Mid-2023 Real Estate Social Media Updates for Better Visibility and Engagement

Mid-2023 Real Estate Social Media Updates for Better Visibility and Engagement

Social media is constantly shaping and creating new ways to market real estate. These key social media updates for mid-2023 will help you stay ahead of the curve and in line with the best real estate marketers in the business.

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The digital world moves faster than most of us can wrap our heads around. Social media updates are some of the most rapid changes and the hardest to keep up with – especially when real estate is your full-time job.

In this article, we’ve summed up the most impactful and relevant social media updates for real estate professionals who want to get a step ahead of the online competition.

Audio on Social

As more social media platforms choose to favor video-based content, the role of audio in social media becomes more and more important.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok use sound bites to start trends and define content. Including audio in your posts allows you to add a mood to your content and attract new audience members who may not have found your real estate content otherwise.

According to Hootsuite, over 74% of businesses plan to invest in audio-only content in 2023. As an emerging avenue with low competition, taking advantage of audio on socials is a great move for businesses looking to stand out.

Full-screen Content

TikTok growth isn’t slowing down and the platforms has a noticeable influence over how other social media platforms display content. Due to the success of TikTok’s full-screen display, Youtube and Facebook have also followed that lead. Research shows 90% higher competition rates for vertical videos on these platforms.

Authenticity is More Important Than Ever

Think back to the first days of social media photo-blogging on Instagram and Facebook. That’s the type of content your current audience is reminiscing about now.

Authentic visual content that show your day-to-day life is more in demand than ever as viewers recoil from edited and unattainable images. This year’s most-viewed content is consistently heading in a more organic and personalized direction.

woman holds a transparent phone representing short video real estate content

Google Aloud Simplifies Translation

Aloud is a relatively new tool from Google that allows creators to quickly and inexpensively translate their videos into multiple languages. To overcome to visual limitations of subtitles, Google is making dubbing, the process of overlaying a translated voice track, less time-consuming and expensive most creators.

To use Aloud, all you need to do is provide the video you’d like to translate and subtitles in the original language.

Facebook Prioritizes Groups and Events

Facebook researchers are finding that groups and events are one of the top reasons that users visit Facebook. The new redesign has also put more emphasis on these areas of your Facebook newsfeed. To make the most out of this update, join relevant local Facebook groups with audience members who could gain form your real estate services. You should also have your own brokerage or personal real estate Facebook groups where you can engage with curious buyers and sellers and share local real estate updates and helpful info.

Instagram Users are Seeing More Posts from Accounts They Don’t Follow

The Instagram algorithm is doing more than ever to increase engagement for all credible users. Instagram users are seeing more and more content from unknown accounts directly in their feed, as opposed to in their explore page. So, how can you get your posts in front of potential followers?

  • Cut down on engagement clickbait or obvious promotional content
  • Don’t repurpose content unless it adds value in the instagram format (e.g. don’t just post screen shots of your tweets to your story, make a carousel out of them and tag relevant accounts)
  • Focus on getting more engagement from your core followers, especially within an hour of posting
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LinkedIn Considers “Dwell-Time”

A standout new addition to LinkedIn is that accounts with high “dwell-times” are being rewarded with increased visibility. If your viewers spend more time digesting your newest post, LinkedIn considers it to be more interesting as useful. This doesn’t mean, however, that your posts should be as long as possible. Instead, use storytelling techniques to keep readers’ eyes on your post until the last word.

Engaging content also tends to receive longer, detailed comments. LinkedIn favours these comments over short ones, no matter how positive they may be.

The Micro-Influencer Becomes the Mega-Promoter

The rise of the micro-influencer (those with less than 10k followers) and user-generated content isn’t slowing down. Micro-influencers (also known as nano-influencers) create 90% of today’s viewed content. Smaller influencers are commonly seen as more trustworthy and they connect quickly with specific audiences. Choosing relevant, approachable faces to represent your brand will help boost your client relationships and credibility for your business. In real estate, consider partnering with popular local community figures and businesses.

Micro-influencers are also a cost-effective trend, often charging less than $100 per post.

AI Speeds Up Content Creation

Most people don’t realize that they are already using some form of AI. Any predictive, automated software that streamlines certain jobs can be called AI. AI tools that specifically enhance writing and research are specifically growing in popularity. Real estate agents can use tools such as ChatGPT to come up with content ideas, refine mail subject lines, and more. Read this article to learn about ChatGPT and real estate in detail.

Remember that AI copywriting tools can never replace human tone and authentic connection through writing. Always customize your AI generated content to fit naturally with your real estate brand and message.

One of the biggest concerns with AI content is the lack of creativity and human tone. There is also the risk of errors, biases, and ethical misunderstandings around using AI-generated content.

Real Estate Chatbox graphic

Customer Service Steps Up With Chatbots

In 2023, businesses that consistently upgrade digital customer service will surely win out against those that don’t. A big part of great service is listening to clients, understanding their concerns, and delivering fast and easy solutions.Chatbots are a quick and inexpensive win for those real estate businesses looking to better their user’s online experience while limiting long-term overhead.

Chatbots quickly answer client questions and simplify common interactions that would otherwise suck up a ton of your time.

Hyper-targeted Social Ads

According to, 54% of customers get annoyed when they see an ad for a product or service they already bought. Instagram also gives users the option to stop receiving ads they don’t like.

Get super-specific about the audiences you target with each and every paid ad you publish. Ask yourself and your audience (through an email survey or social media poll) for example, what type of content is most useful to them? What services or business style are they expecting from you?

You Got This!

Now that you’re caught up on the social media updates you need now, it’s time to put them in action. Whether you include AI content-writing tools to amp up your blogs or make your videos more accessible with Google Aloud, your real estate business will benefit from applying even the small social media updates.

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