that are perfect for home buyers interested in that area. If you own an AgentFire website, you can easily set up one of our ConvertPages to allow your audience to easily enter the contest.Convert pages real estate contest
  11. Hand out useful goods at community events – Think: offering branded water bottles at the city marathon or branded phone strings at the local market. Remember to feature your name, logo, and contact your properties

Marketing your properties

  1. Offer immersive 3d property tours – Companies like Matterport can help you create breathtaking 3d property tours of your listings at an affordable price. And if none of your competitors are offering them, make sure you advertise this fact as much as possible. If you own an AgentFire website, thanks to our Matterport integration, you can add your own Matterport home tour to your listings with just a few clicks.

Matterport homepage

  1. Become the hyperlocal expert leader of your niche – Do you specialize in first-time buyers, downsizing seniors, new construction buyers, or house flippers? Don’t be a generalist. Own your niche and brand yourself accordingly.
  2. Use drone photography –  Drone photography can produce dramatic shots and allow viewers to see angles of your property listings that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see (just make sure that drone photography makes sense for the property you’re promoting).
  3. Share your real estate listings in your personal network – It’s usually advised that you keep your professional and personal lives private – especially online. But sharing your listings with your personal network could help to increase your leads. Who knows, a family member could lead to a friend who becomes a client…you know the story.



  1. Create short, value-packed webinars – Showcase your real estate industry expertise to the general public. From showing how to choose the right color scheme, to house flipping strategies, there’s always something you can teach publicly that will help you establish your real estate expertise. Keep the webinars to under 10 minutes and packed with value. Then, share them with your network through social platforms, your email list, and on your website.
  2. Offer youth-oriented classes – Many high school students graduate without an ounce of knowledge about building long-term personal and financial stability. Establish yourself as a leader in your community and build local trust by sharing this vital information about real estate. Speak to your local high school about giving a temporary class.
  3. Share summaries of market studies & data – Most home buyers aren’t experts on the housing market and they may have just started to learn more about it. Become a trusted resource by summarizing and sharing bite-sized reports of important changes in the real estate industry. You may choose to share these over social media, your real estate website, or directly to clients through your CRM.
  4. Learn to make digital products – There are tons of inexpensive courses online that will show you how to build effective and simple, powerful digital products that create leads. For example, try a course with Teachable or Coursify and easily develop a digital tip sheet to share with contacts.
  5. Teach at a community college – Many colleges offer real estate courses. If you meet the requirements, you could teach one yourself.
  6. Reach out to a local or niche podcast – There are tons of relevant real estate podcasts available across several platforms. With a handful of simple email pitches, you can become a guest and expand your network to include listeners of that podcast.
  7. Volunteer to teach a course – There are always local career advancement organizations willing to take new instructors.
  8. Create a course on Udemy – If you have the technical skills to create and edit videos, you could share your expertise on Udemy and make a buck while you’re at it.

