72 Rock Solid Real Estate Blogging Ideas With Examples

We’ve put together, what is quite possibly the GREATEST list of real estate blogging ideas…ever… WITH EXAMPLES! In this article you’ll get our list of 72 unique real estate blogging ideas that you can use to create valuable, highly relevant content to the delight of your hyperlocal audience… and search engines.

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Luke Belcourt
Product Growth Manager

“Okay, I know that I need some good blogging ideas if I want my real estate website to rank well and engage with my audience… but where do I start?”

As someone who has personally worked with thousands of real estate agents over the years, this is one of the questions that I get asked the most. 

And I consider this to be a great question, because done right, your blog can easily be one of your marketing efforts that provide the highest-ROI for your real estate business. But that’s only if you’re consistently producing content that succeeds on delivering loads of value to your hyperlocal audience.

And so without further ado — here are 72 unique ways to do just that. 

We’ve even categorized them for your convenience. 😊


Hyperlocal blog ideas

Real Estate Blog Ideas For Your Local Market

  1. Local Events in your Area — Stay up-to-date by following local business websites  (Events Sites, Local Newspaper website, etc) and sign up for updates. Now when there's an event, you can blog about it. You can also find unlimited real estate blog ideas on Google News by searching for local events.
  2. Events you've previously attended in your area — Write a blog post giving a first-person account of the event, and let your audience know about your experience.
  3. Local Community Events  — Cover a local block party, softball tournament, festival, or any other events that tend to bring the community together.
  4. Local Business — Write about a popular local business like a restaurant or pub. This is a great way to establish your hyperlocal expertise. And if you're writing about a business that has a website, let them know so that they can link back to you!
  5. Housing Trends — Are home sales up or down? What’s causing those fluctuations? Is now the best time to buy?
  6. Celebrity news — Have any celebrities bought or sold a home in your area recently? Any national gossip that is relevant locally?
  7. Luxury Properties — Put together a list of some of the most expensive properties currently for sale in your market. Don't be afraid to say that you'd be happy to show said properties!
  8. Cheap Properties Show off the cheapest properties in your market. You could frame your post for young newlyweds expecting a child or local real estate investors (and potentially sell multiple cheap properties at the same time).
  9. Best Valued Properties — Put together a list of some of the properties in your area that offer the best bang for your buck.
  10. State and Local Taxes (SALT) — Did tax season just start? What can you expect to pay in your area? Have they changed recently? How have they affected people in your area?
  11. Schools — What are the best-performing schools in your area?  What is the average rating of schools in that district? Create a list that ranks the best schools in your hyperlocal area. If you have a Spark Site, you can create an Area Page that displays graphs and statistics for your local school system and more.
  12. Job Opportunities — Did a big company just open a factory in your area? Any good job opportunities your visitors might want to know about?
  13. Transportation — Are there a lot of daily commuters in your area? If a buyer is looking for a property with easy access to a bus or railroad, what are their best bets? How long are commute times in your area from downtown?
  14. Politics — What are some hotly debated issues in your market? Are there any big changes happening at a local level? Be careful with this one!
  15. Homeowners Associations (HOA) — Describe what an HOA is and what the potential pros/cons are when you’re part of one.
  16. Crime — What are some of the local crime stats? Have those gone up or down? What are some safer neighborhoods? Create an illustrated map that lays out the local crime stats, and clearly shows which neighborhoods in your service area are dangerous, and which ones are safe.

blog ideas for local points of interest

Real Estate Blog Ideas For Local Market Points of Interest and Activities

  1. Restaurants — Where can you get the best bang for your buck? Who has the best burgers? What are some healthy eating options?
  2. Parks — Create a list of some of the best parks in your area, and include some photos of you and your family at a public event in a local park.
  3. Golf — Where are the best courses? What are the best golf course communities? This could potentially be a huge topic for you if you specialize in Golf Homes. 🏌️⛳
  4. Nightlife and Entertainment — Any famous bands or comedy shows happening this month? Where can I go if I feel the need to salsa dance? Who has the best happy hour?
  5. Coffee — Coffee lovers unite! Where can I find the best or most unique cup of joe in the area?
  6. Local Getaways & Day Trips — Where can I go if I need to just get away, but not too far away? Any luxury spas nearby?

