The 35 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2024

The 35 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2024

Here are the 35 best real estate apps you need to generate leads, simplify your day-to-day work, and beat the competition in 2024.

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Any modern, successful real estate agent will tell you: real estate apps have become essential tools for modern real estate businesses that move smoothly and harmoniously.  Specific concerns that real estate apps can solve include time tracking, scheduling, CRMs, and digital forms (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg). Read on to learn more about the 35 best real estate apps that agents should download now.

What are Real Estate Apps?

Real estate apps are software applications that are created to improve the real estate transaction process. Real estate apps can be used by sellers, buyers, brokers, investors and agents. In this article, we’ll be focusing on apps that are best for real estate agents.

Key Features of Real Estate Apps

Real estate apps for agents are typically created to solve a few common challenges. This includes:

  • Scheduling: Apps can help you manage schedules for you and your team, in addition assigning showings and listings to individual agents with images and videos. Ideally, a scheduling app should integrate with calendar apps that you use regularly such as Google Calendar.
  • Document storage and management: As an agent on the go, apps can help you safely secure documents such as agreements, contracts, disclosure forms, and branding materials.
  • Instant notifications: The best apps should offer real-time alerts for messages, schedule changes, new leads, client inquiries, or client feedback.
  • Communication Support: Communication apps help you keep in touch with all your agents, office staff, and current clients.
  • Automated Task management: Apps that help automate monotonous tasks are ideal for simplifying daily activities and speeding up productivity.
  • Employee onboarding and training: New team members can benefit from customized training materials that they can access right from their phones. Onboarding apps keep teams connected when they are on the go and aren’t usually seated together in one office space.
  • Client relationship management (CRM): A modern CRM is the number one tool to manage client information, track follow ups, and organize leads and other contacts effectively.
  • Listing management: Apps give agents the ability to easily edit, manage, and create property listings, including high-quality photos and detailed descriptions.

Many excellent real estate apps are available today, each one supports different tasks and aspects of the real estate profession. There is no single “best” real estate agent app, however we’ve compiled the most beneficial apps on the market for you to choose and apply to your business. Please note that as pricing and plans often change, we suggest visiting the webpage of each individual app you are interested in to get pricing details.

Google drive home page

Google Drive

Google Drive is a real estate app essential, without question. Whether or not you are actively working in real estate, Google drive is an excellent way to organize all of the important documents in our lives. This app allows you to save multiple file types in the same place, across all of your logged-in devices. This includes Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and more. This app is one of the most diverse on the list, so let’s look at it in more detail.

Protect your files

Google Drive automatically provides encrypted access and secure access to your files. Plus, because they are saved in the cloud and not on your device, you won’t lose your files if something happens to your phone or computer. Dangerous files are automatically scanned and removed if they are found to have malware or viruses.

Organize Your Files

For real estate agents, we suggest starting off by organizing your files under the names of each client and then organizing property details within each client file. These files will be super easy to attach to any correspondence with a simple google link to that document.


Want to transition a different file format into a Google doc? Google Drive integrates easily with word docs, CAD files, images and more.

Google Drive is available on all devices.

Calendy home page


Making yourself easy to contact and find is one of the fastest ways to get ahead of your real estate competitors. Calendy is your center for organized scheduling across devices. Imagine you’ve integrated your Calendy calendar into your website. The Calendy app will allow you to only open the days and times that work for you, easily reschedule or cancel a meeting, and send a thank you note. There is no lengthy back-and-forth; once someone schedules a meeting with you during an open slot, it’s automatically confirmed.

Worth Clarke Meeting Scheduling Page

Take a look at how our client, Worth Clarke, uses the Calendy integration on his real estate website. Visitors can schedule a virtual meeting or phone chat in a simple two-step process right one their webpage. This way, agents know exactly what the client is looking for in advance and the client can select the correct meeting type depending on their needs. Speak with our web designers about how you can add Calendy to your website.

Calendy is available on all devices.


Mounds of documents are an unfortunate but necessary part of working in real estate. If you find yourself running around to get your document scanned, you need to download Turboscan now.

