The Best Holiday Gifts for Real Estate Clients and Colleagues

The Best Holiday Gifts for Real Estate Clients and Colleagues

This curated list of thoughtful and memorable gift ideas will help you strengthen relationships with your real estate colleagues and clients.

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Sharing holiday gifts with your real estate clients and colleagues is a small detail that makes all the difference. As a real estate agent, your role extends beyond just selling homes. Maintaining strong relationships with clients and associates will determine how strong and enduring your career is. You never know if that homemade basket of cookies could be the reason you nab your next big home sale.

Additionally, a holiday gift that hits home with your client will also encourage them to leave you a nice testimonial on your social media profiles or real estate website. Remember that holiday gifts should be slightly different than your closing gifts, or you’ll risk appearing lazy and careless.

Read on for a list of gift ideas that will wow your real estate clients, colleagues, referrals, and associates.

Holiday Basket

There’s something about a gift basket that just screams “holiday season”. It’s easy to find gift baskets made with commonly enjoyed items like a bath set or desserts, in a variety of locations from your department store to your local bakery. Or, go the extra mile and choose a gift basket from a local business that would benefit from your business and that your clients would benefit from knowing.

If you’re unsure whether your client celebrates Christmas, Hanukah, or another holiday, opt for a general holiday or New Year’s theme’ basket.

If you have the time, you could even personalize the basket with items you’ve selected yourself, and some handy branded items from your real estate office (USBs, pens, bookmarks etc.). Although this is one of the most time-consuming gift ideas on the list, it’s well worth the effort for the right client. For example, if your clients are first-time buyers and it’s their first home, think about the things that would be helpful to them as they get settled in.

A Personalized Ornament

Purchasing a new home is a big deal that deserves to be commemorated. If you know that your client celebrates Christmas, consider creating a personalized ornament with the date they closed on the home and a flattering picture of their home.

An Evening Out

Going house-broke is a real challenge that many new buyers face. Many costs come with buying or selling a home, in addition to the cost of the home itself. Buyers and sellers are expected to pay for movers, inspections, and renovations, among other financial obligations. Often, there isn’t much cash left at the end of the month for leisure or fun. A gift card to a local restaurant could give your clients a much-needed break.

Smart Home Accessories

Smart Home Devices

Home technology has become commonplace in modern homes. Door cameras, Google Assistants, and other helpful home technologies are only growing in popularity and effectiveness while declining in cost. Smart home devices are a great gift because they get used daily. These days, a Google Home or Amazon Alexa can cost less than $80 usd. This is one of the few gift ideas you may have to ask clients about first. Some clients are picky about which technology they welcome into their home.

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Books About Homeownership

Every real estate client has something to learn about home ownership. There is always a way to increase your knowledge and rich benefits of knowing more about your home. From home repairs to decor and home investment, there are a ton of topics for your clients to step up their real estate game depending on their interests.

A Plant

Plants signify a new beginning, plus they do an amazing job of adding space and liveliness to a space that furniture and other accessories cannot. Research shows that plants have many benefits in a home including air-cleansing properties that allow them to filter out everyday pollutants, add moisture to dry air, and absorb dangerous particles in chemical cleaners and solutions. Make sure your gift lives s lonbg as possible by choosing a low-maintenance plant such as a succulent.

Holiday Real Estate Gifts

A Sweet Treat

There are few things more heartfelt and better received than a homemade treat. If you’re a strong cook or baker, prepare a dish that you are confident in. However, you’ll want to make sure that the receiver of your gift doesn’t have any allergies to the ingredients included. Make sure that your treat is safe for the whole family by double-checking that no one is allergic.

Local Experiences

Most of us haven’t taken advantage of all of the resources and activities in our communities. Consider gift cards to local museums, wine tastings, art shows, and similar events of that nature. This will give them a chance to explore their new area while trying something new and creating unique memories that will stick with them as they get more comfortable in their area.

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Address Stamps

Address stamps are a sure-fire way to make your clients feel like they are officially homeowners. Whether or not they regularly send snail mail, address stamps are a classy and easy way to make clients feel proud of their new accomplishment and confident as homeowners.

Cleaning Service

Home maintenance after a move-in is no joke. Clients are not only caught up with moving and purchasing items for their new home, but all that movement welcomes a ton of dust and dirt into the space. Any clients who have recently bought a fixer-upper will especially appreciate the extra help to keep their homes clean and comfy. The gift of a cleaning service is a rare luxury for many of us and will make your clients feel spoiled and thought of.

Home maintenance and gardening

Gardening Tools

It’s been proven that gardening naturally lightens moods and lowers anxiety. During the holiday season, we all deserve a little break. Plus, it’s rewarding to harvest your own food and watch it grow from seed to fruit. The routine of planting a seed, caring for it, and watching it grow, adds structure to our lives and is connected to improved mental health.

Pet Gifts

Any pet owner understands that pets are a part of the family (sometimes even the favorite member of the family). Anything that makes a pet happy will make the owner happy as well. Certain animals can be fussy with toys and treats, so try to learn a bit more about the pet before you grab a gift. A safe bet is to buy whatever is blowing up on the pet market right now. Even if their pets don’t particularly love it, the owner was probably curious about trying it and will be excited by the opportunity. For example, the classic Kong Dog Toy.

A Guide for Gift Giving

1. Invite Your Clients to Complete an “All About You”

Consider including an “All About You Page” in your buyer and seller packets. You can include questions such as their favourite meals, favourite places to hang out, interests, and sports to help you get to know your clients.

With this information at hand, you can easily choose the right gift and customize the entire buying and selling process with their personalities in mind.

2. Pay Attention to the Shelf Life of the Item

Ideally, you want a gift that will last and be as useful as possible, as often as possible. Bonus points if the gift sparks conversations of “Where did you get that?”.

3. Tailor Your Budget to Your Relationship

You don’t have to get the same luxury gift for your regular investor as you do for a renter you recently found an apartment for. While both gifts should be equally thoughtful, your financial investment will likely reflect the depth of your relationship with them.

4. Deduct Your Gift from Your Taxes

According to the IRS, US real estate agents can deduct gifts for businesses up to $25 per person per year. If your gift exceeds this price, keep in mind that you will still only be able to deduct $25.

Wrapping up…

A huge part of working in the real estate industry is building relationships – and timely gifts can do just that! These gift ideas are sure to help you get your gift shopping done all on the same day (even if it’s the last day). A thoughtful gift with a personal touch not only makes real estate clients happy and strengthens your bond with them, but it can also generate referrals down the line.

If you’re still looking for the perfect closing gift, check this article out. Happy holidays!

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