14 Deal Making Thank You Letters You Should Be Sending Today

14 Deal Making Thank You Letters You Should Be Sending Today

Handwritten thank you letters are an effective and affordable way of standing out from the crowd or real estate agents in your area. Here are 14 thank you letters you should be sending today.

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Handwritten thank you cards are especially powerful nowadays because they are quite rare to see. When you share thank you cards, it leaves a far stronger impact than a simple email or phone call. 

And the best part? They cost very little money and don’t take long to write. Thank you cards could very well become one of your most valuable marketing efforts.

Best Practices for Writing Thank You Letters

A thank you letter is an opportunity to show your clients that you appreciate their business. Don’t forget to also send a thank you letter to the other agent. You never know when you could use the help of a past, positive professional connection. 

Thank you notes are the type of small details that convince clients to share referrals as opposed to thanking you and going on their way. They don’t take much time to create, so they’re highly effective at fostering the kind of connection that results in more leads, more clients, and more referrals. 

Add a thoughtful gift to your card, if possible. Some agents opt for customized blankets, others share an artisanal pie. Think about what your clients need and enjoy and how you can pack that into a neat gift.

Let’s take a look at 12 thank you cards you should be sending.

Types of Thank You Cards

1. Referrals You Received

Client referrals are one of the strongest leads you can receive. Sending a handwritten thank you card to people that send your referrals is an unexpected gesture that will get you remembered, and will encourage them to send more referrals in the future.

Your thank you letter could look something like:

Dear Sarah,

I met with Michael Smith yesterday and wanted to write to you to thank you again for the referral. It meant a lot that you thought of me and I hope we can continue to work together in the future.

Talk soon,


2. Referrals You Sent 

As a real estate professional, you will inevitably bump shoulders with professionals from industries that work in parallel with real estate. Those professionals include mortgage brokerages, lawyers, accountants, bankers and wealth specialists, and many others.

It’s an excellent idea to build relationships with these professionals. Not just because you might need their services in the future, but also because they can send referrals your way. But referrals shouldn’t be a one-way street. You should also send referrals their way too.

And even better? If one of your clients happens to run a business, make sure you send referrals their way too.

For example, if one of your big clients is an accountant, and you have another client looking for an accountant, introduce them to one another. 

And once you do so, send a note thanking them for taking care of your client. By doing so, you’re encouraging both of them to keep working with you whenever they need a realtor in the future and encourage them to send referrals your way.

Your letter could look something like this:

Dear Jennifer,

I wanted to write to you and thank you for helping the Smiths with their investment portfolio. I have worked with them for many years and it means a lot to have you as part of my network of professionals I can reach out to! Be in touch soon.

Warm regards,


3. Real Estate Agents That Sent You Referrals

If you have a real estate agent that referred your business, whether it was because they were too busy, the client was not looking in their area of specialty, or don’t live in the city in which the client was looking, send them a thank you card! 

It means a lot to receive a thank you card and they are much more likely to refer your business in the future. 

Dear Gary,

I met with Michael & Emily yesterday and they are both wonderful. Thank you again for reaching out and referring them to me. I will be sure to find them their perfect home and of course to give you a call if anyone I know is looking for real estate in your area!

Warmest regards,


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4. Real Estate Agents That You Sent Referrals

If you referred an agent to a client, send a thank you card to the agent for looking after your client. It will show your appreciation and they will be more likely to refer business your way if they have a client they are unable to help.

Dear Janet,

Thank you again for taking care of Andrew and Leslie. I told them they were in good hands with you as their agent. I’ll keep sending more contacts your way as I know you’re the best in your city!

Warm regards,


5. After a Listing Presentation

Whether or not the clients list their property with you, it’s good practice to send a thank you card. That thank you card will stick in their minds, and it may just make the difference of whether they list their home with you or not.Regardless of if you just met the seller/buyer or if you’ve known them for a while, don’t miss this opportunity to send a handwritten note.

In this case, timing is important because client could be in the process of interviewing other real estate agents.

And even if they choose someone else, because you went an extra step further in terms of customer service, they may just call you back if their agent fails to sell their home quickly.

Dear Karin & Ben,

It was a pleasure meeting the two of you today and having the honor of seeing your beautiful home. Regardless of who you choose to list your home, I wish you the best of luck and hope the three of us can work together in the future.

Warm regards,

Female real estate agent writes a thank you card

6. After Meeting With a Buyer 

If you meet with a prospective buyer, you can thank them for their time and let them know that you are excited to help them find a home. They may be meeting with other agents, and a small thank you card will show them how detail-oriented you are and that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them.

Dear Scott,

It was a pleasure meeting you this afternoon and I am really looking forward to helping you find your perfect property. I love modern bungalows and live in one myself, so I am just as excited as you are to help you find one that’s right for you in the city!

