Write Expired Listing Real Estate Scripts Like an Expert

Write Expired Listing Real Estate Scripts Like an Expert

In this article, we take a look at all the elements you need for a successful real estate script as well as a few example scripts and 5 common objections.

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Misael Lizarraga
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Prospecting is an essential part of the life of a real estate professional. And a classic way of prospecting is by picking up the phone and doing some cold calling.

Cold calling scripts prepared in advance help to keep the conversation going, reducing awkward pauses and helping you pitch yourself in a way that really interests and inspires your clients.

The rate of cold calling success often means choosing the phone numbers that are most likely to lead to new clients or deals and having scripts that clearly outline your most sellable qualities and services in a helpful solution-oriented way.

And when it comes to cold calling, we usually see 2 groups of people. Those who rely on scripts and credit their success to the quality of their scripts, and agents who hate scripts and find them annoying, artificial, and constraining. 

But here’s the thing: scripts can be VERY useful. Even if you ultimately decide not to hold a piece of paper with your script on it, it can still serve as a helpful outline that will help you gather your thoughts and plan more effective prospecting calls.

The top-preforming scripts you will find below are easily adaptable to common real estate scenarios. While they are best for cold calling or email, they can be shortened and made to fit SMS messages.

man using script

Elements Of A Good Real Estate Cold Calling Script

  1. It Gets Your Listener’s Guard Down Right Away

Whenever you do cold calling, you’re gonna be reaching out to people who weren’t expecting you. You are in fact interrupting whatever they were doing and forcing them to talk to you. This is especially the case with expired listing scripts or clients who had no plans of selling.

And with so many scammers out there calling people every day, you can see why most people you cold call are going to be defensive. 

So right at the start of your script, you need to add something that helps build rapport, and helps your listener feel more at ease with you.

How can you do so? An easy way is to immediately give them your name and the reason why you’re calling.

It’s not usually a good idea to hide the fact that you’re a real estate agent. If you’re calling a for sale by owner (FSBO) or a recently expired listing, you’re going to deal with someone that gets called by agents all the time.

However, it’s not just what you say that matters. It’s also how you say it. As you greet the person on the other side, don’t do so in the robotic tone, overly rehearsed tone. 

Speak like a real person, and don’t use words and expressions you wouldn’t use yourself in real life. And if you can, use a little bit of humor. Humor is the perfect antidote to defensiveness.

couple home owners

  1. It Makes Your Listener The Center Of Attention

We all love talking about ourselves and the things we care about. So an easy way to build rapport with your prospects is to get them talking about themselves.

An easy way to do so is by asking them to tell you about their homes. Ask them to tell you about what they like the most about their home, as well as details about it such as it’s size, number of bedrooms, nearby amenities, etc.

Once you get the conversation going, you can also ask them how quickly they need to sell, whether they already have a place to go, as well as the reason why they need to sell their home.

Not only will this conversation make them feel more at ease with you, but if you pay close attention, your prospect will provide you with plenty of valuable insight about their pain points, motivation, and expectations; details that will help you make the case that you’re the right agent for the job.

  1. It Gives Something Of Value Before It Ask For Something In Return

In the book “Influence: Science and Practice”, psychology professor Robert Cialdini discusses 6 principles of influence. One of those principles is reciprocation. 

This principle states that in social situations when someone gives us something of value, we are inclined to return something else of value.

In other words, if a person does you a favor, you’re much more likely to return the favor.

You can use the reciprocity principle to your advantage in your cold calling script. Before you ask your prospect for an in-person meeting, make sure you provide something of value first.

Sympathize with their pain

  1. It Sympathizes With Their Pain… 

Selling a home is a frustrating, difficult, and highly emotional process for homeowners. They need someone who understands what they’re going through and reassures them. In fact, it’s the main reason why they hire a real estate agent to help them go through the process.

They are frustrated with the whole system and need someone who understands. So if you sympathize in a real and heartfelt way, they will feel understood, and they will be more likely to trust you.

Flushing money down the toilet

  1. …However, It Addresses The Cost Of Not Selling Their Home Right Away 

Pain (or the expectation of pain) is a huge incentive in making us take action. This is why it can be very effective to remind your prospect about what they stand to lose if they don’t sell their home right away. These costs can be having to pay monthly mortgage payments, property taxes, delay of moving, and not being able to purchase their next home.