contact outreach

Contact outreach

  1. Don’t settle for an average business card – Take it a step ahead and create something memorable. Our team of AgentFire designers will create custom branding and a logo for you that is easily adaptable for any kind of medium. Take a look at some of our designs.
  2. Switch your focus – If you feel that you’ve exhausted your usual circle of buyers – whether you usually tap into groups of house-flippers, multi-family buyers, or another demographic –  think about how you can reach out to new types of clients while maintaining your brand. Used to multi-family buyers? Remind your Twitter followers that all of your clients had a first time and after some practice, they decided that you were consistent and trustworthy enough to find a home for their precious family. Skip the trial and error, they should come straight to you for their first home!
  3. Contact landlords – These property owners may be looking to make another investment. 
  4. Set up a personable receipt confirmation for texts and emails – No one wants to send an urgent inquiry into a black hole. Yet we know that with such a busy schedule,  you can’t always reply right away. When a potential lead contacts you, set up a confirmation email or SMS to automatically confirm that their inquiry was received. This will make them feel acknowledged and assure them that you will get back to them soon.
  5. Make yourself easy to contact – Ensure that your contact information is front and center when it comes to your website. This could mean offering a live chat on your home page, making sure your contact page is on your main menu, and making social sharing available throughout each webpage.
  6. Pick up the phone and do some cold calling – Cold calling still works. Here are some tips.
  7. Outsource your prospecting efforts – If you don’t want to deal with, or don’t have the time to do cold calling, email marketing, social media prospecting, etc. hire a virtual assistant to help you out.
  8. Send door flyers – And old classic. Flyers are still very effective wonders towards increasing your brand awareness.
  9. Go door knocking – Introduce yourself to the neighbors, leave them your card, and ask them to keep you in mind if they ever need your services.
  10. Send out holiday postcards – The holidays are a perfect opportunity to greet and reach out to past (and future) clients and remind them about your services.
  11. Don’t be scared of “snail-mail”–  Nowadays, people are so used to receiving online marketing messages that direct mail or “snail-mail” has become a unique way to stand out. Handwrite the addresses to give them a personal touch and prevent from being labeled as spam. If done correctly, this can give you amazing ROI.
  12. Send out birthday cards to past clients – Birthdays give you an excellent opportunity to send out personalized messages to past clients.
  13. Take a client out to lunch to celebrate their big real estate purchase – Focusing on celebrating the future they have gained, rather than the money they’ve spent, is a great way to avoid home buyer’s remorse.
  14. Give referrals – Don’t just take referrals, give them as well.
  15. Follow up on clients after-sale – Reach out to clients and ask how they are adjusting to their new home. Following up is a great way to nurture a lasting relationship.
  16. Stay in touch with clients who have moved away – These clients can still send referrals your way.
  17. Provide a complimentary moving truck or other helpful service – If you want to impress your clients, and make clients of other real estate agents wish they had hired you, provide a moving truck. This could be a rental or your own truck. Other useful services for clients could include a cleaning or garbage disposal service (especially if it’s a fixer-upper).
  18. Send handwritten notes – Handwritten letters are a lost art. Send them out to any of your clients who have just bought or sold a home (and why not include it in a gift basket).
  19. Create or overhaul your agency’s slogan A slogan can help make your brand more memorable and show that you have a firmly established success metric.
  20. Get a professional headshot for you and your team – Looks matter! Clients start their property and real estate agent search online. Like it or not, these clients will judge you by your appearance. Hire a professional photographer to make sure your first impression is a positive one.
  21. Hire a content writer – If you don’t have time to create content regularly, hire a professional. If you own an AgentFire website, you have the option to order all types of content, including blogs and webpages directly from our Textbroker partners.
  22. Hire a graphic designer to create a brand identity – From customized colors, logos, real estate websites, and ads, a graphic designer can make a huge difference in making your business look professional. AgentFire offers full, customized design packages whether you just need a logo or full branding – and it only takes a few minutes.
  23. Master your elevator pitch -Think of an elevator pitch as a 20 second opportunity to prove why someone should choose you as their agent. Would you blabber on about  all the details of your day? Focus on measurable achievements and setting yourself apart from other agents.
  24. Be aware of customer personas – Customer personas will help you hone in your marketing efforts, and create content that will grab their attention.
  25. Overhaul your “about us” page – Clients want to know who they’re dealing with, and why should they trust you. Your “about us” page can help them do just that.
  26. Create a local market quiz – Reach out to your hyperlocal audience through social networks or email, and ask them what kind of services and content they are interested in.
  27. Hold a live “question and answer” event on Facebook – Facebook lets you engage people, and prove your real estate expertise in real-time.
  28. Reach out to local influencers – Reach out to or tag a local influencer that is aligned with your mission and goals. Perhaps you sell family homes; a local mommy blogger could be a great referral source. And if they’re looking for content, tell them you’re available for an interview.
  29. Guest write for popular local blog posts – Blogs with a lot of traffic are almost always looking for more rich content to satisfy their readers. If you have writing skills and a great article idea, send a short pitch email to them.

