AgentFire Success Story [case study]

Graham & Kathy Tracey

$9MM in New Deals + Full Pipeline in Just 3 Months

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Written by Nelson Quest // CEO,

Hi guys! In this case study, I’ll be summarizing all of the key value points from an hour-long webinar where new agent Graham Tracey sat down with myself, Tyler Auerbacher (Founder, Dippidi) and Dan Corkill (CEO, FollowupBoss) to discuss his success in combining 3 best-in-class providers to build a powerful, highly-automated, surprisingly affordable marketing machine. 

What You'll Learn:

From ‘New Agent’ to ‘Seasoned Hyperlocal Authority’

Greater Reston Living began as a husband and wife team that started with Kathy Tracey in early 2019. Halfway through the year, Graham joined the business.

Graham: “I thought to myself, ‘Okay, I gotta help make this happen because here’s a way to get our daughter through med school.’”

He knew he needed 3 core solutions:

  • Hyperlocal website
  • CRM
  • Marketing

…and he wanted to make sure that the business funded it all along the way.

🚨 Spoiler Alert: It paid for itself 12 times over in just the first 6 weeks!

AgentFire Logo

Step 1: The Website

Graham: “I knew I wanted a platform that was gonna be driven by the best technologies (…) The thing that I loved about [AgentFire] was that it had all of the common things that an agent would want to do.”

Every part of Graham’s website is intentional – providing value while simultaneously demonstrating expertise within his hyperlocal area (the Greater Reston Area of Virginia).

Graham: “This is the only way we’re gonna be able to beat the Zillows of the world, right? Is to be able to really niche down.”

The header clearly and concisely communicates the philosophy that his and Kathy’s future clients can expect.

Curated Lifestyle Searches allow his prospects to quickly view the listings that match their living aspirations (an experience those same prospects won’t get on Zillow or with traditional websites).

A clear focus on the unique, high value service that they provide to buyers and sellers – clearly articulating the ‘happy ending’ one can expect if they choose Graham and Kathy to represent them.

Graham: Super simple. So I can add another agent onto the platform, I can do some calls-to-action really easily; area guides, to make it so that it’s hyperlocal for my particular area – all of that was critical to me.”

The site is loaded with lead capture everywhere it makes sense, leveraging lead magnets wherever possible to offer up value in exchange for the contact information of the prospect.

Graham: “It’s an active website, not a passive thing that we’re just saying ‘Oh we have it because we gotta check that box.’ We’re using it and we’re leveraging it and I think that’s where the added value comes in.”

If you’d like to see how AgentFire can do the same for you, book a free demo here. 

Step 2: PPC Marketing

Next, Graham needed more traffic and leads from his website, and so he hired Dippidi.

They handled everything from his hyperlocal blogs, to Facebook and Instagram PPC ads, to Google PPC and Local Service Ads – essentially, everything Graham needed to create awareness and compel prospects to learn more…

Tyler: “One key word that you said that I use a lot as a reference point is “Drive”, right? A lot of people have these vehicles or these systems that they aren’t maximizing, they aren’t utilizing, they aren’t ‘driving’ so to speak, right?

Dippidi is essentially a ‘chauffeur’ that ‘drives’ people into the high conversion pages within the AgentFire website.”

Dippidi’s ‘secret sauce’ is in it’s flywheel approach.

Graham: “I was really attracted to the Dippidi Flywheel marketing approach (…) where you’re remarketing, leveraging content that you are creating and remarketing all of the people that are in the Follow Up Boss database or whoever visited our website, who have ever been on the social pages that we have. We now have thousands and thousands of people who are getting caught in the Flywheel, so to speak.”

Graham reports gaining almost 2,000 people in his database and substantially more organic traffic in addition to all of the paid traffic now visiting his site.

Step 3: CRM

Finally, Graham needed a solid CRM that would help optimize his followup to ensure he’s closing the maximum number of deals for his efforts.

On the topic of choosing a CRM – Graham said:

Graham: “There were a whole bunch of different categories; you got the big mambo ones that try to do everything and I don’t think that they necessarily do everything the best. I wanted to make sure that it was super simple to use, powerful though at the same time, and everywhere I went I just started seeing Follow Up Boss pop up.”

Imagine having an AI assistant who stays on top of your leads for you and generates simple engagement tasks that ensure you aren’t letting any precious leads fall through the cracks.

The Follow Up Boss Pixel not only tells you where leads come from, but it provides you with their activity path – then prioritizes your follow-up based on who was most recently active & level of activity! 

Once organized, Graham could pair his leads with Action Plans that seamlessly connected to his text messaging, dialer, and email.

Graham: “One of the things that we did was really looked into ‘What is the best action plan’ – what is the best sort of way to engage someone once they’re in the funnel so to speak, right? And then it was ‘Okay let me go to the library – Follow Up Boss Action Plan Library has a ton of different options out there.'”

Graham could then customize these action plans with his own unique personality, combined with hyperlocal articles on his website – to provide value while simultaneously demonstrating expertise to the rapidly growing database of future clients now receiving his emails.

Dan: “You want to have this foundation of a good plan and then customize that with your core content. Here’s where you have to put the ‘you’ in it.”

Graham’s Total Investment

Near the end of the webinar, Graham and Tyler broke down the amount of money that was invested in this system.

For AgentFire, Graham added a Semi-Custom design ($699 one time) and added Blog Assist Pro ($20/mo) to automate blog posts every week. AgentFire’s monthly fee is just $129/mo. 

For Follow Up Boss, he invested in the ‘Grow’ package for $69/mo – and added their dialer option for $39/mo. 

With Dippidi he chose their ‘Instagram Ad Specialist package 1’ at $300/mo (not including ad spend). 

Total Cost: $699 one time, $557/month

That represents ⅓ the price of the nearest comparable all-in-one solution!

Tyler: “I want people to understand that you don’t need to break the bank to see success. You just need to find the right systems and the right tools and the right services that can get you down the right roads the most efficient way possible.”

The Results

Graham: “Our first deal came in, and the woman said ‘You guys just seem real and you know what you’re talking about and I wanted a house in Reston and I said ‘I gotta go to the experts.’ So it was really cool. “

They were really enamored with our content and the fact that we really knew the local area. She came in with her soon to be husband and immediately started working with us. We found her a house in a couple of days. Now we’re working with somebody who wants to work with us who gels with us because they see us (…) they gelled with our content and who we are.”

“They referred us out to the CEO of the company [the husband worked for] who had a house to sell. We just sold that one. She also had her original house to sell, and we sold that one, so that’s 3 sales out of that one [lead].”

Before working with AgentFire, Graham closed $4mm total volume for 2020.

After choosing AgentFire - in just the first 3 months of 2021 - Graham has closed $9MM in deals AND has a full pipeline.

And he’s got a solution that he can continue to scale as his business growths – with reinvested earnings instead of having to go out-of-pocket. 

Tyler: “Your website has to be one of your best salespeople. That’s number one.”

Real estate is never going back to the way it was before the pandemic. But given the current technological landscape, that just means there are so many new ways to win.

Want a Solution Like Graham’s?

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And if you’d like to watch the full webinar, click here!

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