Of course, don’t just leave them with a reminder of their pain point. Provide them with a solution to that pain point, which in this case is using your services.

  1. It Provides A CLEAR Call To Action

The most important part of any real estate script is the call to action since this is the portion that will advance your interests and help you meet your goal. In this case, your goal is to get a listing appointment.

Convince your prospect to agree to an in-person (or virtual meeting over Zoom) appointment. And to avoid analysis paralysis and make it easier for them to agree, provide two choices. For example, you could say “do you want to meet on Tuesday at 4pm or Thursday at 4:00 pm?”

Don't give up too easily

  1. It Doesn’t Take A “No” As An End Of The Conversation

Real estate is a numbers game, so you’re going to face a lot of rejection.

But don’t take a “no” as a cue to immediately end your call. Push to get a listing appointment, or at least a chance to meet in person. And if that fails, ask for permission to stay in touch and continue to provide value to your prospect.

Ok, now that we have those guidelines out of the way, let’s take a look at 3 scripts you can start using today.

Circle Prospecting

Circle prospecting is all about sharing your influence in a specific area. The idea is that you have useful, hyperlocal information that you are eager to share and a formal reason why you are calling prospects out of the blue.

With the right approach, circle prospecting can bring in real estate leads, referrals, and valuable information that can help you meet other clients and make other sales in the same neighborhood.

The challenging part is that you often don’t know the exact thought process of the person on the other end of the phone. They could be moving, selling, comfortable in their space, selling or none of the above. For this reason, it’s best to create circle scirpts that are not too specific and allow for flexibility based on each situation.

Hi, I’m (your name here) with (your brokerage name). We just listed a home for sale in your neighborhood on (listing address). 

Our experience has been that in most cases, the buyers of a home come from the home seller’s friend, family members, acquaintances, or neighbors in the same neighborhood.

Since we’re doing whatever we can to get your neighbor’s home, I wanted to ask if you know someone looking to move into your neighborhood?

Do you have any plans on moving?

How long have you lived in this home?

And where did you live before that?

How did you pick this community?

Are you thinking about moving somewhere else?

How soon do you see yourself there?

(if they answer 6 months or less, continue)

I’m sure you already know, but in our current market, it can easily take around 6 months to get a home prepared, marketed, and sold.

So would you prefer to have your home sold around 6 months from today, or would you rather start the selling process in 6 months?

If you want to get the process early and make it easier to coordinate with your move, we can get together and discuss your options. Would Wednesday or Thursday at (time) work for you?

For Sale By Owner

When speaking with the owner, ask them questions to understand thier “why” for listing without a real estate agent. Don’t talk money right away, instead focus on how much time and effort you can save them while getting them a better deal because of your skillset. It is especially important to build trust with these clients as they may already have a negative view of real estate agents.

Hi, this is (name) from (brokerage). I’m looking for the owner of the house.

(This is the owner)

I’m a real estate professional that specializes in (area name). I’m giving you a call because one of my main responsibilities is to know where all the houses for sale are in our area. That way I can help the buyers I represent to find the home they’re looking for.

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your home?

(Sure. Go ahead)

I drove by your For Sale by Owner sign, and found your ad at (Zillow, the newspaper, the internet, Facebook, etc.). It mentioned that your home has (#) bedrooms and (#) bathrooms. I saw the pictures, but I wanted to get a few specifics.

How big are the bedrooms? Would they be large enough for a family with two young children?

What can you tell me about the kitchen? Was it remodeled recently?

What about the bathrooms?

What can you tell me about the yard?

How’s the neighborhood? Is it safe to walk around at night? How are the schools? Is it a good place for a growing family?

Is there anything else I should know about it?

How much are you asking for the home?


It sounds like you have a really nice home. If it’s not too much to ask, why are you selling it?

Do you already have a home to move to? What area is it in?

So what attracted you to that area?

How much is that home going for?

Ok, so you mentioned that you’re asking $xxx,xxx for your home. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you determine your sale price?

I’m asking because there are several homes similar to yours in the area. For instance, there’s (mention a couple of comparable properties in the area) So what are you doing to market your home in a way that can compete with those?

Do you need to sell this home before you can move to your new one?

I understand that you’re selling your home on your own for a reason. And you know what? I can respect that. But I have to ask. If there was any advantage of using me as an agent to market your home, and it got you a higher sales price, would you be against it?

