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Jeff Bray

Multi-million dollar deals, a standout brand in an oversaturated market, and a Zillow-recognized industry leader...all as a brand new agent!

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In this case study, you'll learn how to:

The Oasis Group home page immediately communicates the welcoming brand ethos and directs visitors based on their needs.

From ‘Unknown’ to ‘ Top 1 percent'

Jeff Bray and The Oasis Team may very well deserve a Guiness World Record for how quickly they became recognizable and successful in one of the most competive real estate markets in the US (Sarasota, Florida!)

When Jeff kickstarted his real estate career, he knew that two things were essential: The right coach and a standout real estate website. After selecting Tom Ferry’s coaching program, Jeff honed in on what his website should and shouldn’t be. 

Only a customized site, built intentionally for success in his specific real estate niche would support the strong client network Jeff wanted to build.

To achieve this feat, here’s the plan that AgentFire laid out for him:

The Plan:

  • Create a one-of-a-kind brand
  • Display social proof to make Jeff look like a long-time expert agent (despite being a new agent)
  • Create a complete marketing system, designed to maximize the likelihood of converting every single lead 
  • Empower clients with engaging addons and informative content

Jeff Bray: “I control the website that you set up for me…it’s an ecosystem that I control and it allows me to put my best foot forward.”

AgentFire Logo

Step 1: Building a Brand

Jeff Bray: “We are a brand and a business…having a branded website that you control and make your own is key.. .you need to act like a business!”

For Jeff, it was crucial to have an expansive brand design that not only stood out in the fastest-growing real estate market area in America, but also reflected his professionalism and dedication to high-quality service.

The Oasis Group Logo designed by AgentFire
We wanted to keep Jeff's logo simple and reflective of his team. Two interlocking palm trees communicate trust. The chosen colors are modern, yet professional and understated.

One of the first things we developed for Jeff was a complete logo and branding guide. 

The idea behind the logo was to create something simple and representative of the best qualities of an ‘Oasis’ (i.e. a ‘relief’ or ‘pleasant’ change from the usual). This is why we chose a simple circular design with two interlocking palm trees (to communicate trust and teamwork). 

Then, we worked on the visual brand which includes the colors, fonts, and general styles that can now be seen in all of Jeff’s emails, marketing, and social media. 

Jeff’s Branding Guide puts all of the visual components of his brand in one place. A Branding Guide will ensure that any future marketing material he creates is neat and consistent.

The effect of a cohesive brand is extremely powerful, as it not only shows professionalism, it also implies that you are a top-of-the-food-chain-level performer. 

Jeff Bray: “The website lets them think that I am much bigger, much better…my son calls it a cheat code!”

Jeff's logo is his brand's strongest visual cue. We designed this logo to be easily identifiable and replicable for a variety of marketing material.

Jeff’s logo and web theme are completely original AgentFire designs, pulled directly from his branding guide. The end result is an ultra-professional-looking website that solidifies Jeff as a top local expert. 

As part of the logo & branding package through AgentFire, the website itself has its own Branding Guide that Jeff can share with other companies he works with (i.e. the companies he worked with to create his signs & open house flyers) to ensure his brand is consistent across all digital and print mediums!

Step 2: Creating Social Proof

The Oasis Group Social Feeds
With such an awesome social media presence, we knew that Jeff's website visitors would love a snapshot of his valuable content. His TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook profiles create the perception of a long-standing, successful career.

Admittedly, this was the trickiest part of our plan. After all… how do you create social proof for someone with no experience? 

The answer is perception

By building a professional website and then loading it up with extremely high-value content, we created the impression that Jeff as is an ultra-experienced and trustworthy agent. 

To start – Jeff is extremely active on social, so we prominently featured his Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok on his homepage. 

Then he needed a way to really stand out with the buyer & seller leads he was receiving through Zillow. Afterall, Zillow leads start as a simple phone call. It’s up to the agent to humanize that phone call and spark the prospect’s interest.  

