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In addition to our AgentFire Area Content System™, HomeJunction is also supplying the data for our AgentFire Home Values™ valuation algorithm, for incredibly accurate valuations!

If all they entered was their address, we’ll still capture that and send it to you for direct marketing.

With our full-lead converter system, we’ll turn partial leads into full leads with a +80% success rate!

*Adds $60/month and includes 100 leads converted per month – additional leads are $.35/ea – you are only charged for partial leads that are successfully converted into full leads.

Consistent with the level of quality you’ve grown to expect with AgentFire – each step of our home valuation system has been meticulously analyzed & designed to ensure we keep that prospect moving through until they reach the final step!

Prospects that complete the form will actually receive an email report containing all of the information on their property, along with a customizable greeting. The final step has a large customizable call to action section and you can even upload a custom video CTA touting your services and expertise!

Consistent with modern best practice – we’ve added the option for prospects to ‘login’ using their Google or Facebook profiles – great if you’re running Adwords or Facebook Marketing!

Some data may not be available in certain non-disclosure states including: Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming.

If you are located in one of those states please try our demo before purchasing!

For existing clients!

Are you an existing client who would like to purchase this addon? If so, please follow these three easy steps.

1 Log into your Spark Site

Go to the login page of your Spark Site and enter in the user and password you created when signing up.

2 Click on the marketplace link

At the top of your dashboard you will see a link in the navigation for your account’s marketplace.

3 Add any addons you would like

Inside your marketplace you will see a list of premium and free addons you can add to your account.

Want to learn more?

Are you interested in this addon but not yet a client of ours? If so, feel free to book in a demo with a product specialist.