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Becoming a real estate broker brings more career options, a higher earning potential, but also higher liabilities. Is it worth the effort becoming a broker, or are you better off staying as a real estate salesperson?
LionDesk is an excellent CRM that gives you all the customer data management tools you need. And thanks to Spark Sites' LionDesk integration, you can have the best of both worlds: an amazing website built to dominate your hyperlocal market, and one of the best real-estate-focused CRMs.
FSBO's can be a gold mine for real estate agents if approached the right way. Let's take a look at 4 FSBO scripts to help you convert them into leads.
Most home buyers start their property search online. This is possible thanks to a technology called IDX. Learn what exactly is IDX, and why it's an essential tool for your real estate success.
Your time is a very precious and limited resource. A virtual assistant can help you get more done so you can focus on more important activities. Here are 11 tasks your assistant can take over for you.
Do you have clients that want a larger home? Help them understand what to expect with as little pain as possible with our free (and editable) upsizing guide. Our guide can be easily turned into a click magnet or informative pdf for your contacts in your sphere of influence.
Help your clients be better equipped to find the best possible real estate deals with our free, editable guide. Our guide can easily be used to attract more leads to your website, or an informative PDF guide you can distribute to your clients to keep them engaged.
Want to attract more real estate leads but don't want to spend a fortune? Check out these 5 effective (and free) ways to generate real estate leads.
Do you focus on the first-time homebuyer niche? Then download our Essential Guide for First Time Home Buyers. From getting your financial ducks in a row to searching for a home in the right price range, this guide covers all the essentials your clients need to know before they dive into homeownership.
Do you have any clients that are downsizing? Then download our “How to downsize as smoothly as possible” guide. It's free and editable.