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Blog Assist Pro


Includes (4) Articles Per Month!

📝 Get fresh, expertly written & highly informative blog posts posted to your site each week!


$5 Per Article!

Because this is a shared resource, we're able to source the best writers for only $5/article for our clients!

Auto-Post or Draft

Have blogs auto-post, or post as drafts so you can edit them and add your own unique value!

Social Syndication

Ask our support team to setup auto syndication to your favorite social networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Blog Assist Pro you will receive a new pre-written article every week that is ready to publish on your site. You will find these articles inside of your Blog Assist tool and can also set them to auto publish if you would like.

Anything! They are yours to use. These articles are perfect to share on your social media pages, use in your email drips, and include in your marketing campaigns to help show your Real Estate expertise. By having fresh articles on your site every week you can better engage your audience and turn them into leads.

Since this is a shared resource, these articles will not be 100% unique to you. However, with a few tweaks you can make these articles relevant for your business and your local market. To leverage these articles for SEO you should edit their Yoast settings, adjust some of the copy for your hyper local market, and add some hyper local keywords to the title, and description.

Yes. Once they are published on your site they are yours. This means if you do cancel your subscription to this addon, all published articles will remain on your site and you can request to export them if you would like!

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We have made our platform super easy to use so you will be able drive results by even investing a couple hours into your website each week!

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Existing Clients

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