Maximize Your Real Estate Marketing by Repurposing Content

Maximize Your Real Estate Marketing by Repurposing Content

Have you ever read an article or watched a video and been prompted to download something for free? Experiment with your downloadable assets. The key is to provide as much value as possible so that your site visitors have a reason to provide you with their contact information.

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Creating valuable content can be a lengthy but important step to maximize your real estate marketing.

I write guides for AgentFire. And since I’m doing research and trying to make sure what I’m writing is really powerful… A single guide can take a full day or more to create.

The same goes for videos. I’ve sat down with Nelson and had to do a full day of filming for one or two good takes.

In short, this stuff is time-consuming. I know you’ve had the same problems. You want to ensure that your hours are being spent in the most productive way. Assuming you’re providing value… The next step is getting your content seen by the most amount of homeowners.

One way to do this is by repurposing your content.

Repurposing Your Real Estate Content 

Most realtors find what content works best for them and stick with it. Great, keep doing that. But think about how you can re-create your content once it’s created.

Transcribe videos and podcasts.

Throw your podcast or video into an article on your blog. Then, get it transcribed. This gives your audience multiple ways to consume your content. It also gives you the SEO benefit you wouldn’t get from a video or podcast. You can transcribe the audio yourself; or use a service like this one.

Turn videos and articles into slideshares.

Slideshare is ranked as the 166th most popular site on the internet. The website receives more than 60 million visits per month. Turning your existing content into presentations on slideshare creates an opportunity to tap another huge audience.

Here’s a complete guide to slideshare.

Turn your content into talks.

Has one of your videos, articles or podcasts blown up in popularity? This is a sign that homeowners and real estate investors may want to listen to you speak in-depth on the subject. You can do this at local events or create workshops of your own. You may also get the opportunity to speak at conferences (and get paid for it).

  • Best real estate investments
  • Greatest home energy/bill savings
  • Renos on a budget

The above are some good ideas for speaking at workshops or local events.

Converting Your Real Estate Content to Digital Assets


Use your content to create tangible assets. Use this as leverage to grow your mailing list or establish authority.

Create a downloadable asset for each piece of content

Have you ever read an article or watched a video and been prompted to download something for free? This could be something like a checklist, PDF copy of the article or “3 secret tips” not included in the content. Set up an opt-in form and offer a downloadable asset to anyone who enters their email.

  • Guide to profitable renos
  • Neighborhood guides
  • Real estate investors checklist

Experiment with your downloadable assets. The key is to provide as much value as possible so that your homeowners enter their email to get it. Make it irresistible.

Compile content into bigger pieces/round ups.

Creating round-ups of content is a great way to reference and revisit content in a new way. You can also create compilations; or an e-book even. Compile your favorite content or distill it into a neat package. An alternative to this is creating products that you can sell or offer for free.

Create an info product.

Consumers are doing more independent research than ever. Try creating resources that give them the information they need to make educated real estate investment decisions. Clients want you to do the leg work… But you would be surprised how many homeowners and investors are curious to learn.

In Conclusion

You can create enormous leverage in your content marketing strategy by repurposing your existing content. Repurposing content allows you to distribute it to different channels. More distribution channels means that your content will be seen be a wider audience.

The key is to capture the attention of homeowners in your target market. You use that attention to build trust and create a conversation. In other words… you re-market.

By remarketing – you build brand recognition and top-of-mind familiarity. This is infinitely easier to do as a niche service provider in a specific geographical area than it is for example as a national brand. Take advantage of the specificity you get as a realtor.

Lastly, remember your content creates transactions. Developing leads from your content is simply an exchange of value. The more value you provide, the more you’ll get back. This is social capital.

Build that social capital and soon you’ll be able to exchange it in for real dollars.

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