How to Downsize as Smoothly as Possible [free editable guide]

How to Downsize as Smoothly as Possible [free editable guide]

Do you have any clients that are downsizing? Then download our “How to downsize as smoothly as possible” guide. It's free and editable.

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Misael Lizarraga
Senior Content Coordinator

Downsizing has a lot of benefits. Lower housing expenses, less time spent on cleaning and maintenance, and potentially more time to do the things your clients want.

With around 10,000 baby boomers retiring each and every day, it’s easy to see downsizing as a phenomenon that mostly affects older folks with diminishing mobility. But that’s simply not the (full) truth.

Every stage of adult life brings about compelling reasons to downsize:

  1. Young adults moving in with their partners or roommates may need to get rid of duplicate items. 
  2. Empty-nesters may find themselves in a home that’s too big for them and could consider moving to a smaller home. 
  3. Many retirees are sick of stairs, or have limited mobility, and look for a home that’s more convenient for their needs.

In fact, there’s a good chance that many of your clients used your services in order to downsize to smaller homes.

Do you have any clients that are going through a downsizing? Or do you focus on the downsizing market, and you want to attract more traffic to your website? Then click the button below to access our “How to downsize as smoothly as possible” guide.

To copy this guide, make sure you copy and paste all of the contents into a new Google Doc.

This guide covers 7 steps your clients can take to help make their downsizing process as smooth as possible.

From preemptive steps they can take months in advance, to strategies to make the process as least stressful as possible, this guide is extremely valuable for anyone looking to downsize.

This guide can easily be turned into a click magnet, or simply a guide to provide as a freebie to delight your clients.

To learn how to edit this guide, and turn it into a high-quality pdf, check out this short tutorial video.

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