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Create unique clickable maps for your local real estate market!


5 clickable zones included
Additional zones:
This link will bring you to the ‘optional’ form for this addon in your new client area – just fill out the form and we’ll reach out after it’s received to confirm billing and get this setup for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to first check examples below in the gallery – which also include the total cost per map so you’ll have an idea – Our custom maps are perfect for offering a user friendly visual guide for your local niche or target demographic, all while demonstrating you as the local area epert – each clickable zone can link directly to listings, an area page, or anywhere else!

All maps have a base cost of $350 which includes up to (5) clickable zones. The reality of these maps is that each one needs to be quoted out by one of our designers as each one presents varying degrees of complexity, however in addition to the image examples above, we’ll try to break down the formula behind our quote process below to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Quotes are generally based on Additional Zones and Additional Details.

Additional Zones: ‘Zones’ refer to the individual clickable areas on the map – our core setup includes up to 5 clickable Zones with additional zones priced at $25/each.

Additional Details: Some clients want a simple, minimalist graphic representing their Map area – others want graphics and maps that have additional details (such as waterways, landmarks, military bases etc) or other nuances that require more time to design and implement and are thus subject to additional quote.

Colorado Springs Military Homes

Total Cost: $1150

Cost Brakedown: $350 base cost + $375 additional zones (16) + $350 extra details + $100 Price Mouseovers (21 @ $5/each)

This is a heavy duty map! In addition to additional zones (+$375, 16 zones @$25/ea), this client also wanted to show details like trees, mountains, a few landmarks, a map legend to showcase areas with ‘front range’ and ‘pikes peak’ views, as well as custom graphic clickable map markers for each of the individual military bases (they are a brokerage specializing in military relocation) – we quoted all of these extra details at +$375. One final detail was to show price ranges for each area via mouseover effect, which we quoted at $5 for each area (+$105).

Kauai Real Estate Solutions

Total Cost: $350

This was very straightforward – 5 included zones and no cost for extra details.

Prince & Associates Realty

Total Cost: $975

Cost Breakdown: $350 base cost + $300 for 12 additional zones + $125 for additional details + $200 for the legend.

Stylish 17 zones map of the Long Island, featuring important transit routes and a few landmarks. Client also opted for the legend with additional information.