The 5 Keys to Consistent Social Media Growth for Real Estate Professionals

The 5 Keys to Consistent Social Media Growth for Real Estate Professionals

Virality doesn’t always translate to long-term success in real estate social media marketing. To generate hot leads and build lasting social media staying power, we need to focus on consistent social media growth. Here's how to do it.

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There’s a big difference between viral social media posts and consistent growth on social media platforms. While you may get lucky with a viral post, being consistent on social media is a much better qualifier for long-term success and generating hot leads – now and in the future. Maintaining consistent growth leads to consistent brand recognition, improved customer relationships, and boosted SEO.

However, keeping your social media profiles hot is not always easy and tons of users who have a flash-in-the-pan social media success find that it fizzles out just as quickly. There are tested and applicable ways to keep eyes on your social media profiles and efficiently use social media to amplify your overall real estate brand for years to come.

Read on to find out the 5 key elements you need in order to have long and abundant success with social media marketing for real estate.

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See Yourself as a Content Creator, Not Just an Agent

You may not see yourself as an influencer, but understanding what an influencer does and how they generate success can help to create a roadmap for your own social media strategy.

Focus on Your Target Audience

The first step is to know who you’re communicating with. You may serve a particular real estate niche such as vacation homes or have mainly family buyers. Ideally, you’ll have created buyer personas that encapsulate the common interests of the clients you are marketing to. Pay attention to the tone, style, frequency of their behaviour on social media and any other qualities that can factor into your particular clients’ interests.

Maintain a Consistent Brand Image

Once you’ve established who your target audience is, you’ll want to make sure that you are confident in your unique, and identifiable real estate brand. On image-oriented social media platforms such as Instagram or Tik Tok, your brand aesthetic is the most distinctive characteristic that will make it easy for your audience to remember your brand.

This visual brand identity goes beyond choosing your primary and accent colors. Stand out in your hyperlocal market with cohesive design elements, typeface, and post templates. Our talented web designers have created stand-out branding for clients including logos, marketing materials, color schemes and more. Learn more about our AgentFire Logo and Branding Package here.

Maintain Your Brand Tone

Overall tone is the next prominent feature of your social media brand that will help you stand out for years to come. Do you refer to your online brand as an “I” or “we” (recognizing your team)? What slang feels natural for you? Conveying consistency in your brand voice on your social accounts reflects how you identify yourself and your business, and how your audience emotionally connects with it.

AgentFire client, Rafael Mendez, keeps a friendly and informative tone throughout all of his Facebook posts. This distinctive voice gives readers a clear idea of who Rafael is, what types of posts they can look forward to, and what to expect when working with him.

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Bulk Up Your Content Strategy

One of the largest challenges cited by agents who haven’t quite found lasting success on socials is time. Yet maintaining a consistent posting schedule is crucial for a long-lasting following and a consistent stream of engaged users and prospective clients. Batching social media content in advance is one of the best workarounds for time-restricted agents.

Batch Your Posts

Rather than worry every day about what to post where and how often, create posts and captions for the week or month in advance. This will not only save you time but help you make sure you’re not posting redundant content and missing the mark with your audience. If you’re not able to come up with every detail of a social media post weeks in advance, simply preparing wording for captions, themes, tips, images for posts, etc. will make posts much easier to complete when the time comes.

This is not a totally investment-free solution; even batching posts takes a bit more time (be it concentrated time), and you’ll need to be consistent. Don’t mistake consistency for frequency. Posting a flurry of posts on a tight schedule then disappearing is not what we mean by consistency. You’ll want to build a cadence to your posting that is in tune with what your audience wants and what you can handle.

For example, don’t batch daily posts if you know you won’t have the time to do the same the next week. It would be much more beneficial if your audience knew they could expect three posts a week rather than randomly and out of the blue.

It’s easy and free to batch posts using your own Excel or Google spreadsheet. However, there are loads of automated social media channels that will allow you to schedule and automatically upload posts on any main social network you’d like. This is especially useful for times when you are out of town or busier than usual. Check out Hootsuite, for example.