(No. But I don’t want to pay 6% in commission. I just want to get it sold.)

It sounds like you have a lot on your mind right now, and you probably have a ton of things you need to do.

While I can’t solve every problem you have to deal with, I think I can help you sell you ease your mind when it comes to selling your home.

Why don’t we meet for a short 20 minutes conversation and show you how I can help you sell your home faster and at a price where the commission won’t be an issue?

I’ll be upfront with you. If I can make that happen, I’ll let you know. But if I can’t, I’ll let you know as well. How does that sound?

(Well, ok. Come over and we’ll see.)

I’m available on Tuesday at 3 PM and Wednesday at 4 PM. Which one works for you?

(Tuesday at 3 PM is fine).

The Hot Market Script

Hot market scripts should focus on creating a sense of urgency and exclusive opportunity that your clients can take advantage of.

Here’s a more sales-focused script you can present to hot-market prospects:

Hello, my name is ____ and I work with ____. We connected about a year ago when you were thinkig about listing your current home and moving into something comfortable for your growing family. Did you already find the perfect property for you?

I am to reaching out because there’s currently a huge demand for homes of your size, in your neighborhood and I have several properties bin mind that have a lot of the features you and I discussed before we put things on the back burner. Are you ready to take advantage of your home’s selling potential?

I’d love to hear about where things are at for you now and how I can help!

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Heating Up Cold Internet leads

Internet leads can be easier than other leas because you will usually already have some information about them. For example, if they used your Home Values tool , you’ll know what properties they were interested in or what other real estate concerns they have.

Following up on internet leads is an advantage over cold-calling. You’ll already have had some type of contact with your lead. Analytics will show you the behaviour of your typical viewers such as how much time they spent on each page and which links they clicked on.

“I was thinking about our past conversations and I don’t believe you ever bought that home you were looking for? How is it going? I…”

Then let your voice trail off.

If a potential buyer inquires about a certain property, you should immediately direct the conversation. Give clients the main points and allow them to ask questions. You may not know everything about every single listing, but reassure the prospect that you’ll get the answer to them and move the discussion towards planning your next meeting.

Consider questions such as:

  • When would you like to see the property?
  • What else has caught your eye?
  • What do you like most about this property?

Open House Leads

The great thing about open house leads is that you already have a clear idea of what type of property they are looking for, where they are interested in looking, and their budget, before even speaking with them face to face. If someone has visited one of your open houses, this creates a great opening to give them a call and see if you can help them find the dream home they are looking for.

Are there things about this property that appeal to you? Things that you dislike? I have a few properties in mind that you might like in [neighborhood], as well as another open house at [address].

Alternatively, you can prepare a script for attendees of your open houses. Give peorple a reason to sign in with their contact information by articulating that you will share valuable information with them when relevant. Have this short conversation also builds rapport instead of just saying “hi” and “bye” when guests come and go.

“I’d be happy to keep you in the loop with any updates on this property and let you know when similar properties come on the market. I know it can be hard to stay on top of such a hot market.”

I’d love to stay in touch and make sure you’re the first to know about any new properties before they come onto the market.”

Giving up on Expired Listing

Expired Listing Prospecting

Although it can be tempting, real estate agent scripts for expired listings should not include blame or criticize the previous agent. The seller may already be distrustful of agents, so you should focus on an improvement you can offer to encourage the owner to look at selling with agents in a new way. Suggest meeting in person to discuss what they would have liked to be done better and outline your own strategy for promoting and selling their property.

Clients are usually emotional during your call for two reasons:

  1. The sale didn’t work out
  2. Their tires of agents calling them to take over the listing

The goal of your phone call is to fully understand what went wrong with the original listing, and the client’s perspective on it. Once you understand that, you can easily shif your attention from understanding the issue to finding a solution.

Throw them some non-direct questions such as, “What qualities, would the perfect real estate agent have, in your opinion? What positive real estate experiences have you had that you liked?”

Hi, is this (homeowner name)?

My name is (your name) with (your real estate company).

I’m calling because I’ve been following your home listing on MLS, and while it’s been on the market for several months, I noticed it hasn’t sold yet.

I know how frustrating your situation must be. In your opinion, what’s keeping your home from getting sold? 

Do you already know where you’re going to move to once your home is sold?

How soon do you need to move there?

Was there anything that your real estate agent did that you liked?

