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Instant, personalized home valuations using local market data!

Home Values


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Home Values + Lead Converter


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What makes Home Values great?

Ultra modern, blazing fast, and highly accurate thanks to home value data provided by Home Junction. To see this tool in action, just click on the button below to launch the demo.

For those who live in Canada or a Non-Disclosure State (AK, ID, KS, LA, MS, MT, NM, ND, TX, UT, WY) – some data may not be available to you. However, for any address that cannot produce an automated report, our tool will prompt you to send a manual AVM.

What is our full lead converter?

🏡 This option adds our “Full Lead Converter” feature, which converts partial leads (where the visitor only entered their address) into full leads (name, phone, email) with 80%+ success!

*$68/mo includes 100 leads converted per month – additional leads are $.35/ea – you are only charged for partial leads that are successfully converted into full leads.

Instant Value Reports

These reports powered by Home Junction include home estimates and comparable solds.

Automated Emails

Not only will a seller's report generate instantly, but a copy will automatically be sent to their email too.

Social Optins

Our lead forms come with options for Email, Facebook, and Google (with phone number).

Backup Forms

If no data can be found for an address, a lead form will be prompted to request a manual AVM.

Interactive Map

Ditch the generic landing pages. Our Home Values tool allows your visitors to search on a interactive map.

PPC Optimized

Looking to a run a Home Values PPC ad? Our landing pages already come optimized to convert!

Let's talk about adding Home Values™ to your AgentFire package!

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I plan on investing time into my website!

We have made our platform super easy to use so you will be able drive results by even investing a couple hours into your website each week!

*Best suited for agents and smaller budgets.

I prefer to have my website managed!

If you are already juggling so much that you don't have time to manage a website, let us know so that we can help you with that!

*Best suited for those who have larger budgets.

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After we complete the initial setup of your website, our design team will help you customize it further with up to 8 hours of custom design time.

Existing Clients

Are you an existing client who wants Home Values™? Then follow these 3 easy steps. 
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Log into your Spark Site

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Click the ‘Marketplace’ link from your dashboard

Addon Modal Number 3

Choose ‘Home Values™’ from the list 😊

Future Clients

Book a demo to learn more about Home Values™ & AgentFire! 👇