Simply place your phone over the document and the app will take an exact scan that can be shared as a PDF or JPEG. The app uses advanced algorithms to detect document edges and gives you the option to alter them if needed. Even without perfect lighting, you can get a clear scan by altering the shadows and setting the perfect contrast for text. 

Make the most out of this app by using it in conjunction with e-signing software, Docusign. After scanning your document in Turboscan, open the created pdf in Docusign, sign it electronically and send it off to the next signee to be completed.   

Whether you are using a tablet or mobile, Turbo scan is the most efficient way to scan and share scans on the go.

Turboscan is available for Android and iOS.


DocuSign for REALTORS is a real estate agent go-to. The real estate app combines the functions of eSignatures and DocuSign Transaction Rooms, making it simple for users to keep transactions organized while away from the office. There is also a DocuSign Broker Edition, which manages transactions across an entire brokerage while also providing mobility to agents.

DocuSign for REALTORS and DocuSign Broker Edition is available for Android and iOS.

Example of Draft Floor Plan

Magic plan

Although Magic Plan was originally built for contractors, it’s a great app to give real estate agents a competitive advantage. Magic plan is a 3D app that can measure the rooms in a home and automatically generate a floor plan that you can interact with and add to. It asks that you take a picture of each corner of a room, before computing its size and estimating square footage. 

Even before a construction or inspection professional can weigh in, you can offer your clients answers to their ‘dimension’ questions and share high-quality images. Finally, you can virtually furnish the plan to give your clients an idea of how the space would look if it were “lived in”.

Magic Plan is available for Android and iOS.

Zillow Mortgage App

The Zillow Mortgage app is extremely popular among clients, but it’s also a great tool for agents. If you’re looking for a mortgage calculator on the go, this real estate app will give you an idea of what clients can afford with customized mortgage rates from several lenders.

Recently, Zillow integrated a new video feature on the app called, Video Walkthrough, which gives buyers a realistic view of what it would be like to walk through a home. Home sellers can even create their own video walkthroughs by visiting the app. However, agents get the final say and have to approve the video before it goes live.

Zillow Real Estate is available for Android and iOS.


Next to Google Drive, QuickBooks is easily the second most diverse application on this list. It’s safe to say that this is a financing essential. Within QuickBooks, you can measure and track every cent that comes and goes. It’s like an accountant on the go! However, in order to make the most out of QuickBooks, you’ll need to make sure that you’re constantly tracking your numbers and reviewing them at least once a month. On a basic level, start by tracking your income and expenses in the app. If you have worked with other professionals during the year, you can automatically pay your payroll taxes. The QuickBook system will calculate how much you owe in taxes based on salary.

Some often unthought-of-things that we suggest real estate agents track in QuickBooks include, marketing and ad spend, office supplies, and supplemental education.

QuickBooks is available on Android and IOS.

Your CRM

Whatever CRM you choose, it should have a mobile app available. Real estate lead generation requires consistency and updated communication. To make the most out of a CRM, you need to be able to access the program quickly and easily while you’re on the road.

Not sure which CRM is right for you? Our clients love FollowUp Boss and LionDesk, but our AgentFire websites can integrate with any CRM of your choice. Book a free demo and ask us about our CRM integrations today!

Zoom home page

Curb Hero

Curb Hero is an innovative app that uses photos to evaluate a property’s curb appeal. It aids real estate agents in identifying list-ready properties, finding areas to enhance marketing strategies, and much more.

The only challenge is that you must take a clear, high-quality photo in order for the app to accurately analyze the curb appeal score.

Curb Hero is available for Android and iOS.


Zoom changed our lives and careers in 2020, and the success of its effects is here to stay. Tons of wasted time traveling and coordinating for in-person meetings is saved when you transition to virtual meetings. 

When it comes to choosing which meetings should be virtual as opposed to in-person, most agents start with pre-listing appointments and buyer consultations. If you can think of a meeting in which the other participants highly value convenience and speed, Zoom is a leading option. To make zoom meetings scheduling easy, add a ‘schedule a zoom meeting option’ to your contact page on your real estate website. You may do this through a clendy integration or another scheduling addon. Speak with our web designers to learn more about calendars and contact forms on your AgentFire website.

Zoom is available for Android and iOS.