Was there anything you feel your agent should have done?

It looks like you still do want to sell your home, doesn’t it?

When do you plan on interviewing the right agent for the job of selling your home?

Let’s say that I could sell your home at top-dollar and sell it quickly enough for you to move to your new place. Would that be something you could get behind?

What would be the best time to get together and discuss how we can make that happen? Would Wednesday at ____PM or Thursday at ____ PM be better?

Pre-Foreclosure Prospecting

Hi, is (homeowner name) available?

This is (your name here) with (your real estate company). 

I am calling because according to the county records, your lender has now started the foreclosure process on your property.

I’m really sad to hear it because that’s an incredibly stressful situation to be in. Are you thinking of selling your home to prevent foreclosure, or are you negotiating any forbearance terms with your lender?

Are you working with an agent already? (If yes, “Great. I’ll make a note of it. Thank you and good luck.”)

I’m calling because in my experience, the vast majority of homeowners that are facing foreclosure don’t know about all the options they have available. And because of all the stress that they are facing and all the tough decisions they need to make, it’s hard to find the time to sit down and research those options.

For instance, are you familiar with how a property short-sale works and how it can help you avoid getting a foreclosure in your record?

I’m available on Tuesday at (time) and Thursday at (time). Why don’t we sit down, look at your property, and see what options are available in your specific case?

Getting More Client Reviews and Testimonials

Many people go online and look for reviews before they even reach out to an agent. With that in mind, it’s crucial to check throughout the process with each client that you are gaining reviews, and positive reviews at that. Gain more reviews naturally with this article.

It’s been so great working with you! I’m proud that we were able to find the right home for you and can’t wait to hear about how much you are enjoying it.

When we first met, I mentioned that we wanted earn your future referrals and reviews. Would you be open to leaving us a review on (chosen review platform or medium)?

We can reach out later to get feedback and let you know how you can share your experience with others!

Connecting with Past Clients

Reaching out every six months or on special occasions via email sustains a mutually beneficial relationship. It allows them to refer their network to you while you render ongoing real estate advice. After obtaining a review, express gratitude with a thank-you note or a real estate gift.

Hi, (insert buyer name). It’s (name) from (real estate company). I helped you buy your home in (neighborhood/community) in (date/season). I recently sold a home in your area and thought about you. How are things going? (wait and listen) (After chatting for a few minutes) It is so good to hear that you are happy with your home purchase. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and would love to help you if you need any real estate guidance in the future.

Also, would you mind if I send you a review link so you can share your experience? I know other homebuyers want to know how I work as an agent and prefer to hear from clients. (wait and listen)

Leveraging a Recent Sale

The following real estate script builds trust with future clients by showing that you have sold similar properties in their area.

” Hello (Client Name) I’m getting in touch because I recently sold a property around the corner from you at (recent sale address). It’s an area with a lot of interest at the moment and properties are selling for great prices. Out of interest, have you thought about selling your home?

If the prospect shows any interest, share any information about a recent sale that’ll put you in a good light. You could talk about how quickly you sold the property, or how the property was sold for an excellent price (e.g. above market value)

Mutual Friends and Real Estate Referrals

Mutual Friends or Acquaintances

Has an acquaintance or someone you know through a mutual friend put their property on the market? This could be a great opportunity for you to connect naturally and build on the trust you have into a working relationship.

Sharing a mutual interest helps you easily connect with your lead, keeping the mood casual yet productive. This cold calling script for real estate emphasizes your association with the lead and ability to serve them effectively.

Notably, the majority of home sellers choose for agents referred by friends or family. Most younger and older Millennials buyers found their agent primarily through referrals.

“I was reaching out because, as [mutual friend’s name] might have mentioned, I’m a real estate agent in [mention area]. I’m just reaching out to family and friends to see if they’ve thought about upgrading or selling their home. [Referral name], have you thought about moving, considering the great state of the market right now?”

Addressing Sellers

The following script measures a person’s interest in making a real estate purchase and whether or not they are open to selling their property. Sharing insights on the current neighborhood home-buying demand and the potential for a can catch their attention and encourage them to consider selling. If they express curiosity, offer a quick pricing assessment and book an appointment.

“Hi, I’m John with [name of brokerage]. Is this the homeowner?”

Wait for their answer.

“Ok, great! I’m calling because I have some home buyers who are currently looking for homes in your neighborhood. Would you consider selling your home if you had a great buyer lined up?”

