20 Seasonal Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Spring, Summer, Fall and Even Winter in 2019

It’s 2019, and if you want to dominate your local market that means upping your game with the latest and best real estate marketing ideas. This year, make a resolution to try new impactful marketing — but don’t just aim for the summer home buying season.

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Nelson Cuesta
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It’s 2019, and if you want to dominate your local market that means upping your game all year with laser focused, seasonal real estate marketing ideas. Spring and Summer are always the top seasons to rev up the engine for your marketing strategy when families are moving outside of the school months. However Fall and Winter should not be ignored in your action plan, when many many home buyers are on the prowl for a great deal.

Below, we’ve brainstormed a whole year’s worth of real estate marketing ideas — meaning that no matter what time of year it is, there’s always something you can do to grow your business and dominate your local market.

Seasonal Real Estate Marketing Ideas Spring

Spring Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Why it's a great season to focus on your marketing strategy

It's not hard to understand why your marketing strategy needs to be on it's A-Game when Spring rolls around. The number of buyers ready to put their tax returns towards a new home is at its highest as the school season draws closer to an end and families have more flexibility to move. Longer days and nicer weather mean optimal opportunity for showing homes. Zillow's database shows homes sold from mid-March to mid-April sell 15% faster and for 2% more than the average listing. So add these ideas to your premium real estate marketing strategy this spring in 2019.

1. Engage in Spring Community Events

Not all your efforts should live online. You should still try to get out and meet your neighbors in the community. Sponsoring the softball team or organizing a park clean up is great marketing.  

2. Remember to Look at Previous Year Trends

Timing is important for listing homes for sale in spring particularly. Make sure you look at previous year trends in specific areas so you know exactly when to list and in which neighborhoods. While it’s never a guarantee that trends will be the same this year, it could potentially save your seller thousands of dollars by avoiding listing too early or too late.

3. Make sure Curb Appeal is kept up

Lawns should be moved and flower beds clean. Hold a free landscaping workshop for new home owners to share some advice and get them excited for their now homes. It can even be done in the local park as a volunteer activity so everyone feels like they've contributed. Not only should a home look great in person during such a prime real estate season, but your images from events such as these should be available on your website with the free information from the workshop for those who could not attend.

seasonal real estate marketing summer

Summer Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Why it's a great season to focus on your marketing strategy

With Summer's long days and lack of school commitments for families, it is the pinnacle of the seasons for your real estate marketing. According to FitSmallBusiness.com summer has the highest inventory of houses from May (2.16M) to August (2.21M) and the shortest number of days that those houses are on the market May (68 days) to July (70 days). Competition is at its highest, however this race tips in favor of those who are prepared.  There are numerous opportunities to connect with past and future clients in creative ways during this season to help you stand out.

4. Summer Community Events

Once again, being involved in the community is great for establishing yourself as a local authority. If you’re located on the coast, maybe organize a beach clean up or throw a 4th of July gathering. Putting out newsletters promoting these or other local events is a great way to gain traction simultaneously for your business. You can even use photos from events for your social media or blog.

5. Run Facebook Live Stream of your Open House

Because this is the busiest season for real estate, take advantage of full open houses by filming Facebook livestreams showing all the interested buyers that have stopped by. You can even promote a raffle to pique interest and get more prospects in the door. Showing demand creates further demand. You can use these videos for future marketing strategies as well.

6. Show Appreciation to your Sphere of Influence

Throw a client appreciation local block party or BBQ in the park. This is a great gesture to acknowledge all of the people you have worked with and will help you continue gaining referrals in the future.

seasonal real estate marketing fall

Fall Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Why it's a great season to focus on your marketing strategy

3 words: Starter Home Buyers. According to Trulia, starter home inventory increases about 7% in the Fall, leading to a 4.8%-3.1% decrease in listing prices. This means starter home buyers are really stepping up their game in the Fall months. Starter homes are becoming increasingly scarce, so competition is fierce. Here are some optimal marketing ideas to take advantage of during this unique real estate season in 2019:

7. Fall Community Events

Remember to stay involved and keep your name out there. Many communities have harvest festivals, corn mazes, and other events in the fall. Sponsoring these events or volunteering is a another great opportunity for being a considerable figure in the community.

8. Stay Helpful Online

Just because the big season is over doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate. Continue to stay helpful online, sharing value-adding insights on social and your blog. Fall is a great time to follow up with your leads that have gone cold. Let them know all is not lost in terms of buying or selling just because the summer season is ending. One benefit of the fall season is that sellers get serious about finalizing a deal before the end of the year. Look for opportunities to work with this motivated niche.

On the other end of the equation, prospect for motivated buyers looking for a deal. Emphasize your expertise closing deals with sellers who will have grown tired of sitting on the market. You could even emphasize the tax benefits. Home buyers can deduct property tax and mortgage interest for a whole year’s worth of income, even if they close late in the year. It’s another perk that might motivate some off-season sellers.

8. Sell on Less Competition

Since volume is slowing down, look for ways to continue to add value to your business. Write blogs, email newsletters, and social updates educating buyers and sellers about the local fall market. Perhaps you could write about year-end home furnishing sales. This could be a big perk for late-season first-time buyers. There are both fewer properties and fewer buyers — beneficial for making a deal.  

seasonal real estate marketing winter

Winter Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Why it's a great season to focus on your marketing strategy

It's an extremely beneficial time to market to your past clients and prospects during the Winter (and holiday) season. A survey of over 500 agents done by Outbound Engine determined that less than 20% of past clients send new leads to realtors. With an average 75% of a realtor's new business coming from past clients, that's a huge opportunity that you could be missing out on, if you aren't focusing on your strategy during this seemingly quiet season for real estate. Take a look at a few of these Winter marketing ideas to keep those leads rolling in 2019!

