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Incredible downsizing drip campaign

Luke Belcourt
Product Growth Manager
Drip campaigns are an essential component of a real estate pipeline. A quality drip can help you automate your nurturing process and turn more leads into clients. The hard part is putting together a solid drip that can get you better results!

At AgentFire, we have managed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of PPC ad spend for our clients and some of the most successful campaigns we have ran  revolved around our downsizing strategies.

We have helped clients like Janie Howard see huge returns on their investment using these campaigns and today I want to share with you the drip sequence that helped us get her there!

Now to start using our downsizing drip campaign in your favorite CRM -  simply click the link below and download the PDF guide.

But before you do, here are a few takeaways you will want to make note of if you are going to be customizing this drip:

1. Embrace the hyper-local
Segmenting your list is key. You can identify these groups based off of things like the area they live in or different home types. Segmenting your list will allow you to not only better deliver the content that those leads are more interested in, but also customize it in a way that speak more directly to them.

2. Be relatable
Templated emails often come off as very stiff. So in yours, try and make sure that you add a bit of your own personality so it feels more organic. You understand your audience better than anyone… use that!

3. Keep on top of your drips
As leads begin to respond to your emails make sure you update them in your CRM so they are not sent redundant emails. Nothing looks worse than someone letting you know they have received your offering and then the next day an automatic follow up email gets sent out asking the same question!

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