By telling the prospect you have interested buyers, you’re creating a sense of urgency which may open their mind to selling.

If they show interest, plan an appointment to meet with them in person and do an assessment of their property.

It’s common for homeowners to tell you that they aren’t interested in selling at the moment. If they insist that they are not interested, pass on your contact information and explain how they can contact you if they change their mind. After all, a cold lead is better than no lead, so keep them in your lead pipeline just in case.

Okay. Well, I encourage you to only consider moving if you believe that it is the right time. What I can tell you is that I’ve sold many homes successfully in your area for well above market price. I have some great strategies in mind to get you the best price for your home. I suggest that we schedule a meeting to share your desires and what I have in mind.

Home Valuation

This realtor cold calling script encourages homeowners to recognize their home’s value and consider selling it in the current market. It illustrates what the market trend could mean for them in actual dollar amounts.

Hi, I’m (name) with (real estate company). Is this the homeowner?

As you know, our neighborhood market has gotten really hot. For example, one house sold for (insert details). The house at (property address) sold for (insert details).

I was wondering if you have considered listing your home now that the values are higher than they’ve ever been. There is a lot of demand for homes like yours, and there aren’t many for sale right now. (wait and listen)

Responding to an Online Form

Begin by gently reminding them of their inquiry for information or listing details, and follow up within an hour for higher chances of conversion. Since leads often inquire with multiple agents, introduce yourself and clarify how you acquired their contact information to establish a connection and alleviate the cold call discomfort

I received your information from the form you filled out online requesting a (marketing report/property information).

The reason for my call is that I wanted to confirm that you received the information I sent you, introduce myself, and answer any questions you might have. I have been an agent in (area) for (X) years

I know for a fact that some new homes are coming on the market soon in (community of interest to the lead). Would you be interested in seeing some of them, or perhaps meeting to discuss your homebuying needs? (wait and listen)

Real Estate Referrals Graphic


When you have happy clients (either because you helped them sell their home or helped them find their perfect property), they are typically happy to refer you to other people they know of who are looking for an agent.

The main goal of this script is to reach out to past clients and ask for a review or a referral. The following script will help you build a relationship with them and make it natural to ask for referrals. If you regularly check in on past clients there’s a possibility that they’ll become more than just sources of referrals, but also someone who amplifies your reputation as a trusted leader in your local industry.

[Greet them initially]

I’m doing great! I recently sold a home around the corner from you and it made me think of you. How are things going?

(Client gives an answer.)

That’s great. We are looking to expand our business and believe our past clients are our best brand ambassadors. Would you be willing to leave us a review on [chosen platform]? Your positive feedback would really help grow our business clientele.

I’d be happy to! We are very happy with our experience with you.

Wonderful. Just to confirm–should I send over the link to your [email or phone number]?


Great. I just sent it over. Is it okay if we use your name on our website when mentioning your review?

 No, I don’t mind.

Awesome! After clicking the link, you’ll find a small section where you can refer anyone who you might know of who is looking to buy or sell a house.

The Initial Introduction

This introductory script is an avenue to present yourself to new clients, whether they’re walk-ins at your real estate office or people you interact with over the phone or online.

“I’m [name] with [real estate company], and I’ve been working in [name of area] since (year).

Despite the ups and downs over the past [number of years working] that I’ve been an agent, I’ve helped many clients find homes and properties that fit their needs exactly.”

Follow Up

Whether following up with potential buyers after an open house or a potential seller that’s gone cold, being persistent can make the difference between a new deal and a lost one.

Selling Neighbouring Home

After a successful home sale, use this script to connect with neighboring homeowners and gain new leads. Highlight how the work you did with a recent sale indicates their home’s potential value and your ability to secure profitable deals. Use this script as a real estate prospecting tool and emphasize the sale’s speed, price, and number of offers received. Share local market trends to persuade them that now is a great time to sell, and conclude by offering a free home valuation.

I recently sold a property down the street from you (details about the sales price) at (address). That’s (dollar amount) more than the average sales price in your area, which means buyers are really wanting to buy in (contact’s development/community).

I was wondering: Have you thought about selling your home, and if you knew you could get a fantastic price for it? (wait and listen)

Real estate objections

Handling Objections:

I Already Have An Appointment With Another Agent

I understand. My goal is to let you know of all your available options to help you sell your home at top dollar and at a time frame favorable to you. However, I do think that you deserve the opportunity to have an honest comparison of agents.

