100% Custom Interactive Maps For Your Unique Market


5 clickable zones included
Additional zones:

🗺 Provide your visitors with a unique, visual guide to the areas you serve!

Stand out from Zillow and your competitors while simultaneously demonstrating hyperlocal expertise!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any of the clickable elements (areas, landmarks etc.) can be linked directly to corresponding area pages, IDX pages, or anywhere else you’d like!

Every map is subject to quote which is why we ask you to fill out a form to learn more about your unique vision!

We quote all Clickmaps based on the following formula:

  • Each Clickmap has a base cost $350 which includes up to (5) clickable zones
  • Additional zones are $25/per.
  • Additional details (such as trees, landmarks, highway markers, map legend etc.) is subject to quote based on a time estimate from the designer. 
  • Mouseovers (custom text shown when hovering over a clickable zone) are $5/each. 

As you’ll see from the examples below, the only real limit is your imagination… and how much space we have on the page 😁. 

Some of the most requested ‘details’ are map legends, trees, rivers, highway markers and local landmarks. 

Colorado Springs Military Homes

Total Cost: $1150

Cost Breakdown: $350 (base cost) + $375 (16 additional zones) + $450 (extra details) 

For this map, our client requested lots of additional details such as trees and mountain ranges (which are explained via a Map Legend to show what sort of views you can expect from properties in those areas) they also requested unique map markers for military bases (since they specialize in military relocation). 

Kauai Real Estate Solutions

Total Cost: $350

Cost Breakdown: $350 (base cost)

A beautiful minimalist example.

Prince & Associates Realty

Total Cost: $975

Cost Breakdown: $350 (base cost) + $300 (12 additional zones) + $225 (additional details)

Client requested a map featuring local highways, landmarks, and a map legend.