copywriting graphic

  1. Create a professional email signature – A great email signature will include your business’ name and contact information. It will constantly remind people of what you do for a living and provides an easy way for them to contact you.
  2. Pay for billboard ads on streets with heavy traffic – Billboards are an excellent (although pricey) way of vastly increasing your brand awareness in your hyperlocal area. If you do take this route, don’t be afraid to be attention-grabbing. If you can bring light to the area in which the billboard is placed (E.g. humorously mentioning traffic on a billboard over a busy street), even better.
  3. Include market updates on your blog and newsletter – People that are thinking about buying would appreciate staying on top of the real estate market.
  4. Regularly update your Company Image – Although you may have loved your branding when you started to sell properties 10 years ago, lots has changed since then. Your image should reflect that you are modern and on the ball. Something as simple as taking new company photos can make a significant difference.
  5. Tap into local county’s tax delinquent list – Each county has a list of people who have missed one or more property tax payments. They could be highly motivated to sell their home.
  6. Double-check your contact info – If your company has been around for a while, you may want to double check that your info on every platform is updated and correct.
  7. Sponsor a local sports team – From little league baseball to high school football teams, show yourself as a caring member of the community and advertise your brand while you’re at it.

real estate ads


  1. Hire a versatile copywriter – Choose a copywriter that can write a wide variety of copy (web, social media, print etc.). This will help to maintain brand voice across all platforms and save money and time by reusing the content with only small changes.
  2. Offer exclusive opportunities – Think about different “exclusive” offers you could offer to a chosen few and advertise them as such. Consider a private showing before your property is listed on MLS. It’s hard not to feel special if you’re invited to a private showing at an “exclusive” listing.
  3. Local newspaper ad – Newspaper listings still work and will help improve your brand awareness in your hyperlocal area.
  4. Bus bench ads – Old but gold. The classic bus bench realtor ad helps increase your brand recognition.
  5. Community newsletters – If there’s a local newsletter with a large viewership, it might be worth advertising on it.
  6. Business newsletters – Same as above.
  7. Radio or podcast advertising – An ad in the middle of rush hour could do wonders for your brand recognition.
  8. Plaster ads in supermarkets – Great for brand recognition.
  9. Business cards in coffee shops – Same as above.
  10. Bandit signs – If they are legal in your area, they could drive a ton of traffic to your website.
  11. Avoid overused buzzwords in listings – This also applies to anything involving promoting your listing on your channels/outlets. For example, instead of using words such as “gorgeous view” or “beautiful foyer”, paint a rich visual picture by saying something like “Wake up to breathtaking floor to ceiling windows every morning”.
  12. Use focus groups – These can test your new ads, and give their thoughts about your content and outreach efforts.
  13. Create event posters – Commission an event poster showing all major events going on in your city in the next few months.
  14. Use Google Adwords – Google Adwords have an amazing ROI. If you don’t know how to start with Google Adwords, we can help you build an extremely effective Google Adwords campaign.
  15. Use Facebook Marketing – Facebook isn’t just a platform for sharing memes and baby photos. It’s one of the most robust and powerful marketing platforms available. In fact, we helped one of our amazing clients invest $2,000 on Facebook Marketing and generate over 700 leads and $50,000 in commissions in just 2 months.
  16. A/B test to see how your advertising strategies are performing – You don’t need to be an online marketing professional to understand A/B testing. It’s simple: create variations of your ads and test them with small groups to compare the results before launching a full campaign.