Talk soon,


7. After a Home Sells

After you successfully help clients sell their home, send them a note thanking them for the business and wish them all the best in the future. 

Dear Brian & Jessica,

Congratulations on the sale of your home! I am so happy we got you a record price and I’m thankful to have found you a beautiful home to move into. Although it’s a busy process, it’s also a very exciting one. Looking forward to continuing to work together in the future. 

Warm regards,


8. After Someone Buys

After you help your clients buy a home, send them a thank you card congratulating them on their purchase, and thank them for the business. Finally, wish them the best with their new property, and let them know you’re always available if they need your services again in the future.

Dear Jane,

Congratulations on your beautiful new home! I am so happy we found you exactly what you wanted and everything went so smoothly. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Looking forward to working together in the future.

Warm regards,


9. After Someone Rents

A lot of the time agents overlook rentals (or actively avoid them). But renters may turn into buyers in the future. And just because they don’t want to buy a primary residence now it doesn’t mean they don’t want to invest in real estate or don’t know of anyone that DOES want to buy.

Don’t ignore renters. And once you help them find the home they want, send them a thank you letter!

Dear Natasha,

Congratulations on your home! I am so happy we found a place with a waterfront view and walk in closet. You were a pleasure to work with and I hope we can stay in touch in the future.

Warm regards,


10. FSBO’s

If your clients are interested in a home that’s For Sale by Owner, and that seller is willing to pay commission to agents bringing a buyer, take your clients on a walkthrough of the home.

Send them a thank you card thanking them for showing you their home and let them know that if they do decide to use a firm to list their property you would love to meet with them to go over the details. 

Dear Michael & Christina,

I wanted to write to you and thank you again for allowing my clients and I to view your home. They loved the wrap around porch and real brick fireplace. I will be in touch if they decide to put in an offer. As well, if you ever decide to use a real estate firm to list your property, please feel free to reach out. I would be happy to go over any questions you may have.

Best of luck with the sale of your home and hope to stay in touch.

Warm regards,


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11. Services

There are a number of needed services when it comes to selling and buying a home. Everything from painting and staging to photography and movers are all needed to make the deal a successful one.

Sending thank-you notes to those that helped make it all happened shows your appreciation and may get referrals from those who are in close contact with sellers.

Dear Andrew,

Thank you again for taking the beautiful photographs of 40 Smith Lane. You really went above and beyond and the exceptional attention to detail shows through in the pictures. I will continue to hire you for my listings and refer you to colleagues. 

Warmest regards,


12. Agent You Worked With 

If you worked with agents who were exceptionally good at their job or really went above and beyond to make the deal happen, send them a thank you card. You never know when they may need to refer a client or need an agent to co-list a big listing with.

Keep your network of realtors as close as your clients because they are a substantial equation in the deal. 

Dear Peter,

I wanted to write to you and thank you so much for doing such an exceptional job with the sale on 210 Front Street. My clients are thrilled with the property and thanks to you, the sale went exceptionally smooth. Hoping we can work together in the future. 

Warmest regards,


13. After a Phone Call with a Prospective Client or Business Partner

Everyone is busy these days. If someone you respect takes the time to speak with you and entertain the possibility of working with you, show them that you take their consideration seriously. A thank you card is also a great opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism.

Dear Amy, 

I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to have a phone call with me. In today’s business world, time is scarce. Rest assured that I will always be respectful of the time you invest as we discuss the possibility of [insert objective of your conversation]. 

Warmest Regards, 


14. When You Receive a Gift at Close from a Client

If you receive a gift from a client you’ve worked with, you can be confident that you left a great impression. Show them that the feelings are mutual by writing a short card.

Dear Sophia,

 Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your homeownership journey and for sharing such a thoughtful gift. I truly appreciate it. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I hope you to continue working with you in your  future homeownership journey.   In the meantime, please let me know if I can provide any additional support to you and your family. 

Warmest Regards, 


15. Anyone Serving You

Anytime someone providing you with a helpful service, there is an opportunity to give a thank you card. There can be a number of people who serve you throughout a real estate deal: your plumber, lawyer, barista, car dealer, server, etc. 

For these handwritten cards, throw in a business card. If they do not know remember you by name, they may wish to look you up. 

Dear Allen, 

Thank you for your kind service. Meeting with you however briefly at ( name location) added a pep in my step and made the rest of my day easier. The effort you put into (name role and responsibilities) does not go unnoticed. 

Warmest Regards, 



Thank you cards are inexpensive and can be written and mailed in just a few minutes. They will help set you apart from your competition and will go a long way in helping you build stronger relationships with clients, professionals in your sphere of influence, and other real estate agents in your hyperlocal area.

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