No graphic design apps provide as much free, valuable content for real estate agents as Canva. Within this app, use colorful, professional templates to create attention-grabbing social media posts, direct-mail, brochures, presentations and more, on the go. 

While Canva is great for throw-together graphics, we suggest leaving your logo and custom branding to the professionals. Our web designers know exactly how to build a real estate-specific brand that will make you stand out in your hyperlocal area. Learn more about our logo and branding designs here.

Canva is available for Android and iOS.

Real Messenger 

Real Messenger is new in the real estate app market, but it’s making a big splash. The software is designed to be exclusive to only particular people including buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, to help network high-end pocket listings. With the approval of renowned celebrity real estate agent Fredrik Eklund, the app aims to merge social engagement while maintaining the privacy of pocket listings.

Because this app is only in its initial stages, challenges related to user experience and login occasionally pop up.

The app’s potential to connect social media and niche search in the real estate industry is a unique point of interest.

Real Messenger is available for Android and iOS.

Spacio + BombBomb

This Spacio and Bombomb integration is a secret weapon in successfully marketing listings and connecting with clients. Let’s start by looking at BomBom.

BomBomb is a video messaging program that allows you to record, edit, and share videos quickly. The app was specially designed with the aim of increasing production, improving communication, and building deeper client relationships. Imagine a client emails you a detailed question requiring an equally detailed answer, but you are about to begin an open house. Send a BomBomb video in seconds and attach it to the email instead of wasting time writing a lengthy response.

A unique feature that makes BomBomb different from other video apps is that it consistently reevaluates the internet speed and quality of the device the video is being viewed on to show the video in the highest quality possible.

Spacio is a user-friendly marketing system for listings and open houses. With Spacio, you can seamlessly collect open house leads and market to them after the open house is finished. When you’re ready to reach out to a lead, take advantage of the BomBomb integration and send a professional, personal video email.


Aircall is a cloud-based mobile platform that makes it easy for agents to make, receive, and manage calls from anywhere, whether they are on the road, out of office, or even overseas. The flexibility that the platform allows is invaluable for agents who are often on the move, ensuring they never miss an important call,

Aircall also integrates with other tools, like your CRM, so that agents can maintain comprehensive client records.

Aircall is available for Android and iOS.

Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro is a similar lead capturing alternative to Spacio, with a few different features. Which one you prefer will depend on your interests and user habits. Like Spacio, Open Home Pro serves to gather and market to open house leads.

However, this app allows agents to add a bit more detail about the lead if necessary (in visitor notes), which can be then referred to in ongoing communication. Open house visitors will also have the option of adding feedback, their budget and more. Plus, you can choose to send automated follow-ups through the app.

Open Home Pro is available for Android and iOS.


Fresh Desk is a robust option for cloud-based customer support that is specifically designed for real estate agents. It offers online live chat, phone calls, email, and social media-enhanced customer support. Additionally, the app’s pre-programmed bots deliver instant replies to stream interactions. Plus, the intuitive navigation empowers realtors to get started using its rich features quickly.

Keep in mind that some users may require time to fully grasp the app’s capabilities, as complex queries may challenge the capabilities of pre-programmed bots.

FreshDesk is available for Android and iOS.


Everlance addresses a fundamental need for you as a real estate agent: efficient mileage and expense tracking. Half of the agents in a survey spend at least an hour a day offsite or on the road. Since you often travel to various listings, client meetings, and industry events, keeping track of every mile and expense is crucial.

You can log expenses in real-time, ensuring accurate and timely records. This not only aids you during tax season but also assists in budgeting and financial planning. The platform’s detailed reports offer you a clear overview of your spending, enabling smarter financial decisions.

Everlance is available for Android and iOS.


Think of Waze as Google Maps’ more aware and prepared friend. Unlike other map apps, Waze is updated by the minute to reflect real-time traffic or stops. The Waze community of map editors, translators, users and carpoolers work around the clock to make each drive smoother. This means that you’ll know about construction, police stops, traffic, and even potholes before you reach them. 

The ETA feature is practically made for real estate agents. It’s no secret that agents sometimes run late. By sending your clients an ETA update through the app, you can let them know exactly when you expect to arrive, down to the minute. Why stress about traffic when you can plan around it?

Waze is available for Android and iOS.