Networking ideas

Networking ideas

  1. Build relationships with top investors – Create a list of all of the listings that have sold for cash in the last 6 – 24 months. Then, run an email or direct mail campaign advising them that you have exclusive property deals and you’re looking for cash buyers.
  2. Build connections with hard money lenders – Hard money lenders typically have extensive networks of contacts. They could point some real estate investors your way.
  3. Join your local chamber of commerce or association of realtors/real estate agents – Chamber of commerce meetings give you a great opportunity to network with local business leaders.
  4. Association directory – These can help improve your agency’s visibility.
  5. Alumni associations – Stay in touch with former classmates who have gone on to become great professional contacts.
  6. Speak confidently – Remember that you are guiding buyers and sellers through the most expensive transaction of their lives. Confidence is essential to build trust. Plus, when you are calm and clear, you speak with clarity and manage your wording better.
  7. Join your local chamber of commerce Chamber of commerce meetings give you a great opportunity to network with local business leaders.
  8. Nonprofit boards – Getting involved with a nonprofit organization in your community is a great way to improve your public image, as well as network with like-minded individuals. This could be anything from assisting with real-estate related concerns or volunteering in person.
  9. Industry associations – Great for networking.
  10. Industry conventions – Same as above.
  11. KW, Century 21, RE/Max conventions – Whichever real estate franchise you work for, don’t miss any agent convention. These give you a great opportunity to network and find contacts to share referrals with.
  12. Attend and cover local events – Why not show your potential clients what they’ll have to look forward to before they move into your hyperlocal area? Take a few photos or videos of local events in the area and share on your digital platforms.
  13. Fundraise for a charity in your community – Partnering with a charity is a great way to share your values and align yourself with a worthy cause. Consider using direct mailers to share information about the charity and your work with them.
  14. Support community art and culture shows – There’s no question that a vibrant art scene can raise the appeal of a neighborhood. If there are regular art shows and events in the area of your listing, take some videos and add them to your guides as a video segment.
  15. Photography shows – Same as above. You may even discover a great budding photographer you could hire for your listings.
  16. Collect testimonials – Testimonials from happy customers are a perfect way of increasing your social proof. For a great example of how you can showcase your testimonials on our AgentFire websites, check out Bailey Pate’s testimonial page. (By the way, our AgentFire web designs have a direct integration with Zillow Reviews).testimonials
  17. Get to know other professionals in the real estate industry– There are loads of other professionals working within real estate that are great to know and develop relationships with. For example, appraisers or electricians can become great sources for referrals.
  18. Reach out to a local business – Nurture relationships with famous local businesses. You may strike up a deal where they display your company on a menu, calendar, or a cardholder in their counter.
  19. Develop a relationship with the local media – Become the go-to expert the local media consults in all matters real estate. A good place to start is a well-prepared pitch email about how to build a successful real estate business or upcoming real estate market trends.
  20. Take advantage of Google Screened Google Screened professionals receive a professional badge that shows users that you have a trusted online reputation. On local service listings, you will see a green check mark next to these businesses.
  21. Run an open house – Open houses are a great way of attracting buyers and acquiring new leads. AgentFire’s AF Listings make it easy to capture your leads’ contact info. 
    open house
  22. Record neighborhood community videos – Showcase your neighborhood on socials for new buyers to explore.
  23. Contact property management companies – Write a  polite cold email with a few details about you and why you are reaching out. These companies can put you in contact with tons of investors looking to buy new properties.

Leverage your real estate website

Leverage your real estate website

  1. Have a professional real estate website – In this day and age, your digital image and branding are the foundation of your real estate marketing efforts. The core of that is, of course, your website. AgentFire’s web designs are made especially for real estate agents with all of the tools to create your own brand and capture leads easily.
  2. Make a FAQ page – This is a great opportunity to show you who you are as a real estate agent and what your brokerage represents.
  3. Use the power of Google Analytics – Google’s easy analytics service tracks and reports how much traffic is going to your website. You’ll also learn more about audience demographics and where your pages could be doing better.
  4. Simplify your website’s user interface – By improving your website’s user experience, your visitors will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.
  5. Create individual landing pages for your listings – Make it easy for a visitor interested in a particular listing to take the next step and schedule a showing for it. With AF Listings, you can create a beautiful listing with one click. 
    landing page
  6. Take advantage of Click Maps – Interactive maps are a great way to give prospective clients an inside look into the area they’re interested in. Our AgentFire addon, Click Maps, allows agents to customize what is highlighted on the map such as schools, restaurants, and more. Take a look.
  7. Add a live chat – Integrating a live chat box on your website is a quick and efficient way to interact with your site visitors. Clients can easily ask quick questions with quick answers. Of course, it’s crucial to ensure you have sufficient staff or a virtual assistant available to respond to questions.
  8. Use retargeting – Have you ever looked at something on an e-commerce website and found that advertisements for that product kept popping up as you continued browsing? That’s retargeting. Retargeting campaigns remind visitors of services they left behind by showing them visual or textual ads on a variety of platforms. This can be done with the help of Google Ads, Facebook, or LinkedIn Ads.
  9. Submit your site to major aggregator sites – Aggregator sites, as their name suggests, are online directories that compile information from all over the web about certain topics. Not only can they help new users find your website, but each link to your site improves your SEO ranking.
  10. Work with Yelp recommendations – Sure, Yelp is mainly known for restaurant or events reviews, but even small, local businesses can have a listing on Yelp. Chances are – they’ve already created one without giving you a heads up, so make sure you claim it. The next steps are to fill out your profile and make it as relevant as possible. An added benefit is that your Yelp listing will improve your overall search engine optimization.

