Easy Real Estate Marketing Tweaks that Make a Big Difference

Easy Real Estate Marketing Tweaks that Make a Big Difference

Small shifts in your real estate digital marketing plan can make a huge difference. Even the tightest marketing plans will benefit from these smart tweaks!

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You may be doing everything right in your digital marketing plan, yet there’s something stopping you from producing the results that you want. An adjustment here and a correction there can make a massive difference in how many leads you pull in, the quality of your client relationships, plus improvements in your real estate business overall.

Here are some small tweaks that make a big difference.

1. Enhanced Photo Editing

With the prevalence of social media, audiences are becoming strong visual learners and are more attuned to even the smallest visual changes. If you haven’t invested in high-quality photographic equipment, it may be time to do so. Everything from listing photos to Instagram stories is expected to be high quality. Low-quality photos subconsciously translate to low-quality service.

At the very least, your smartphone should be able to produce high-quality photos in a range of lighting situations. For more tips on high-quality real estate photography, check out this article: Take Your Real Estate Photography to the Next Level With These 12 Tips

2. Give SMS Marketing a Try

What makes SMS marketing unique is its ability to connect quickly and closely with clients. Text messages are quite personal, so it’s important to know how to use SMS marketing effectively without being too intrusive. For a full guide on SMS marketing, read on: Real Estate SMS Marketing to Maximize Your Engagement.

3.Pay Extra Attention to Your Social Media

Social media isn’t slowing down anytime soon. There are constant updates, features, and algorithm changes that your social media marketing plan will have to account for. The easiest way to stay on top of all these new changes and make use of them? Follow the real estate influencers in your niche that are leading the pack, then customize their strategies for your business.

What you’ll notice is a huge amount of engagement and informative content. Real Estate influencers, respond to questions, publish tutorials, build engagement through contests and polls…

Take a look at the Top Real Estate Instagram Accounts You Should Follow to get started.

Innovative Real Estate Marketing Ideas from AgentFire

4. Let Data and Analytics Take the Forefront

Social media marketing should not be a crapshoot. Posting a ton and waiting to see what happens is a surefire way to limit your scope of success. Within most social media platforms, you have access to detailed analytics that will tell you which of your posts performed best, who watches them, and what type of content to post next – at the least.

When your marketing strategies are backed by statistics and insights, you’re better able to measure goals, track ROI, and plan intentionally.

Instagram has some of the most detailed analytic information available to users for free. Learn how to Get Started with Instagram Analytics for Real Estate now.

5. Invest in AI

The real estate industry is packed with new, handy AI tools that claim to make your day-to-day life easier. In fact, many of them do. With modern technology, it’s easy to find solutions to clerical tasks that seem to suck up your valuable time. Tired of tracking leads and follows ups? Invest in an advanced CRM. Are you interested in blog writing, but not confident in your writing skills? Try an AI writing tool.

At the very least, you should have a good understanding of what tools your fellow agents are taking advantage of. Here’s a quick update: Artificial Intelligence and Real Estate in 2022.

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6. Virtual Staging

Thanks to a couple of years stuck indoors, virtual staging has quickly advanced and now offers agents hyper-realistic renders of their listings. Clients can get a realistic view of a property without having to take the trip and see it in person. Additionally, giving your prospects a high-quality view of your listings beforehand means less unsuccessful showings for you. Plus, virtual staging substantially lowers the cost to agents because it’s not necessary to lug bulky furniture around.

Unlike real staging, it’s easy to show a variety of furniture plans and options for how a space can be used in a matter of seconds. Start with these simple solutions: Real Estate Virtual Staging Solutions You Need To Start Using in 2022

7. Get a Chatbot on Your Website

Ideally, if someone wants to contact you, they should be able to do so as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you’re not a robot.

Real estate professionals should be able to offer topnotch customer service without sacrificing their work-life balance and peace. That’s where chatbots come in. Chatbots are able to answer questions, redirect products, and schedule meetings while you’re asleep. AgentFire clients take advantage of chatbots to catch leads quickly and keep them on the line. These are The Best Live Chat Tools for Agents.

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8. Start Marketing to Unconventional Buyers

Everything in our world is constantly changing, including how clients purchase properties. Each generation of clients is suited to a different method of marketing and it’s important for agents to be aware of that. Chances are your local brochures are not reaching Gen Z.

Plus, more young people are buying homes with friends and siblings and more families are combing super-sized homes. If you’re only marketing to the nuclear family with middle-aged parents, you’re missing out. Use our tips to connect with each generation.

9. Update Your Google My Business

Google is more than just a search engine, it’s a suggestion engine. It tries to answer users’ specific questions, not just deliver page URLs.

Your Google My Business pops up when someone searches for local agents or specifically for your name. Your business page should always be accurate and updated. If not, you could lose a potential customer to the algorithm.

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10. Expand Your Influence

There are a ton of real estate influencers out there that have invested a ton of time and money into their brand. Often, individual agents are more famous than their entire real estate brokerage and often start their own brokerages (we’re looking at you, Serhant)

Make the most of any industry networking opportunity. You never know which powerful influencers could be interested in working with you and providing mutual value. Start in your local area! You’ll need these 20 Foolproof Tips For Success At Every Real Estate Networking Event.

Wrapping Up…

There is always an opportunity to improve. Most of the time, it’s as simple as getting knowledgeable about the innovative solutions and strategies that already exist. The AgentFire blog is a rich resource for everything to do with real estate marketing. Anytime your marketing strategy is in need of a refresher, stop by!

And if you want to dominate your hyperlocal real estate market, check out AgentFire’s Web Designs#1 rated for several years in a row.

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