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3D tours are a unique feature all real estate agents should add to their listings. With Matterport, capturing any space is simple: use the app to quickly capture depth, data, and the ‘look’ of a space in an automated process. Your clients will love the opportunity to see and explore a space before traveling there. This will save you and your clients time in the home search process.

Your 3D virtual tour can then be shared via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, or another social media network.

Matterport is available for Android and iOS. is an elaborate tool for renters, investors, and agents. This user-friendly real estate search engine allows users to browse rental listings in your area with particular search parameters. Real estate agents and investors can use these tools to judge comps in an area, while renters may find their next place on the app. The inventory is updated daily and shows multiple different property types available for rent. is available for Android and iOS.


Dotloop is an extensive organizational app, and one of the best real estate apps for real estate agents. We could call Dotloop the Google Drive of transactions: collaborate on transaction documents in a secure, encrypted app just for realtors. The functions within the Dotloop app are extensive. Here are a few that make the app a real estate must-have:

  • Document management
  • eSignatures
  • Easy sharing
  • Secure storage
  • Backend and CRM integrations
  • Host in-person signing
  • Scan docs with your phone
  • Exporting text conversations
  • Push notifications
  • Convert pictures into PDFs
  • Task management
  • Compliance submission

Dotloop is available for Android and iOS.


RPR is the only app on this list that requires users to have a real estate license. Use your hyperlocal location to instantly search all properties, on and off the market at your client’s request. Then, provide extra value to clients by using the app to gather valuations, tax and mortgage info, market trends, and demographics. When you’re ready, you can share customized reports, notes, and video with clients in a single message. 

RPR gives agents access to information clients would be hard-pressed to find otherwise. This includes exclusive info such as tax info and mortgage history, so you can spot the deals other agents are skipping over.

RPR is available for Android and iOS.

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Since 2009, Houzz has typically been known as an app for buyers and renters looking for decor ideas. However, they have recently added a Real Estate Agents category that allows agents to list themselves with a free profile. If you’re looking to learn a bit about designing a home or staging, Houzz gives you access to more than nine million interior design photos, home decor, and decorating ideas.

Houzz is available for Android and iOS.


If you are working within a team in any capacity, Connecteam will be a huge help. Working on a team is especially difficult in real estate, as many real estate professionals are on the go throughout the week. With Connecteam keeping your team on the same track, you can simplify your daily operations and team communications.

Think: easy form-filling, time tracking, simple signature-gathering and shared schedules. Plus, this app allows staff to interact on a smaller, 1:1 scale. Imagine scheduling an online training session for your marketing team, responding to a direct chat and recording employee time for payroll, all in one app.

Connecteam is available for Android and iOS.


Keep tax season simple by using Receipt Scanner to keep track of your purchases while you are out and about. All you need to do is take a photo of the receipt and save it along with important expense details. Then save it and watch your accountant/bookkeeper’s job become easier.

Receipt Scanner is available for Android and iOS.

Palm Agent One

Simply put, Palm Agent One helps agents calculate the most important and common numbers clients request. Any closing cost you can think of can be calculated quickly in Palm Agent One with a few clicks. Market-specific factors such as a state and country are considered in each calculation including buyer estimates, seller net sheets, taxes, escrow rates and more. 

With the premium version, clients are even able to condense this closing cost information into social media templates that can be shared on multiple networks.

Palm Agent is available for Android and iOS.


Remember USBs? Well, thanks to Dropbox you won’t be needing them anymore. This application saves all of your files in your cloud, so you don’t have to worry about documents being trapped on a specific device – and you can access them everywhere. 

What sets dropbox apart is its huge storage capacity. While most methods of file-sharing have a rather small file size limit of 25 megabytes, DropBox can support and share files as large as 50 gigabytes with your team in seconds. 

Additionally, getting started with DropBox is easy, and unlike other cloud software like Google Drive, you can use whichever email address you’d like. Your clients and coworkers can engage with any of the files you share with them, barrier- free and no matter who their email provider is.

Dropbox is available for Android and iOS.

Specifically designed for agents, “The Find” app by Realtor is perfect for real professionals making scheduling changes on the move. The app provides unique functions such as cross-sharing of private listing data between partner MLS systems, app member directory, and even a showing scheduling service, allowing agents to easily schedule showings from within the app.

