A customized newsletter we’ll create to match your site that will send out automatically as long as you have new blog posts.

Your visitors can subscribe via one of the new call to actions we’ll add to your website, or they’ll be automatically subscribed when they complete one any of the forms on your website (i.e. ‘Request a Buyer Guide form’ or ‘Contact Us’ form)

Build a huge list of subscribers that will be sent high value content (YOUR content) without having to touch a thing!

3 Days

Pre-Formatted Newsletter Built to Match your Website

You heard that right – we’ll build out a completely pre-formatted Mailchimp newsletter to match your site – complete with social share and call to actions that direct back to your website.

Sends on a Schedule, Pulls Directly from your Blog

Basically – this will scan your site once a day, week, or month, and look for any new blog posts (in general or only for posts assigned to a specific category) and send them out at a specific time. By default we’ll set this to scan your site once a week, to be sent out every Sunday at 9am. We setup every aspect and when we’re done we’ll give you the MailChimp login information (same as the login info for your site with us) in case you need to manually enter anyone, or if you want to view the stats from sent campaigns (which Mailchimp does really well, in terms of telling you how many opens, clicks, etc etc) but for the most part everything is on auto-pilot.

Automated Opt-in

Your Agentfire site by default comes loaded with lots of lead capture and call to action forms.

We’ll add automatic opt-in conditions to all of these forms – so that for example – when someone on your website requests a buyer guide, or fills out your contact form, they’ll be automatically added to your growing list of newsletter subscribers!

Additional Calls to Action

We’ll setup an additional ‘sign up for our newsletter’ call to action on all of your blog pages, as well as a special popup call to action that will trigger when users have finished reading one of your posts.