Content marketing

Content marketing

  1. Work on your SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) makes a huge difference in the amount of traffic you receive. And no – it doesn’t only matter on your website. Be attentive to how you can improve SEO on your social network, review sites, and anywhere else you exist online.
  2. Build backlinks – Backlinks are unquestionably one of the most important factors in ranking highly on google. You may want to work with an SEO expert to identify the best linking opportunities for your business.
  3. Use customer testimonials – Recommendations are one of the most effective ways to build client trust and establish a professional presence. Don’t be shy! Highlight your positive testimonials on your website and social media posts. Our clients love using the Zillow reviews integration our web designs offer. Plus you can customize them with reviews from any trusted platform you choose.
  4. Starting a blog is vital – Blogs are an amazing way of attracting traffic to your site and positioning yourself as a trust-worthy and relevant resource for potential clients. The more beneficial content you offer, the bigger the boost to your SEO. Here are 72 rock-solid ideas
  5. Curate lists of local attractions – These lists can be shared and linked to, and would bring more traffic to your website.
  6. ​​Create a newsletter – Send your client list the latest update on your blog posts, new property owner guides, as well as just listed and just sold properties. Our Mailchimp addon scans your website 1x per day, week, or month, and automatically pulls all your new blog posts into a Mailchimp™ newsletter. Plus, we’ll handle the topic choice, writing, and editing.
  7. Introduce your agency in a fresh way – Instead of a boring bio, film an explainer video that goes into detail about your agency.
  8. Create a referral program – Offer visitors an incentive to share your posts and content. For example, offer users access to a free detailed home valuation when they share your post.
  9. Create a Google My Business site – Not only is it easy and free, but it can help tremendously in your local SEO. Check this article on how to set up your Google My Business.
  10. Start a Youtube Channel – Visual content is more appealing than written ones.
  11. Start a Vimeo Channel – Vimeo is another popular video sharing platform.