The solution was to work with AgentFire to create extremely robust buyer and seller pages. 

One client was so assured by the social proof he found on Jeff’s webpages, that he offered him a multi-million dollar land deal (unheard of in the first year of business!).

On Jeff's buyer page, buyers can access a hub of buyer-related information designed to get them started on the right foot.

On his buyer page you’ll find tons of information that establishes Jeff as a superior option to the agents he competes with – including an extensive vendor network, his experience negotiating on behalf of a 5 billion dollar a year company (occasionally negotiating against Amazon and Walmart), and much more.

The seller page is created specifically to answer common sellers’ concerns and give an idea of what to expect when working with Jeff.

Then on his seller page, Jeff did something spectacular: he crafted a unique seller offer for his market, which he calls “Sell, Stay, Then By™”. 

The Sarasota real estate market is extremely hot, and the idea here is that with Jeff, you can sell your home now (to take advantage of record-high prices), and then lease it back for up to 6 months while you work with him to search for a new home.

Not only was this offer a huge hit with his prospects, but the fact that he has a plan like this is tremendous social proof in itself!  

Jeff’s relocation page is one of the many innovative web pages on his website that set him apart. He identified relocation as an area of the market that was unique and high in demand. Then, we built the perfect online hub to generate relocation leads.

In addition to robust buyer and seller pages, Jeff quickly realized after turning on Zillow leads, that a high percentage of the leads that were coming in were from people looking to relocate to the area. To capitalize on this, Jeff setup a relocation page that almost immediately resulted in a $20MM land deal from a Chinese buyer! 

Jeff explained:

“He gave me a multi-million dollar land deal – not because of me – because he saw the social proof.”

Speaking of Zillow Leads, a few months after turning it on, he was voted as the top 1% in Customer Service for the entire USA (which he says was all about responding laser fast and going above and beyond to every new lead).

This was big because now we had real social proof! We displayed this achievement on the homepage, his buyer/seller/relocation pages, as well as anywhere that we were encouraging prospects to take the next step by contacting Jeff.

As soon as Jeff’s first few deals started to trickle in, we made to sure to setup a system to make sure each of those satisfied clients left reviews on his Zillow and Google profiles (which we now also prominently feature on his site). 

The AgentFire Blog Assist addon produces professional and informative weekly blogs that position Jeff as a thought leader and improve SEO.

Next, we dove into blog content. Organic SEO web content is one of the best ways to keep leads on your real estate website and coming back for more.

With our Blog Assist addon, busy agents like Jeff can provide high-quality, industry-standard content without the hassle and time commitment.This inexpensive integration uploads professionally written, original blogs to Jeff’s real estate website weekly. He then has the option to customize them further or upload as is.

Tie in our MailChimp addon, and Jeff’s blogs are automatically formatted into a newsletter and sent to the relevant client list.

Learn more about our incredible addons.

Jeff Bray Oasis Group Zillow Badge
Not many agents can call themselves Zillow Premier Agents. We highlighted Jeff’s Zillow badge to communicate the high calibre of service clients can expect and to instantly distinguish him from competing agents.

In only months, Jeff had caught the attention of so many new clients that he was recognized by largest real estate marketplace in the world: Zillow

Jeff Bray: “Zillow called me and they said, ‘you’re in the top one percent for customer satisfaction and you’re brand new’…I told them, what differentiates me from everyone else was that I had a kick-ass website…It made all the difference.”

Leads that are pulled from Zillow are instantly drawn to the Oasis Group’s website. And vice versa: leads drawn to Jeff’s website are impressed by his incredible Zillow reviews. Jeff’s website is what we call a “digital multiplier”, it not only draws attention, but encourages clients to engage with his content on multiple platforms. 

Jeff Bray:

“The website lets people think that I’m much bigger and much better. When the anonymous surveys come back, they rate me higher.”’

Step 3: Marketing Through Education

With the rapid growth Jeff was experiencing, he wanted to provide actionable and thorough client information without a massive, ongoing time commitment. In addition to Blog Assist, we threw in other addons that would automate client access to information. 