target audience blog ideas

Real Estate Blog Ideas For Your Target Audience

  1. Write Directly to Your Target Audience — Write an article addressing the concerns of a segment of your hyperlocal audience. Do you specialize in first-time buyers? Write an article that answers the top 10 questions they typically have.
  2. Buyer Questions — Think of some of the most common questions you get asked from clients. Feature those questions in an article and answer them as clearly and specifically as you can. This a replenishable source of blog ideas. Think about the great impression you’ll make the next time you get asked the same question, and you get to include a link they’ll be excited to click on.
  3. Seller Questions — Same spiel as number 24. What are some common questions and concerns that sellers usually have?
  4. Investor Questions — Are there any interesting new developments in the area? What are some up-and-coming neighborhoods? Which factors make them a great choice for investors?
  5. Relocation Questions What should your clients consider if they’re thinking about relocating to your area? You can ask your previous clients about their relocation experience to get plenty of real estate blog ideas.
  6. Foreclosures — What is a foreclosure? How does the process work? How do you purchase a foreclosed home?
  7. Other Professionals in Related Industries — Did you have a good experience with a mortgage specialist, a home appraiser, or a contractor? Blog about the experience and/or the individual.
  8. Upcoming Road Construction — How long is the highway going to be under construction? What city construction projects are coming up soon? Any advice for avoiding traffic jams?
  9. Relocation Resource List — Put together a list of resources that people looking to relocate can access. This also doubles as a great resource to email to a potential relocation buyer who has contacted you.
  10. Value of a Real Estate Professional — Why is it important to work with a real estate professional, such as yourself? What problems do you solve? (Negotiations, showings, listings, open houses, etc.)
  11. Activities for Kids — What are some great libraries, public swimming pools, or summer camps that kids can participate in?
  12. Pets — What are some tips when moving with pets? Where can I bring Fido if I want to go on vacation? Where are there some good dog parks? Who are some good vets? Which condo developments allow pets?
  13. For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) — What are the pros and cons of selling your home yourself? You can mention in the article why homeowners should work with a trained real estate professional like yourself. 😎
  14. Rent or Buy? — What are the short term benefits of renting as opposed to buying? When does it make more economic sense to buy? 

health blog ideas

Real Estate Blog Ideas for Health & Lifestyle

  1. Eating — What are the best vegan restaurants in the area? What are your best keto-friendly options? Which are the best Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Indian restaurants in the area? Any grand openings you can cover?
  2. Gyms — What are some of the best gyms? Are there any Crossfit or 24-hour gyms? What if I want to practice yoga? 🧘
  3. Skill Training — Where can I go to learn martial arts? Archery? Horse riding? Survival skills?
  4. Group Training — Are there any local bicycle clubs? Where can I go to join a swim team?
  5.  Activities — What are some of the best places to hike? Are there any good bike trails? Does your hyperlocal community have a strong frisbee golf community?
  6. Sporting Goods — Where can I load up on sporting gear? If you’re in a more rural area where fishing or hunting is popular, identify and promote some of the best tackle, bait, and firearm shops in town. 

real estate industry blogging ideas

Real Estate Blog Ideas For Related Real Estate Industries

  1. Mortgage — Which financial institutions have the best rates? Have you worked with a mortgage specialist in the past and had a good experience with them? Blog about it! 🙌
  2. Other Real Estate Service Providers — Who are some title companies or inspectors you would recommend?
  3. Real Estate Agents in Other Markets — Do you focus on commercial real estate, but periodically get leads from individuals looking for residential real estate? Write a blog post about residential real estate agents in your area that you recommend.
  4. Real Estate Agent Niches — Do you focus on luxury real estate but know an awesome real estate agent that focuses on military homes? Write an article about that agent and his/her niche.
  5. Home Decor — Have you worked with any interior designers? Recommend them and include some photos of work they've done on a particular project for you.
  6. Qualifying for a Loan — What do I need to qualify? What can I do if my credit sucks? Write a tutorial piece on the process.
  7. Refinancing — When should I refinance? What are the pros and cons?