Realtor Real Estate is available for Android and iOS.

Premier Agent

The Premier Agent app from Zillow is one of the most refined real estate agent apps on the market. It combines property listing inquiries from both Zillow and Trulia and gives realtors the ability to manage listings, profiles, and reviews at once.

The Premier Agent app is available for Android and iOS.

Trulia Real Estate

Truila Real Estate allows users to surf millions of listings nationwide, including details from updated listings of homes for sale, available apartments, open houses, photo galleries, and location-specific information like school ratings and crime rates in an area.

Another app available from the company, Trulia Mortgages, simplifies the process of calculating mortgage payments. If that’s not enough, dive into Trulia Rentals and the Trulia Agent app.

All Trulia apps are available for Android and iOS.


Looking to hire a reliable professional for a quick real estate gig? Broker Assist makes it easy and safe to find the help you need. How about expanding your referral network? Broker Assist can help with that too. It’s a one-stop-shop for referrals and quick hires. 

Use BrokerAssist to connect with other agents and brokers and return the favor by notifying them of inbound referrals in their area – for free! Broker Assist is the first agent-to-agent referral network that doesn’t take commission cuts. 

​Secondly, flip the toggle and skim the marketplace for real estate professionals to collaborate with on deal-specific tasks. 

Looking for a content-writer for your real estate website? AgentFire clients have the option of working with Textbroker to receive completed, weekly blogs that are customizable to each client. Learn more about our unique addons here.


Like Hootsuite, buffer is a social media management platform designed to simplify your social media marketing and make real estate professionals’ lives easier. The app allows users to input and track social media posts across platforms including Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. With Buffer, you’ll have all your businesses’ content in one place.

Social media planning apps like this are great tools for anyone in the process of growing their business. Buffer lets you know when is the best time to post your content and even suggest the best platforms for your business. As your business grows, you can rely on these tools to maintain a strong online presence that is important for creating brand awareness and generating leads.

Buffer is available for Android and iOS.


Think of Homesnap as the Snapchat of real estate. It works by allowing users to take a photo of any home nationwide and then instantly receive its details from MLS listings, including information about census data, property tax records and more.

Homesnap has become one of the top-rated real estate apps for agents and clients alike. In fact, Homesnap also offers analysis tools for agents, teams, and brokers, including production metrics, agent rankings, and reports. It provides access to agent-only MLS data and a unique branded profiles for agents to promote their business.

Homesnap is available for Android and iOS.


Did you know that 40-50% of requesting buyers are unrepresented? It’s getting more and more difficult for real estate agents to identify a high-quality lead with the right credentials. Forewarn makes it easy by allowing you to run an extensive background check on clients with just a phone number. 

Forewarn will search criminal backgrounds, verify asset ownership status, identify financial risks, and even provide detailed residential history. This app is particularly useful for last-minute showings when more thorough screenings are not an option. Protect your safety, time, and effort with Forewarn.

Hootesuite App

The Hootsuite app brings the software’s classic features to your mobile phone. Plan your social media content while on the go with drafts, scheduling posts to be published later or right away.

With Hootsuite’s calendar, you can also get a bird’s-eye view of all your upcoming schedules posts, or filter and review each post by social platform or post status.

Then, keep the conversation flowing by monitoring and engaging with your social media streams in real time.

The Disadvantages of Real Estate Apps

Most real estate apps rely on aggregated information pulled from various online sources to fill their database. This means that if a database pulls an incorrect entry, it could churn out inaccurate results in one or multiple real estate apps before the mistake is found. To combat this issue, agents should cross-check multiple resources when conducting research and make sure that the information is consistent across each app. App companies are consistently working on keeping apps updated and accurate, although it can take some time after an app is first launched.

In Conclusion…

Apps are made to make our lives easier, so take advantage of them! The best apps for real estate agents are the ones that are multifunctional and simplify some of the most common stressors a real estate agent faces. 

Is there a particular area of your real estate career that could be more efficient or less intimidating? There’s likely an awesome app out there to help out. We encourage you to play around with these apps and see how quickly you can simplify processes that used to baffle you – and do it on the go!

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