So if a different agent happens to be a better option for you, who am I to get in the way of that. 

Why don’t I come by before the other agent comes so you can see my marketing plan? That way when you meet with the other agent, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

I Need To Talk To My Wife/Husband

Absolutely. That’s exactly what I would do if I were you. 

When do you plan on speaking with your wife/husband? Will it be today after work?

I’m pretty sure you’re super busy and have a lot to think about. So why don’t we do this? Let’s pencil in a time to meet. What’s better for you, Tuesday at (time) or Wednesday at (time)?

Great. Then let’s plan on that. And unless I get a call from you, I’ll assume you had a chance to talk to your spouse, and we’ll talk strategy on (time you agreed to meet).

How does that sound?

We Are Using The Same Agent

Mr./ Ms.Seller, I respect your loyalty. In fact, if I were to ever fail to sell a home, I would hope that my clients would give me the same level of loyalty.

But what about loyalty to your family? What I mean by that is that for most families, the largest portion of their wealth is locked away in their home’s equity. 

Do you know why that worries me?

Because I’m certain that your former agent did the best he could do to sell your home. I’m pretty sure he showed you a marketing plan that involves marketing it to his sphere of influence and brokerage about your home. And that’s a good thing. You want to reach out to everyone right?

But he did that, well… the house is still unsold. 

Don’t you think it’s time to reach out to a different sphere of influence? 

I would love to meet with you, either tonight or tomorrow to discuss how we can get your home sold.

Will You Lower Your Commission?

So you’re asking me about how much it’s going to cost to sell the home and if I’m flexible on that, right?

Aside from the commission, how do you feel about the rest of my marketing plan?

Which part exactly of what I explained to you makes you feel like I don’t offer enough value to you to collect my commission?

You’re The 8th Agent To Call Today

That’s amazing! It’s good to see that there are at least 8 hardworking agents in town. Have you set up an appointment with any of those agents?

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Best Practices for Using Real Estate Scripts for Cold Calling

  • Know your target market: Start by identifying the market within your niche. After figuring out your target market, create a client persona for each typical client.
  • Call during slow real estate seasons: Regular cold calls can maintain a steady flow of leads throughout the year, even during slower real estate months.

  • Practice your script: Before you pick up the phone, practice your cold call real estate script regularly to improve your confidence, tone, clarity and memory of the script. The goal is to sound natural and focus on the person on the phone instead of stressing over the script.
  • Personalize the script: Even the best script will fail to land if it is not personalized. If the delivery is not tailored to the client, it won’t be believable, engaging, or effective.
  • Make adjustments in the conversation: Even if you practice your script day and night, you never know how each lead will respond to your call. Prepare yourself to go off-script and make changes as necessary.
  • Believe what you are saying: If you are not genuinely committed to helping your leads solve their problems, this will be obvious in your tone during your call. Think of cold calling as making a new friend, not completing a chore. 
  • Define the outcome you want: Keeping a goal in mind will make each call more productive. Your goal can be simple like setting up a meeting or getting a single referral. Always start by clarifying the goal of the phone call. 
  • Clarify what you want prospects to know: Be clear about what you want your clients to take from the call. Think about the challenges your clients are facing in their unique situation  face and how you can solve these problems.
  • Stay consistent: Consistently practising making cold calls will build your confidence and increase your chances of reaching potential leads who are ready to become clients. As per statistics, nearly 50% of sales reps make over 40 calls er day. 
  • Focus on the benefits: Highlight any unique or valuable services that your real estate business offers. For example, a free home valuation. You can also refer leads ot your testimonials to show how your services have gotten others the results they want. 
  • Finally, don’t give up, but be respectful and always follow up in a timely manner.


You want to avoid getting so focused on sticking to the script that you planned out that you aren’t really listening to the person on the other line. The most successful real estate professionals are empathetic, active listeners.

Preparation is key to the success of any cold calling campaign. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of scripts, it’s still worth your time studying them, because they allow you to mentally prepare for your interactions with prospects.

And if you want to take at AgentFire’s arsenal of real estate marketing tools, including its single property website construction tools, why not schedule a tour and a demo?

This tour can either be guided by one of our customer success agents (who would be happy to answer all of your questions).

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