Enhance Your Real Estate Content With AI Content Writing Tools

Enhance Your Real Estate Content With AI Content Writing Tools

AI has found its place in the real estate industry: content writing! AI Writing Tools make real estate content faster and more precise, but not without some downfalls.

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Real estate agents are educated to sell homes – not write mounds of content. AI content writing tools (also called AI content writers) allow users to cut down on time spent creating content without significantly losing quality and accuracy. 

AI is a powerful tool to speed up, enhance, and simplify your digital written content. However, every digital tool has its downside where human intervention becomes necessary.

We’ll take a look at what an AI content writer is and how real estate agents can use them to aid in content development without compromising high-quality results. 

What is an AI Content Writer?

An AI content writer is a computer program that creates content based on suggestions from the user. The user can not only provides the AI writer with the subject matter but the style and format that the content should be written in. The tool then creates the final result based on the input given and existing online content that is used as a reference. 

Why or Why not to Use AI to Write Content?

What AI writers can do is increase writing speed (a huge benefits form time-restricted real estate agents). Plus, AI generated content is more likely to be error free. Additionally, AI content writers come with many different tools and functions. 

However, AI writers are not perfect machines. There are many details that these tools can’t take care of.

Publish More in Less Time

AI allows agents to increase content output without increasing hours spent researching and putting together blogs. 

Additionally, AI can suggest ideas to help boost creativity and productivity in your writing. With extra help from AI, agents can free up time to revise and enhance posts once the ‘meat’ of the content is there. AI assistance also expands beyond content ideas; AI can provide suggestions for word count and structure as well.  

Higher Cost

When we refer to cost, we don’t only mean financial. Any new tool requires some type of time investment to learn how to use it. Every AI tool works differently, and in order to make the most out of the features each offers, you’ll have to find a style of using them that compliments your work flow and goals. For example, ChatGPT requires explicit input in the form of hints or questions, while Grammarly automatically scans and reads text on a page. 

Most AI content writers have a monthly costs depending on the quantity and type of work you need done. Tools that are currently free such as ChatGPT, will also soon require a monthly subscription cost. 

Accuracy and Human Touch

It’s been argued that AI content is preferred over human-written content because it is free of human biases or preconceived notions. However, research and ongoing practice with AI has proven this assumption to be untrue. Because AI sources information from pre existing databases, it often replicates biases and beliefs that already exist in the industry and society. 

Always revise AI-written content before publishing it. Misinformation can negatively affect your readers and potential and current clients. Plus, clients want to hear your unique perspective and opinion. Add your own personal touch to each piece of AI-generated content.

ChatGPT AI content writing

Top AI Content Writing Tools for Real Estate

Some tools such as Grammarly help with phrasing, syntax, and spelling, while others like Word Tune help with phrasing and flow. Some, such as Jasper and Chat GPT, will write entire pieces of content based on the input you give them. 


This AI helper is one of the most popular of its kind. Jasper is an immersive content writing tool that can produce full texts with the right prompts. The tool also offers over 50 templates for different types of texts including property listings and social posts. 

The biggest benefits for agents are the speed of content creation, a large range of languages, and optimizing for digital platforms. 


ChatGPT has been making huge waves in the digital world. This tool uses user prompts and scans a wealth of online information to create specific texts for you. Results can be tweaked by altering your command or adding guiding details such as a “professional voice” or “in as few words as possible”. 

As quick and efficient as it is, ChatGPT is not without its flaws. It can gather incorrect information once in a while or misunderstand a command. Double check ChatGPT content before publishing. 


Rather than writing an entire post, Grammarly helps to improve the readability and conciseness of your content. 

One of the advantages of this tool is that it corrects your writing as you go. Users have a choice of writing in the interface or installing the browser extension. 


WordTune is a Google Chrome extension that uses AI technology to help professionals construct or rewrite sentences to improve the quality of communication. As a user is writing, suggestions will pop up to improve as they go. 


This SEO supertool aims to relieve writers of the SEO responsibilities that many chronically dislike. Keyword research, strategies to rank higher, and competitor benchmarks are only a few of SEO-focused benefits of SEO AI. 

AI generated content mapping for real estate

How to Use AI Writing Tools For Digital Real Estate Content

For your real estate website specifically, an AI content writer to assist you with:

Property Listings

Most agents agree that writing property listings is a task they would happily hand off. Either they invest loads of time into the task or rush the writing and produce sloppy text that doesn’t showcase their properties to their fullest potential. 

With AI, all realtors have to do is enter basic information about a property (number of rooms, unique features, renovation) and instruct an AI tool such as Jasper or ChatGPT to write a property listing. Alternatively, users can write up an outline of a property description and use auxiliary tools like WordTune to make sure it is as clear and streamlined as possible. 


Start with an Outline 

The first step of putting together any written piece is to know what you want to talk about, who you are talking to, and what you want them to do after reading your work. If you are looking for some surefire real estate-related ideas, check out these 72 blog topics


Scan trustworthy on and offline resources to gather information about your chosen topic and encourage the action you want readers to take. For example, an article about tips for first-time homebuyers can lead to a CTA to sign up for your email list in order to receive more relevant information. 

Provide Structure Guidelines

Consider the order in which you want your main points to appear. Most articles pull the reader in with an interesting first line, tell the reader what the article is about, and then move into specific body paragraphs to guide the reader to a final conclusion. 


Using the outline and broad information you’ve gathered, begin to expand on each individual section and allow AI such as WordTune or to provide suggestions for how to improve. With more immersive software such as ChatGPT, provide prompts for each section of your outline. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to “come up with three points about why to sell in the summer” and use those points to frame an article encouraging readers to sell their homes with you during warmer months. 

Refine and Add Media

Once the bulk of the content is generated, go over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure all of the information is accurate and reflective of your true perspective. 

Finally, add images and refine SEO details such as links, keyword usage, meta descriptions etc. Read this article for everything you need to know about SEO

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Social Media Post Captions 

Not sure what to include in your social media post caption? Tools such as ChatGPT can analyze an image and recommend relevant captions and hashtags. This includes identifying objects, locations, and even people in the image, and suggesting the perfect caption based on that content. 

To further customize captions for your audience, tell ChatGPT a bit about your users, their interests, and digital habits. AI will use this information to create captions that are more likely to resonate with your unique audience. 


AI is a valuable tool for helping agents consistently create rich content in a variety of forms. With an understanding of how AI can help and the limitations of AI-generated content, real estate agents can amp up their content creation quickly. 

There are few modern tools that have offered the ability to access information as quickly and produce high-quality writing as easily. 

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