Tablet graphic

  1. Pay extra attention to your meta descriptions –  Those couple of sentences that appear under a search result are a lot more impactful than they look. Although small, these meta descriptions tell search engines and your web visitors what they’ll find on your page.
  2. Create infographics – Cheap, easy to create and share. Want some ideas? Here’s a massive collection for you to grab some ideas from.
  3. Write detailed guides about local schools – Parents looking for properties in your area will appreciate these. While Click Maps will show basic details about schools, add extra information such as teaching styles and ranking. Most of this info can likely be found on the school’s website.
  4. Write a guide about local restaurants – Similar to above. Go into more details about the best restaurants for each client (large family, bachelor etc.).
  5. Create area guides for your community – By offering valuable sources of info for local areas, you’ll help buyers see if they like the area before they move. If you own an AgentFire website, you can create area guides with just a few clicks.
  6. Create lead magnets – You can attract a lot of traffic (and leads) by offering valuable ebooks, articles, and videos in exchange for your visitor’s contact information.
  7. Film an explainer video about your agency and services – Show (not just tell) what services you offer, and why you’re the best real estate agent in your hyperlocal area.
  8. Create and share real estate white papers – White papers are very technical and information-dense documents that provide a huge amount of value to readers. Some examples for real estate content include “Determining the right time to sell your home” or “The future of the (insert hyperlocal area here) property market”.
  9. Share funny real estate memes – Show off your comedic chops and attract more likes and shares of your real estate business page on social media. Check out a few meme ideas here
  10. Create lead capture forms on your site – A lead capture form is a tool used to collect visitor data in exchange for a guide product, service, or demo. From here, add user info to your CRM and keep them in the loop. Curious about which CRMs work with your AgentFire website? Our web designers can integrate any of the top CRMs available. Speak with one of our web designers about your preferences in a free demo
  11. Add a home valuation tool to your website – Quickly answer your client’s most pressing question before you even meet them: How much is my home worth? Home valuation tools such as our addon, Home Value with Home Junction, give super modern, fast and accurate property information in seconds.
  12. Create dedicated landing pages for your physical ads – A link on your physical mail or postcards to a dedicated landing page can help you measure the response rate of your ads.MauiHomes convert page
  13. Prioritize keyword research – Knowing what keywords you want to target is one of the most fundamental parts of your SEO strategy. Think: What are your clients looking for? What image do you want to present online? Who is searching for your content and what terms are they using? Our clients use our addons with Yoast and Dippidi to choose the perfect keywords for searchable content and ppc campaigns.
  14. Use Google News to find article ideasGoogle news can help you find article ideas about real estate, both on a local and national level.
  15. Segment your email list – By dividing your mailing list by important demographics (earnings, area, interests, etc.), you’ll be able to better target and personalize your emails. From here, make selective choices about which types of content would best connect with each demographic.
  16. Use storytelling techniques to drive engagement ratesStorytelling techniques can help you turn a boring technical article into an exciting read that refuses to let your readers go.
  17. Create drip email marketing campaigns – Drip campaigns let you engage prospects and nurture them into leads.
  18. Use high-quality images – For professional and attention-grabbing marketing materials, it’s essential to use high quality photos. Sites such as Unsplash, offer royalty-free photos at no cost.  
  19. Study the masters – There’s no need to learn by trial and error. Study how top producers and real estate rock stars made it to the top. Following real estate agents or other professionals on your social media platforms is a good first step. Next, take a look at these 30 essential real estate books to help you.
  20. Take an inbound marketing course – Inbound marketing has an amazing ROI, can be started today, and can help you avoid the need to pay for ads.
  21. Audit your marketing campaigns – See what’s working and giving you the most results, then double your efforts on that marketing channel.
  22. Write a kindle book – These books are self-published and easy to download. Not only will you make a little money on the side, but it will do wonders to establish yourself as a thought leader in your market. Consider your target audience and what they need to know E.g. a pocket guide for first-time buyers that are seeing lots of open houses/going to tons of showings as they find out what they like.
  23. Add personality – This will give people an inside look at who you are, which builds trust. For example, if you love gardening, playing an instrument – why not make that your ‘schtick’ and add something unique to your content.

Social media marketing

Revamp Your Social Media Accounts

  1. Stay consistent on all of your social media platforms – The key to success on social media is presence and niche. That means you need to consistently stay engaged with your audience and provide valuable content. Decide what consistent means for you on each platform. Perhaps after doing some analytics research you find that it’s best to post to Instagram daily and Linkedin only a few times a week. Take the time to figure out what is and isn’t working when it comes to your posting schedule.
  2. Join real estate discussions on forums and relevant boards – Sites such as Reddit have hundreds of real estate discussions you could join. Capitalize on these to attract more traffic to your site.
  3. Connect on a personal level – Remember the people we’re most excited to work with are usually the ones who seem the most relatable and likeable. As important as it is to project a professional image, it’s equally important to show your human side. Clients are buying a home after all.
  4. Build a FB chatbot – Facebook also gives you the option to program your own Chatbot. This one can be taken over by a live agent as well.
  5. Keep your content diverse – When it comes to your social platforms, it’s not only important to provide quality content, but to present it in a way that is visually appealing and stylized. Think of your Pinterest or Instagram explore page, which posts stand out the most? And why?
  6. Create a business page on each social platform– Maintain a professional profile and get access to analytic info by ensuring you have business accounts. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are incredibly powerful search engines in in their own right. Make sure your clients are able to find you there.
  7. Don’t forget about accessibility – It goes without saying that your content should be accessible to everyone. This means taking extra time to consider closed captions, image descriptions, bilingual options, and more. If not, not only will some of your audience be unable to access your content, but you expose yourself to the risk of being sued over ADA guidelines. To learn more about ADA requirements and how you can protect yourself and clients, click here.
  8. Schedule your posts in advance – There are tons of affordable content management programs that help you schedule your social media posts as far in advance as you’d like. This way, you can easily organize your online marketing campaigns without having to worry about logging in to post daily.

Brainstorming graphic

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