10. Winter Community Events

Winter can be hard for many people and volunteering can be especially beneficial around this time of year. Organize a food drive, a free holiday meal, gingerbread house workshop for kids, or even a toy drive for families that can’t afford to have a holiday. Showing your community that you care is extremely important.

11. Host a Winterization Seminar/Webinar

The last thing a prospective home seller wants is busted pipes from the cold. Host a seminar in your local market for homeowners thinking of selling. Or create a webinar on an important topic and push through your online marketing channels. It’s a great way to get your name in front of home sellers and get leads into your system.

The dead of Winter is likely to be a time homeowners are acutely aware of their pain points — cramped storage, not enough room for visiting family, high heat bills, a slippery sidewalk — that may make for some motivated sellers. Houses sell all year long — you know it, but a lot of people don’t. Make the case to your home seller leads, explaining the advantages (like convenience and attention) that come from listing in the off-season.

For the holiday season, consider bringing in the experts. Host a seminar for homeowners with a professional who specializes in outdoor lighting or interior decorating.

12. Build Relationships with Partners and Suppliers

In the off-season, look for marketing opportunities outside your buyers and sellers. Give a shout-out to contractor firms for working on client repairs or home improvements. They can share on their own marketing channels. Or think about developing strategic partnerships in your area to get more listings.

13. Spread Some Holiday Cheer

Consider sending out holiday greetings. Small items such as cards, ornaments, or holiday treats are a nice gesture and keep you in the minds of your clients. Real estate marketing ideas like this all depend on what makes sense for your clients, so use tact.

14. Create a Year in Review and Send out Thank-You Notes

Send out a Year in Review newsletter to your clients. It's a great way to share your success over the past year and show authority in your industry. For everyone you’ve worked with this year, now’s a great time to send out the thank you notes. You can also use this as an opportunity to ask for referrals, reviews and testimonials. Use these reviews and testimonials on your website or in your spring marketing material.

15. Take this Time to Test Out New Strategies

The off-season is the perfect time to test out new real estate marketing ideas and strategies. The summer months are often too busy to split-test your campaigns, try out a new social platform, or organize your CRM. Winter is also a great time to reflect — what’s changing? Who’s coming? Who’s going? Use this time to find your next hyperlocal marketing niche. Perhaps you could follow up with expired listings. The end of one year and beginning of another is a key time make changes and put things in order. If you have expired listings, make a point of checking in.

Finally, remember the best marketing is the marketing you plan for. Take some time towards the end of the year to set your sights on 2020 and beyond.

 seasonal real estate marketing

Real Estate Marketing Strategies for All of 2019

16. Host a Hyperlocal Market Seminar

Many people know that spring and summer are the times to buy and sell houses, but that’s usually where their knowledge ends. Real estate leads are on the lookout for an expert to guide them through a home sale. Educate clients and prospects about the process. One way to get leads in the door is to offer a free home buyer and seller seminar with hyperlocal info. The inside scoop on the current local market is something they can’t get elsewhere.

Any time of year, first-time buyers are out there, trying to figure out where to start with their home search. Position yourself as their go-to resource in the local market. There are lot's of resources out there for first-time home buyers, but don’t neglect your first-time sellers. It’s another “first” as there’s lots to know before you sell your first home.

17. Ask for Referrals and Tout Your Rave Reviews

Think about sending out a note to past clients celebrating their home anniversaries, whether one year, five years, or ten. This is a great opportunity to ask them for reviews or testimonials. Your former clients know someone who’s been talking about trading up or putting down some roots. Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your success stories and testimonials from former clients.

18. Don't Forget Traditional and Old School

All buyers will be looking to newspapers and local real estate blogs for information and advice. So any season is a good time of year to get writing for local newspaper op-eds or blogging to showcase your local market insight. Create a press release on a big trend or original insight in the local market, and send it around to news outlets. Publishers are looking for real estate stories too and a well-crafted press release will get you free PR in print and online. Even renting billboards or having a targeted door hanging campaign for neighbors can still pique neighborhood curiosity and get more people in the door.

19. Revitalize your Online Presence

You definitely don’t want to miss any calls during any season, so make sure your website is updated — bios and contact info for new agents and assistants, phone lines, emails, etc. Likewise, make sure to update and standardize your directory listings — Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Yellowpages, Mapquest and more.

Always implement Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and consider other valuable platforms like YouTube and Medium.

Perhaps perform a site audit and remove and unhelpful website elements. Make sure your site's searchability is up to date and fix any on page SEO issues.

Try adding a community tour video or photo essay for each of your neighborhood pages to really make them shine. Buyers aren’t only buying a house, but choosing a whole community to call home.

Consider adding virtual tours to make your listings more competitive. You could use your Facebook livestream mentioned earlier in the article. Perhaps provide interested buyers with a "virtually staged home". You can virtually decorate the home in different decor style and email it toy our open house visitors. 

Some clients may like to see more substance. Consider publishing monthly market reports on your blog, if not year round, then at least during the busy season. And remember to throw in helpful, seasonal blog posts such as “tips for spring cleaning” or “staying cool while keeping electricity bills low”.

20. Review Leads

Eliminate non-converting leads from your CRM. Identify things such as duplicate leads, leads that haven't responded to any of your emails or even opened them, leads with incomplete profiles, etc. and remove them from your database. Revisit your buyer personas and make sure they are still relevant. You can determine this by sending out surveys to past clients and current leads to discover what traits they share.

Your Turn

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