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Audit Your Social Media Profiles

Now that you’re in the groove of regular posts, you’ll want to get into maintenance mode. The last thing a goal-oriented real estate agent wants is an over-crowded and messy social media page deterring potential leads. Conduct a regular audit of your past social media posts to make sure that the content is not only visually appealing, but relevant and accurate for the current time.

Your real estate website is the basis of your entire digital marketing strategy. With AgentFire you’ll have access to the most powerful real estate marketing tools and customizable pages on the market right now. Speak with one of our talented web designers during a free demo.

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Don’t Strive for Perfection

Don’t let perfection deter you from shining on social media. It’s easy to look at other real estate agents who are killing it in their social media marketing and assume that you’ll never reach their level of online success. Remember: followers and likes do not always equal success in the real estate world. What we’re looking for is genuine, relative engagement. Engaged followers interact with your content, share your content, and are much more likely to trust you when it it’s time to buy their own property. If we’re talking about increased and sustained production, an engaged audience is 100x more beneficial than an army of apathetic followers.

You’ve likely noticed that high-quality video cameras, drones, and other pricey recording devices have become commonplace in social media, but that doesn’t mean they are essential. Some of the most memorable and standout content on social media was recorded on a phone. It’s about the quality of your content – not just video quality.

Take a look at how our client, Saúl Sanchez, uses his phone to record a super-informative (and highly viewed) Tik Tok video which was then shared on Instagram.

Keep Content Fresh 

Imagine this: you’re staring at the screen of your mobile phone, dry-mouthed trying to think of a post topic as the clock ticks away your ideal posting time. Turns out, coming up with new content doesn’t have to be this daunting.

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Grab Ideas from the News

If you’re a practicing real estate professional, there are guaranteed to be some real estate publications that your follow religiously . Your followers on the other hand, likely professionals in other industries, may not be as informed about the real estate market. Take a tip from the headlines of your favorite publications to get an idea of what’s relevant in your hyperlocal real estate market.

If you regularly use social media channels such as Twitter, take advantage of the lists function to get a first-hand look at what your favorite media resources are saying about the industry. is one of our favorite resources for finding fresh content ideas. This web resource gathers autocomplete data from popular search engines such as Google, then organizes it in a digestible list or graph. Sort through the relevant terms and answer the question in your social post.

Repurpose Content

Finally, if you’re clever and short on time, there’s nothing wrong with repurposing content. For example, if you have a weekly blog published on your website, bits and pieces of it (such as lists or tips) can become a Facebook Post or focus on each item for a series of Tik Toks. It’s as simple as thinking about how the format can be reimagined for each social media channel.

With Textbroker, AgentFire clients don’t even have to worry about writing timely real estate content from scratch. Text Broker writers will prepare weekly blogs, and all you have to do is review them before posting. Take a look at our Text Broker partnership here.

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Always Engage with Your Audience

Your relationship with your audience should be a reciprocal one. Audience engagement throughout your time in real estate social media marketing is a crucial quality that shouldn’t need explaining. But there are more thorough ways to interact with your followers and create hot leads beside likes, follows, and comments.

Grow with Your Audience

As time passes, your followers, similarly to you, will mature and grow with changing interests. Show your followers that you’re leaning into what they need to see and hear from you. Use surveys, polls, ask me boxes, and other interactive tools on your social pages to get content feedback. Not only will you produce more useful content for your readers, but they will also see themselves in your brand when they notice that you take their feedback seriously. This level of trust and growth is hard to generate using other social media techniques.

In Conclusion…

It’s exciting to start your journey on social media for real estate; you’re consistently gaining new followers and coming up with post ideas. It’s the long game that can cause challenges and eventually sink your social media success.

Luckily, the tips we’ve reviewed in this article will not only keep your social presence afloat, but also lead to ongoing and measurable marketing success. We all know that general principles such as time management, relevance, and consistency for social media growth are crucial. Now you know how to take advantage of all of them with actionable steps you can implement and maintain now.

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