Maximize Your Real Estate Marketing by Repurposing Content

Maximize Your Real Estate Marketing by Repurposing Content

Have you ever read an article or watched a video and been prompted to download something for free? Experiment with your downloadable assets. The key is to provide as much value as possible so that your site visitors have a reason to provide you with their contact information.

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Repurposing published content is one of the best ways to maximize marketing efforts and cut down on physical effort. Creating new content is time-consuming. If you have content that reflects your brand positively and connects with your audience, reusing it is a no-brainer. 

Whether your goal is to increase brand relevance, boost your readerships/viewership, or generate leads, repurposing can move you forward with little time investment. With a few changes, repurposed content can earn quality back links, better target keywords, boost your SEO, among other benefits. 

If you’re frustrated or stressed by the time and effort put into making new content, you should  ensure that your hours are being spent in the most productive way. Assuming you’re providing value, the next step is getting your content seen by the most amount of homeowners.

Repurposing your content is the way to do it. 

Why Repurpose Real Estate Content?

Your original piece of content might have caught the attention of one group of customers, but with repurposing, you can engage another audience segment on a different platform.

By sharing your content in various places and formats, you reinforce your message and increase the likelihood of it sticking with your audience

Most realtors find what content works best for them and stick with it. Great, keep doing that. But think about how you can re-create your content once it’s created.

How to Repurpose Content

Transcribe Videos and Audio

Unfortunately, it’s common for online marketers to forget about visually impaired readers. Simply making sure to transcribe an audio clip or video can gain you tons of new viewers who were unintentionally excluded before. Additionally, you gain the SEO benefits from new written content that you wouldn’t get from videos or podcasts. It is up to you if you want to transcribe content yourself or hire a professional on a platform such as Fiverr to get the job done. 

Turn Content into Talks

Have one of your published articles gained significant popularity or even gone viral? This is a sign that readers may be open to listen to you speak in-depth about the topic. Consider reaching out to a local real estate podcast and pitching your topic. 

You could also hold informative speaking events or workshops of your own. Do you know a local real estate or home buying/selling conference coming up. Reach out to them and pitch your presentation. 

Some ideas to get you started include, steps to selling your first home, how to save on gas and energy, and renovations that will get you the most bang for your buck.

  • Best real estate investments
  • Greatest home energy/bill savings
  • Renos on a budget

The above are some good ideas for speaking at workshops or local events.

Convert Your Real Estate Content to Digital Assets


Use your content to create tangible assets. Use this as leverage to grow your mailing list or establish authority.

Create a Downloadable Asset

Have you ever read something especially useful online and wished you could easily save it/ access it. Downloadable assets such as checklists, PDFs, and quick tips, make it easy to access key information quickly whether or not the reader has access to internet. Readers also have the security of knowing that the page cannot get taken down or deleted once it is downloaded. 

Examine your existing content and see if you can turn it into a succinct, well organized  document that can be saved and easily skimmed. Clients of our AgentFire real estate agents often enjoy neighbourhood guides, listicles and similar forms content.

Experiment with downloadable assets to see which formats are most preferred by your ideal clients. 

Create Infographics

Infographics are like little treats of goodness that can be easily shared on most platforms and digital mediums. They are highly digestible and favoured by viewers because that they are both informative and visually pleasing. 

It’s up to you what you include in you infographic however, making sure that information is easily conveyed visually is the goal.

Republish it Somewhere Else

Sometimes, simply republishing on a new platform is enough to give an article new life. For example, LinkedIn’s publishing tool allows marketers to take advantage of the high authority and exposure of LinkedIn to push their content infant of more interested readers. You may find that articles republished on Linkedin can receive more traffic than when they were initially published on your site. 

LinkedIn posts are also highly shareable, increasing the opportunity for referral traffic. 

Turn Information into Video

Video is the most popular content type online today. If you have rich, written content already published and preforming well, you already have the blueprint for a video. Use your article content to shape the script and ideas for a video. We suggest creating an in-depth, highly detailed video on a specific topic and then snipping specific clips to repost to different social media platforms. 

Plan to Repurpose Content Before it is Created

As always. prevention is better than correction. If you can create content with the intent to repurpose them in a variety of ways, you’ll have no trouble doing so when the time comes. 

Before you put pen to paper (figuratively speaking), create an action plan on how you will use your article in different places.

Rewrite Content into Social Media Posts

Tools such as Canva make it easy to take your written content and turn it into graphics that are shareable and attention-grabbing. Consider using snippets of your posts to create shareable quotes or use statistics to create tip or infographics.

Create an Ebook

Have you created a load of online content based around the same topic? Consider taking these blogs and creating a downloaded ebook. We always recommend that content is rewritten and refreshed before being repurposed. However, the foundation of your new ebook already exists within your blogs. 

Write a Guest Post

We understand that not everyone is a fan of guest posting. However, it is a great way to rope in viewers from other platforms and creating interest in your upcoming written content. Think of it like being a guest speaker at a professional event. Additionally, by strategically incorporating relevant links to your real estate website within your guest posts, you can directly lead viewers back to your existing content and services. 

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Email Marketing

There are a few distinct types of emails that are most efficient within real estate marketing: newsletters, digest emails, local updates, ad specialized or special occasion emails. 


Newsletters are arguably the most common and easiest to create because it’s easy to link to existing content. Within a newsletter, you simply have to describe the linked content in a new way. Chances are that many of your readers haven’t read most of your old content. However, reframing the description in a way that is relevant to them now can spark their interest.


Digest emails, which are typically brief with quick links and descriptions, are meant to be purely informational. These emails list content that you think may be useful to your audience and blatantly encourage them to take a look. For example, you may find that a whopping load of your clients have a new-found interest in learning about interest rates. Any of the past articles you published about interest rates can be listed in a digest email to remind them that you already offer existing resources for those specific questions. 

Local Updates

Real estate is inherently local, yet, many real estate agents mistakenly follow on gaining a mass-following. If you are one of the few real estate professionals offering local market reports that buyers and sellers would find helpful, you can set yourself apart. Better yet, consider using research you’ve conducted for past content to create a downloadable market report.

Specialized/ Special Occasion Email

Client relationship management in real estate is all about the long game. Every holiday or highly-anticipated event, such as the Super Bowl is an opportunity to establish a more personal connection with your clients. Birthdays and days that are uniquely special to them, are especially great opportunities to further your connection. On these dates, send an email update that shows you remembered the special day and want to share your regards. Linking to a piece of published content that is especially useful to them will show them that you are willing to go the extra mile. 

In Conclusion

You can create enormous leverage in your content marketing strategy by repurposing your existing content. Repurposing content allows you to distribute it to different channels. More distribution channels means that your content will be seen be a wider audience.

The key is to capture the attention of homeowners in your target market. You use that attention to build trust and create a conversation. In other words… you re-market.

By remarketing – you build brand recognition and top-of-mind familiarity. This is infinitely easier to do as a niche service provider in a specific geographical area than it is for example as a national brand. Take advantage of the specificity you get as a realtor.

Lastly, remember your content creates transactions. Developing leads from your content is simply an exchange of value. The more value you provide, the more you’ll get back. This is social capital.

Build that social capital and soon you’ll be able to exchange it in for real dollars.

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