Home features blogging tips

Real Estate Blog Ideas For Home Features and Unique Homes

  1. Pools — Which home has the coolest pool on the local market?
  2. Views — Are there any properties that have killer views?
  3. Unique Features — Did a property just come on the market that has a helipad AND horse stables? Is there a property with a secret passageway? Even if it’s just your average home, find a way to highlight a unique feature about it. You can almost always come up with a good angle.

Blogging tips to promote yourself

Real Estate Blog Ideas to Promote Yourself

  1. Why should I work with you? — Write a case study that shows how your skills and hyperlocal expertise helped a client find the home of their dreams. (Pro Tip: Make sure to include a link to it somewhere on the "About" page of your website.)
  2. Testimonials — Write something about a recent transaction you had, including a testimonial from your happy customers. Take lots of pictures, and use video whenever you can.
  3. Area Guides — What do you love about your area? Where are the spots to be? Show your visitors that you are THE expert in the community. Every digital tool you need to become the undisputed local expert realtor can be found (and used) FREE for 10 days with a Spark Site Trial.
  4. Life as a Real Estate Agent — What do you love about your job? What are some of its challenges? Are any of your readers interested in becoming a realtor themselves? What if they wanted to work underneath you? Create content specifically for them. 🎯
  5. How do you work? — Is there a particular ritual you find that you can't live without? Do you have any shortcuts or software that you use that makes you more efficient and saves you a load of time? I know I’d like to at least hear about it, what if it leads to my next breakthrough idea?
  6. Your team — Do you have a badass real estate team? Write about a real estate war story that showcases how your teammates saved the day or prevented a project from certain disaster.
  7. Clients — Interview your clients a year after you sell them a home. Ask them what their favorite things are about their new neighborhood. You could even ask them what they wish they would’ve known before they bought their first home, then create content aimed at first-time homebuyers.
  8. Marketing — How do you market your properties? What makes your approach so effective? Show how your efforts can and you will make their home buying journey as stress-free as possible.
  9. Track Record — If you've sold a lot of homes or received awards in a particular area or specialization, why not brag about it a bit? Just make sure it’s applicable to your reader’s own goals.

home maintenance blog ideas

Real Estate Blog Ideas For Home Maintenance

  1. Renovations — Do you recommend anyone for home renovations? Which renovations have the best return on investment? What are some of the most common things people renovate believing (mistakenly) that it will add value to their home? How do renovation TV shows differ from real life?
  2. Staging — Write a guide about staging your home to sell. 📰
  3. Landscaping — Offer a list of suggestions to take your home landscaping to the next level. Show them some DIY weekend projects they can do in less than 2 hours, or how to set up their own fire pit for less than $50.
  4. Decorating — What are some good decorating tips? Any websites that you’d recommend?

Future blogging tips

Real Estate Blog Ideas For The Future

  1. Predictions — What are some upcoming trends in real estate? Where do you see things going in 10 years? Will it be a good time to buy or a good time sell next year?
  2. Technology — How is technology affecting real estate? Which new technologies are geared to change real estate forever? What do you think about smart homes and the internet of things? How will that affect your clients?
  3. Reverse Mortgages — How can a reverse mortgage allow me to retire? Maybe you can find a mortgage specialist to "guest post" this article for you.

Listings blog ideas

Real Estate Blog Ideas For Your Listings

  1. New Listings —  Find 1 idea (or angle) about your listing that makes the home shine brightest. 🌟 Make sure to your listings have professionally-done photos, videos, and copywriting.
  2. Open Houses — When and where?
  3. Price Reductions — Highlight a listing that just had a price adjustment.
  4. Best time to list — Seasonal weather can affect the number of homebuyers that go on home showings. Which are the best months to sell a home in your hyperlocal area?

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