Full Preview of AgentFire’s 2018 Q1 Features!

Nelson Cuesta here - and man, I’m excited - 2018 is a new dawn for AgentFire, we’re positioned to absolutely steamroll into the new year with all of the great features that we’re set to release.

New Features & Updates

Nelson Cuesta
Founder & CEO

Audio Transcription:

So let’s not waste any time - let’s get right into it.

First up, one of the features I’m most excited about - AF Lead Forms™If you guys are running Facebook or Google Marketing campaigns, you are going to absolutely love this.  AF Lead Forms, will easily be the most powerful lead form solution in the industry - that’s a big statement, so let’s go ahead and back it up. AF Lead forms will be available for use in any lead page, regular page, post, :) and a few other new features which I’ll mention shortly, since I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Each Lead Form can be customized to show login options using Facebook  -  Google  - and good ol fashioned email. 

You can toggle any of these on or off, which comes in really handy. Let’s say you’re running a Facebook marketing campaign to one of your lead pages - pretty safe bet that all of the traffic is going to have Facebook accounts - so maybe you should only show the Facebook button on those lead forms.

But Nelson, what if I want to collect phone numbers as well? So, normally with Facebook and Google opt in buttons, you can only connect name and email - that’s their rules, not ours.  But rules are meant to be broken.. unless we’re talking about AgentFire’s terms of service... anyway, with AF Lead Forms, if you want to capture phone numbers with social buttons, just choose the ‘Social Login, 2 Step Option’ - make phone number ‘optional’ or ‘required’ - and voila - you’ll capture their name and email when they click the login button - and then their phone number in a second step!

If you need a ‘specialty’ form, we’ve also got general contact, newsletter optin, buyer and seller guide, and schedule a call form options. AF lead forms also have loads of style and positioning options so they’ll look fantastic regardless of where they’re being placed on your website - and we’ve even added ‘advanced’ styling options for power users - As if we would ever release a new feature that wasn’t drop dead gorgeous!

AF Lead Forms also has a great ‘tagging’ system that you can use to better identify leads when managing them in AF Lead Manager or 3rd party CRMs like LionDesk or FollowupBoss

Now, speaking of leads, we’ve also built a brand new way to manage leads within your AgentFire website - introducing AF Lead Manager™With AF Lead Manager™, you’ll be able to manage all of your website leads from one centralized location. You’ll see exactly where leads came from, when they came in, view lead details, add notes, and much more.

The big strength of the new system is in its ability to seamlessly integrate with leading 3rd party CRM’s like LionDesk, FollowupBoss, Mailchimp and more added every month - all in just a few clicks!

Now this next feature has been in development for close to 6 months - and we’re just weeks away from release -Drumroll please :drumroll sound:

Feast your eyes on the brand new REV CTA™ 3.0! With REV CTA 3.0, every single CTA has been rebuilt from the ground up, with massive improvements across the board. We’ve built a brand new Schedule a Call CTA, which also now features integration with Calendly, as well as Facebook Messenger.

Our Buyer and Seller guide CTA’s now have tons of new options, including popup, slide in, and full screen options.

Check out our brand new social CTA’s - like our Facebook Business page follow CTA - or our social locker CTA, that will actually lock your posts or page with social logins, so you can capture even more leads. 

We’ve also got brand new newsletter optin CTA’s, email alerts, and much more.

This same system will also be powering new CTA’s within some of our most popular add-on features, like AF Home Values, AF Area Guides, and AF Listings.

And see those forms? Yeah, those are all powered by AF Lead Forms, the same AF Lead Forms we just covered - which means you’ll be able to choose which optin methods to show, add tags, and everything else that comes with AF Lead Forms.

We’ve also completely revamped the targeting system so it’s easier than ever target your CTA’s to specific pages or posts within your AgentFire website.  ETA on this one is mid to late January.

Next up, AF Listings™ 3.0 - another feature that’s been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Now, I’m going to level with you guys for a second, This is the feature here at AgentFire that’s been most due for a complete overhaul. The front-end of the previous system looked great, but the admin experience was an absolute disaster, and we heard you - when I think about that admin before going to sleep, I don’t sleep well.

And welp, now I’m sleeping like a baby. Now that could be because I’ve eliminated blue light at night, increased my magnesium intake - started meditating - and added a 30 minute sauna sessions before bedtime... but I think the real reason I’m sleeping better is AF Listings 3.0.

Starting with the admin experience - AF Listings 3.0 will now use the same powerful ‘Cornerstone’ front-end, visual editor, you’ve seen featured throughout this video - So you’ll see your changes reflected in real-time.

Front-end editing is the future - and AgentFire is going to be leveraging our Cornerstone front-end visual editor more and more into our features.

We noticed that personal listing pages get a ton of mobile traffic - which is why AF Listings 3.0 was built mobile first - to ensure the best possible experience across all device sizes. Our new property detail pages are gorgeous - and you can setup a full screen property website in just a single click!

When it comes to capturing leads, we’ve got you covered as well with 2 killer features:

First - we’re making open house registration easier than ever. All you have to do is enter the time and date for the open house, enable the open house CTA - and boom, your open house CTA will show along with countdown timer up until the actual open house time.

Second, we’ll be adding a ‘social locker’ option to these pages as well so that you can capture more leads when marketing your listings  on Facebook.

ETA on AF Listings 3.0 is currently end of January.

Now, rounding out the list of updates, we’ve got two more features that are slated for February Releases.

First, AF Team Members, which is a complete rebuild of our team members system, featuring:

Greatly enhanced contact options for site visitors - including phone, email, and Facebook messenger for team members with Facebook profiles.

And, Complete integration with our AF Listings and AF Testimonials features - you’ll see that team member profile pages can now feature individual agent listings as well as their testimonials.

The integrations go both ways, as individual Listings can be attributed to the individual team members, and much more... our new stuff talks to each real nice

And lastly, we’re also working on a brand new AF Testimonials. The new system still integrates with Zillow Reviews, and will benefit from a number of improved styling options - now including video testimonials. 

It’ll also now be easier than ever to add testimonials anywhere on your site when editing using the… you guessed it, cornerstone front-end visual editor we that mentioned earlier.

Now the last thing I wanted to mention it’s actually a service - we have now officially launched our AgentFire Marketeer PPC services, and we’re getting incredible results for our clients. If you’re looking to make 2018 a big year, make sure to check out the Marketeer PPC services page on our website for more information.

And make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to check out the massive case study we just released about the tremendous success we had generating over $50k in commissions for just $2k of adspend in one of the most competitive markets  in the entire USA.

We’ve got MASSIVE plans for all of 2018 - this sneak peak just covers the first few months!!

From everyone here at AgentFire, to our clients, both present and future, here’s to making 2018 an absolute knockout year, together.  

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