ClickMaps are one of the most popular addons amongst AgentFire clients. 

They’re essentially completely custom, clickable maps that, in addition to the areas in your target market, can also feature geography, highways, landmarks, and other points of interest! 

These maps provide a very detailed look into specific areas that are not usually provided by real estate agents.

On big portal sites and marketplaces like Zillow, ClickMaps set Jeff apart. Clients don’t have to leave his site to learn more about local points of interest. Areas of the map are highlighted when clients run their mouse over them. A simple click opens up loads of valuable information about that locality.  

Jeff Bray: “ClickMaps set you apart…none of the free websites that you are being offered can do that.”

Buyer and Seller Guides are powerful lead magnets and unique introductions to what an agent can offer. By initially offering a value-packed guide, Jeff’s prospects are more receptive to future communication from him.

Next, we directed our attention to CTAs.

AgentFire’s Engage CTAs tool put ulta-specific CTAs on each of Jeff’s chosen web pages. The CTAs we chose for Jeff offer powerful lead magnets in exchange for specific client contact information.

For example, on his blog pages, we have CTA to sign up for his newsletter and a CTA for a free seller guide on his seller pages!

Jeff’s Neighbourhood Guides are customized to highlight the hyperlocal businesses that he believes are most relevant to his clients.

Neighborhood Guides were the next heavy hitters added to Jeff’s website. 

Jeff’s Neighborhood Guides feature hyperlocal pages that deliver key details about the Serasota area. Within neighborhood guides, clients can toggle and see upcoming open houses, nearby schools, Jeff’s recommendations for local entertainment, and more. 

AI-generated descriptions offer precise location-specific information without any extra work from Jeff. For even more client value and increased SEO, relevant blog posts can be easily connected to these guides through his AgentFire dashboard. 

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Step 4: CRM

In order to keep his mounds of new clients and listings organized, Jeff understood that an amazing CRM was essential. 

Jeff Bray: “The CRM works directly with your website…it’s seamless, I love it.”

CRMs need to be set up and personalized to help you grow daily, not just maintain a plateaued level of success. This is especially important in new real estate businesses. 

New agents can become overwhelmed by the redundancy and intricate steps involved in getting and maintaining contact info, plus following up and other ongoing communications tasks.  

A modern CRM is the foundation of every lead generation and marketing strategy. AgentFire sites pair naturally with every leading CRM on the market.

High-quality CRMs make the difference between a consistent and organized stream of client interactions and a disorganized mess with leads constantly dropping off. 

Rather than bundling CRMs in our web designs, we connect with the top CRMs in the industry. This way, real estate agents get much more value for their spend than they would with a bundle solution.

Then, as soon as client contact information is added to a CRM, it’s time to set up drip emails. 

AgentFire offers highly customizable drip email templates that deliver results for clients like Jeff. It’s systems like these that help agents scale up (not just produce the same mediocre results). 

The Oasis Group's Total Investment

1. AgentFire Website

For their primary website, Jeff purchased an AgentFire custom design, which costs $2499 setup and $129/monthly with IDX included. 

2. Add Ons and Integrations

To get started on the right foot, Jeff invested in a customized ClickMap ($600), Logo and Branding Package ($1000), ADA protect ($10/monthly) and Home Values ($39). 

3. FollowupBoss CRM

FUB is $69 per user

Total Investment:

$4099 one-time, $237/month

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The Results

By signing up with AgentFire, Jeff launched his real estate career with guaranteed success and automatically spiked to the top of one of the USA’s most competitive markets. 

Jeff Bray: “It’s a force multiplier! It just makes you look bigger and smarter than you actually are.”

In only one year, Jeff Bray and his team scored over $20MM in pending deals and 20 listings.

Plus, Jeff earned a reputation as the “unquestioned real estate authority” by new prospects. 

Pretty impressive for a beginner agent. 

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